The FLFE EMF Mitigation Program 

Questions and Answers 

December 11, 2018 

(0:00) Jeffrey – Welcome to the third FLFE webinar on the EMF Mitigation Program, which is now live for six days. And we’re excited to take your comments and questions, experiences and we will be opening up the Q&A, and also taking your live calls. I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten -And I’m Clayten Stedmann.

Jeffrey – We will  talk a little bit about the EMF Mitigation Program, and then maybe answer some questions that we’ve heard from other subscribers and our staff. And then anything you would like to know, just please use the Q&A, or raise your hand and we will call on you verbally. So, we’ve been hearing quite a bit from people; we did a survey prior to the launch last week. And it’s been confirmed with subscribers writing and calling, that people are having a lot less anxiety, better sleep, obviously, easily falling asleep and more easily staying asleep. And reduced headaches for some people that were sensitive to the EMFs. But it seems anxiety is the thing we hear the most about, there was tension people were feeling, and they didn’t really know where it was coming from. They just felt tense and anxious. And when the EMF Mitigation Program was activated, they felt the relaxation of that tension. And that’s what I feel, it feels almost like I can take a deeper breath, my muscles around my diaphragm are relaxed and my chest is relaxed.

Clayten – Yes, it seems that there’s a  low-grade background tension, almost like a noise that we have become acclimatized to in our society with the increasing amount of EMFs that we have. And it’s a slow incline of electronic smog because we are on the outer edges of more and more powerful devices such as routers, the new the new 5G especially have a longer range and are more penetrating. So, although it’s quite convenient for us to get Wi-Fi access in more places, if you notice on your smartphone or computer or tablet where you have one or two bars or just one bar. And it’s not quite enough to connect to the service to use and we are still being influenced by consciousness lowering electromagnetic frequencies broadcasting all the time. So that’s our experience of people giving us feedback about a sense of lightness. Some people have said, they feel like the room got bigger. Some people have said that they feel like there’s more light in the room. I don’t know what that’s about. But there’s a sense of lightness. So those are some of the other ones that people have mentioned.

Jeffrey – So around that same time, after we completed the EMF Mitigation Program, we did some research with a practitioner of a GVD system (Gas discharge visualization). And this is used as an attachment meant to measure the energy of a room. It’s actually called the Sputnik and there is a picture of it on our website. It’s an interesting looking device. But it’s meant to bring in the energy of a room. And Melissa Waterman did the testing for us, she travelled for five years with Dr Joe Dispenza, researching on the increased energy at his events. So, I’m going to share a screen and show a picture of one of the graphs from that study. And you can also see this on the website. (5:00)

Jeffrey –  So, what’s interesting, and as Clayten was saying, about the environment, and the gradually increasing EMF energies, this graph, the red dots connected with straight lines is the energy of the space prior to the FLFE field in the EMF Mitigation Program. So, you can see there’s quite a bit of chaos, there are many energy peaks and troughs randomly. And that may be where; we’re just supposing we’re not making a direct link. But it could be what we’re feeling are these low grade or even sometimes highly energetic environments, that creates tension in us.  Now the 12 hours following when we and this is the same 12-hour period starting at eight in the morning, the blue much tighter band of energy signatures and each one of these dots every five seconds, the GVD device would take a reading and each one of those dots is an energy reading at that time. So, you can see the FLFE field with the EMF Mitigation Program is much tighter, much less chaotic, because one way to think about it is increased coherence. So, we believe this is another demonstration or another piece of evidence of the changed environment due to the FLFE  field with the EMF Mitigation Program.

Clayten – So this is  one of the first pieces of evidence that we’re presenting in a series of research processes we’re doing with different researchers.  We are measuring the EMF influence or the consciousness lowering EMFs. We have more projects in the pipe to share with you when they are complete and we’re looking for more outside verification of the experience that most of us are having.  Not everybody is energetically sensitive, so may not be picking it up, we’re going to be doing more of this type of presentation with a different type of data that supports our experience.

Jeffrey – So, you can find the full study of the GVD camera in the Learning Center on the website in FLFE Programs. And then if you scroll down to the section on the EMF Mitigation Program, in that first section, you’ll find a link to the research.  There’s also a demonstration of the environment of the FLFE energy how it’s a higher level of energy, even though it is more coherent, less chaotic, it is a higher level that showed up in this study. So interesting to look at.

