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Ep. 20: Initial FLFE Research Findings with Dr. Gary E. Schwartz

Welcome to Episode 20. This episode is a slightly different format- It’s a webinar that we did live with an audience, where we dive into some of our findings from our Focused Life-Force Energy (FLFE) Research team. The findings are quite exciting! This episode also has a special mediation for you. Today we’re covering: 

  • World Level of Consciousness update 
  • A special meditation 
  • Our Focused Life-Force Energy research findings with Dr. Gary E. Schwartz 
  • Could Focused Life-Force Energy be a placebo? 
  • What are the most commonly reported experiences for FLFE users 
  • Who experiences the most benefits from the FLFE service 
  • How our team came to these conclusions 

Thank you for joining! Below are the resources discussed in the episode.

Meditation: https://www.flfe.net/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Circle-of-Gratitude-Meditation.mp3

Research slides from Dr. Gary E. Schwartz: https://www.flfe.net/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/CES-Data-Summary_04-29-2022_final.pdf

FLFE Evidence / Research page: https://www.flfe.net/evidence/ 

Focused Life-Force Energy no credit card free trial: https://www.flfe.net/free-gift/

FLFE Customer Experience Survey Results: https://www.flfe.net/ces-results/

The Soul Phone Foundation: https://www.thesoulphonefoundation.org/

Dr. Hawkins Map of Consciousness: https://veritaspub.com/map-of-consciousness/