How is the FLFE Field activated?

FLFE is a technology that uses subtle energies. Subtle energies are currently only marginally accepted by Western science because there is not yet a scientific instrument that can see and measure these energies. Chinese medicine (and other non-western science) does recognize these energies and the treatment modality of acupuncture unblocks and balances the flow of subtle energies in the body. Western medicine acknowledges that acupuncture works but they don’t understand why.

We think that eventually an instrument will be developed that will allow us to see and measure these energies. We are currently doing research and reaching out to scientists and experts who can help us in finding ways to measure this subtle Life Force Energy.

In the meantime we have a sensitive instrument that in certain situations can measure these energies accurately. It is the human body. Clayten has become proficient at Conscious Kinesiology over years of research and millions of measurements. We use that “instrument” to measure the level of consciousness increase that results from FLFE.

Since FLFE uses subtle energies, there are very different transmission methods from other energies. Our FLFE devices use a design similar to experimental set-ups employed by Nikola Tesla in which stacks of plates and coils are pulsed with high speed alternating current. With additional upgrades to the device, the electric input has become obsolete. The devices use the fields generated to focus and concentrate universal subtle energies that are available all around us. The output stack, which is the focus of the intensified subtle energy, is where we put our programs. When the programs include a legal address there is an association or resonance between our FLFE system and the property. Immediately there is an effect on the property.

The location and the FLFE system are associated through quantum resonance. Our programs apply the instructions on the property and then we measure the effects on the scale of Dr. David Hawkins Scale of Consciousness.