Now, to reiterate what we said last webinar, our focus is consciousness, and our specialty is measuring consciousness. We came to the EMF Mitigation Program and developed it because we noticed in testing our properties several times weekly that subscriber properties showed various factors lowering the level of consciousness of the property. And it’s our assertion that the level of consciousness of a space is one of the best measures of the health of that space and of the life force energy present and other positive benefits of the space.

So when we saw consciousness lowering effects, we moved into action on programs. Many of you who have been with us for a while knew about the geopathic stress, other kinds of factors, and then EMFs have become more and more of a factor. So that’s why we developed the EMF Mitigation Program, and we’re focused on mitigating or harmonizing, neutralizing, deflecting, and dissipating consciousness lowering EMFs. (10:00) So just to be clear, there are plenty of types of EMFs or electromagnetic fields that are positive, generated by the earth or generated by a human being. And we’re focused on consciousness lowering EMFS.

Clayten – Yes, there were two main discoveries that we should mention again, for those who haven’t heard it. One was when we created the EMF Harmonization program for the cell phone. We discovered that if we raised the level of consciousness of the device to a high enough vibration that the emanations from the phone would become life supportive, or consciousness enhancing versus consciousness lowering or detrimental to life. That was the first discovery that we implemented. The second one was that Shungite is the most appropriate material on the earth that we found, to harmonize, deflect, dissipate, and neutralize EMFs. And so, we found a way to take the energetic signature of Shungite and apply it into the FLFE field in such a way that it does one of those four things I just mentioned. And it automatically will adjust the type of response that’s needed in the environment to raise the level of consciousness of consciousness lowering EMFs . So those are the two major discoveries, there’s been a lot of kind of work in between, but without understanding that if we raised the level of consciousness of a device that the emanations will still become positive. And with the combination of Shungite the Program will figure out how to have it self-regulate between those four options. That was really the key for the program to work as well as it does.

Jeffrey – Yes, it’s been a big week with many as we said, testimonials or comments from people and the questions have been really great too. And I wanted to start with Audrey’s question here, which is, `How does the  FLFE EMF Mitigation Program work with a frequency generating devices such as EMF Rife Machines, quantum biofeedback, devices, etc. Some frequencies emitted from these devices are intended to kill detrimental bacteria, viruses, parasites.  Will the FLFE EMF Mitigation interfere with the efficacy of  these modalities?”

That’s a great question. And that is something that we wanted to address today, how the FLFE field in general and the EMF Mitigation Program is compatible with other systems and devices. So, it’s interesting the EMF Mitigation system is part of the field and the  FLFE field is very similar to the human energy system. So, anything that is compatible with the human energy system, and we’re compatible within to be neutral to enhancing some things in some certain circumstances, if something is not compatible, we’re neutral to it. Everything we ever tested, and everything we’ve ever looked at in the FLFE field is compatible. That is because our energy systems are in it, and it’s a device that works that’s positive and the FLFE field may enhance it, but otherwise, it is neutral. So, what about this idea or question about EMF Mitigation programing and the frequency generating systems?

Clayten  – Well, as you said, Jeff, if it works for people when they are in an environment, they will work with FLFE, we haven’t found anything that FLFE diminishes in our studies and research. And we don’t expect to because the FLFE field is very similar to the field that gets activated when someone does Reiki or a long-distance prayer. (15:00) So, a device wouldn’t be valuable to society  if it didn’t work with  FLFE because FLFE is very similar to the human brain wave when we’re praying. And just by default, a device wouldn’t be valuable to a manufacturer if it didn’t work under those conditions. So that’s just the nature of the technology.

Jeffrey – And I would add that we’re only focusing on consciousness lowering EMFs. So, any device like positive frequency devices, what they’re emitting are positive EMFs, or they are positive for the level of consciousness, or their consciousness raising we are assuming, or at least neutral. So, if are  consciousness-lowering EMFs emitted by one of those devices, maybe certain parts of the frequency are positive and reduce either to neutral to the level of conscious of the environment. FLFE will raise it and other frequencies that maybe were detrimental or low in the level of consciousness. So, we would mitigate or harmonize those specific types. But it’s an interesting question about the frequency being used to kill viruses or bacteria, but we’re looking for what is lowering the level of consciousness in the environment vibrating at these particular frequencies, not necessarily lowering the level of consciousness.

Clayten – So, our technology has a different focus than say a Rife machine. They are very good machines; they just have a different intent. Ours is to raise consciousness, or in this case, harmonize, deflect, dissipate lower consciousness frequencies and their focus. In the case of the Rife machine, it is to eliminate detrimental bacteria, viruses, parasites, and maybe more. I’m a little familiar with the Rife machine but not an expert on it.

Jeffrey – So, Paul asks, “When I did the 15-day trial I was living in an apartment at the time and did not notice anything.  I believe in your work and it has been suggested that I try it again, I am now in the house, do you agree with that, that it may be more efficient or work better?” We certainly have had over the years a number of upgrades to the service, the latest one being the EMF Mitigation. And we’ve also done quite a bit on the mitigation of geopathic stresses. So, it could have been at that period of time that there were conscious lowering influences that we didn’t compensate for. So I always recommend trying it again. And trusting yourself.

One of the tools that we put into the system this time with the EMF Mitigation Program is the ability to turn that specific program on and off. We’ve never done that before with a program, we’ve had a switch to turn on and off the FLFE Field in its entirety. But now you’re also able to toggle on and off the EMF Mitigation Program, which gives you lots of options for testing and experimenting on your own. So, we recommend trying it again, if you if you are not currently on it, and you’ll see how is for you. Those on-off switches are in the Customer Portal, so once you’re either on a free trial or a subscriber, you can access either through the website or through the link in your first email.

Clayten – Yes, because we do so many upgrades with FLFE, we probably should be, and I’ve said this before, telling people more and more about the things we do. Because there’re so many we do, if you haven’t tried in three months, the service has likely been upgraded. So, one of the biggest upgrades we did just before the EMF was the Domestic Dispute Program. So, what we found was that if there was a miscommunication at home, and we are harboring negative thoughts about that experience, (20:00) when thinking of coming home after work, the thought about what might potentially be a source of frustration or conflict tonight at home, that would start to lower the level of consciousness of the home environment, and subsequently, if a person was at home and they knew you were coming home, and they started thinking about it, that would also affect the home.

So those are things that we discover as we go. And then once we discover them, we look at how to counter or harmonize the influence to provide the optimal environment for all of our subscribers and us of course. We do this partially because of the benefit it’s had in our own life. So, if you haven’t had a free trial in three or four-months Paul,  do one again, and it may be the programs have changed. If you’re in a different environment, it might have a greater need for harmonization to the geopathic stress zones on that property. Or maybe there’s a transformer.  I lived in an apartment where the transformer was 10 or 15 feet from the bedroom window. And sometimes I felt like I noticed it. So, if you move it’s worth trying again.

Jeffrey – Katrina’s from Indianapolis asks, “Have you had any feedback on the impact of pets, their health and behaviour?” Actually, we’ve had quite a bit of feedback on pets.

Early on, just in the FLFE field, we’ve had experiences of pets getting along better, like multiple pets in a household becoming more loving and interactions between different animals. And also more lively older pets; they seem to have more energy when FLFE is on.  And just like people, it’s good to make sure our pets have plenty of water, because they may be using that available energy to do their own repairs in their bodies. So, it’s good to make sure they have plenty of water, maybe more than they usually would have available to them, sort of water on demand.

Clayten – And Katrina adds, to follow up on Pauls’ thought, “Some people have subscribed to the service because they noticed a big difference in their pets but didn’t feel it themselves.” Some people have subscribed to the service because they noticed the plants in their garden. Or when they bought flowers from the from the florist, which would last two and a half weeks instead of three days. That doesn’t always happen, of course, but sometimes pets are more sensitive than we are. Some people just aren’t that sensitive to subtle energies. It doesn’t mean anything is wrong with that person. It just means that’s the way they’re wired. And maybe part of their gift is having a thick skin which we could all use once in a while. Jeff, I think I saw somebody raised their hand earlier. Feel free to raise your hand if you’d like to ask a question on video or audio.

Jeffrey – “Donna is asking about ants. “They’ve been coming out of my electrical outlets by the thousands for about three weeks.” Well, we haven’t heard much about ants, certainly all life benefits in a high consciousness field. But we haven’t heard anyone mention that before in this way so could just be what’s happening at this time of year and wherever you are located.

Clayten – Ants by the thousand sounds like an ant highway! Pamela and Tammy thank you for your kind words, we are glad to do it.

(25:00) Jeffrey – Thank you, Bruno. “Jeffrey and Clayten thank you so much for your work and your dedication. It’s absolutely fascinating and works perfectly. He goes on about what he’s been doing, an additional grid of Orgonite Baghdad batteries and you’re in our system therefore that FLFE energy in the house is well harmonized. It has sometimes been operating as a portal. As you said working at higher levels of consciousness frequencies you can adjust that;  it works many blessings.”

Clayten –  Thank you, Bruno, many of our customers use Orgonite in their homes as well, we don’t have it in the technology. It’s not appropriate for it to be in the Field. We find that with Orgonite, the average person that has Orgonite on their property, will raise the level of conscious of the property about five points. And that’s five to the 10th power, that’s a lot of power so for you who are familiar enough with the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, it is all laid out. Each point on the Hawkins Map is 10 times the power so it’s logarithmic. So, 401 is 10 times more powerful than 400 and if we can add another few points by adding Orgonite to our house, FLFE works with it. But it’s not appropriate for us to send it . And Fung Shui is another good idea that will probably raise the level of consciousness of a home as well. We’ve talked in the past, we probably had 20 or 30 ways to raise our homes; just giving it a good cleaning. Some people who have had FLFE didn’t notice it that much until they gave their house a good cleaning. And then it felt like that old energy that they were struggling with really lifted. So, there’re lots of things like that, painting and creating all those things, to add beauty.

Jeffrey – Katrina’s asking one more pet question, “Can the technology be linked to their chip, if they spend time in the dog daycare, for example?”

Yes, I mean, it very easily could be linked to something on the collar. So, our FLFE Everywhere service for phones and personal objects; the personal object part is the photograph of an object. So, it could be something to put on the collar of the dog that’s unique, even if it’s a coin with the loop on it. And it has to be a very good photo of it on a piece of paper. A high-resolution photo will give us the ability to link to that and create the quantum resonance. Then it’s just the same as FLFE Everywhere, for phones and objects. It would be on the dog collar that would be a zone of EMF Mitigation, that’s five feet. And then within four feet are all the health programs and then out to 300 feet is a higher field than is normally founded in North America. So yes, it would certainly work to do that. I hadn’t thought about doing it on my dog’s collar.

So, Peg is asking, “With the EMF Mitigation Program on properties if I’m getting this, right, does the FLFE home program help with EMFs emitted by mobile phones, even if the phone does not have FLFE?”  And yes, it does. So, in the home environment, all objects within that environment are harmonized, are brought to the level of consciousness. So their emissions are consciousness raising or neutral. And that is the same thing that we do with phones on the phone service. So yes, within the home environment, the phone is harmonized ;all of its emissions are our consciousness raising or neutral. That’s a great question.

Clayten – Someone is asking what book we would recommend after “Power vs. Force”. So, I thought I’d mention a couple of different books and reasons why we may want to read them. Anyone really into lots of data, charts, and graphs and things like that; “Truth versus Falsehood” is a great book for data comparisons. (30:00)  It’s a pretty thick one. And for anyone interested in health, “Healing and Recovery” is a great book on that subject. And the other book is called “Letting Go – the Pathway of Surrender”; that’s a book with very detailed explanations of emotional release techniques. I would suggest leaving “The Eye of the I” until later.  I have those on my bookshelves with me. And that is most of them just to give you a different view on which books may interesting based upon your background.

Jeffrey – Tiffany’s asking, “Would you recommend still limiting our exposure if possible, for example, turning off Wi-Fi, when not using the internet, putting mobile in airplane mode, if we’re not expecting a call. And is it still recommended to keep phones away from our heads when we are on them?” Well, Tiffany, we don’t guarantee 100% mitigation as part of the EMF Mitigation Program. We highly recommend everyone listens to themselves and how they feel. We’re using kinesiology to test and the GDV study that we shared earlier, informs us that we are limiting or lowering the consciousness lowering EMF energies. And so I would still want everyone to follow their guidance. And I think even if the energy is consciousness raising, it’s still nice to take a break. So, we are not saying you should keep your phone on your head or put your router underneath your while you’re sleeping at night. So, when I bought my house, that’s where the router is located, under the bed. So, we don’t recommend those things. But we’re saying that according to our testing, 99% of consciousness lowering EMFs are transformed or dissipated.

Clayten – Yes,  we actually have a little chart on our website that explains our research. If you on a phone or object plan under five miles an hour it’s 99% mitigation of conscious lowering EMFs. And then at a certain speed it goes to 98% and so on.

Jeffrey – Carol is saying, Thank you, thank you and thank you for your great work with humanity.” Thank you, Carol,  for these comment, they are all so positive, thank you for the continued updates.

Jamil’s question is, “Can you speak to how it may affect willpower or procrastination?”  I’ll let you answer that one Clayten.

Clayten – (35:00) In a high consciousness field, we typically have more energy, so that is the first thing. And more energy typically equates to more willpower. I will mention this because you brought up an interesting point. Human will is limited, and in Hawkins’ work he talks about spiritual will and I remember reading that and not understanding what spiritual will meant. And it took me weeks to really find a good definition. And so, our own willpower calibrates at our individual level of consciousness, which let’s say is 400, so we’ll have about that much willpower in general. Sometimes people have a relatively low level of consciousness but have extreme willpower in certain parts of their life. But overall our willpower will equal our level of consciousness because the level of consciousness actually has a certain number of microwatts of electricity associated with it. And there’s a little formula in the back of Power vs Force just behind the consciousness compensation chart, I think it’s page 170, and it tells how to calculate the amount of microwatts of electricity associated with each level of consciousness. So, if we call upon the spiritual will and the spiritual will is asking God for help or asking a higher power for help, spiritual will calibrates at 850.

That’s why some of these programs like the 12-Step programs work so well because we’re asking for the help of a higher power as we understand it. And so that transcends our own willpower, as it is limited. Typically, we will have more willpower in a high consciousness field, some people do find that they get kind of blissed out. And so, they may be a little more relaxed and not be driven by conscious or unconscious unhealthy desires. So, there may be an experience of being a little more laid back which we may equate with procrastination. I just want to make that kind of distinction between maybe feeling more relaxed, or less tense and not being driven to do things that are maybe not healthy for us. So, people could interpret that as procrastination if we’re usually busy all the time and then start to slow down.  If that did not answer your question keep asking us more or put your hand up to go deeper.

Jeffrey –  So Alison’s asking, “If I have FLFE Everywhere, will my router EMFs be harmonized if my phone is greater than five feet from my phone?” So, Allison Yes, it will if it’s within 50 feet of your phone. So, the way that we designed the FLFE Everywhere EMF Program is that within five feet of the phone is the harmonization zone where  99%,  up to five miles an hour 99% of the EMFs we’re testing are harmonized, or 99% of the of the consciousness lowering EMFs are no longer in that zone. In order to accomplish that, and not use a tremendous amount of energy, we’re now raising the level of consciousness of all of the EMF conscious lowering EMF devices within 50 feet of the of the FLFE Everywhere device. So,  in your home, everyone’s benefiting now. Because within 50 feet, all those devices are now higher in consciousness and emitting harmonized EMFs.  And ones coming from outside of the property are being harmonized as they enter the five-foot zone. So those would not be harmonized in the environment and the 50-foot bubble, but everything that’s there like you mentioned, your router,  would be harmonized.

Clayten – Yes, it’s Paul and I think I have an answer for him. So, we will allow Paul to talk here.

(40:00) Paul – I am asking about how the connection is made and finds your apartment in your apartment complex?

Clayten – Paul, the Field is able to find your condo because of the principle of unique identifier. So, in the real estate records of your town, in the post office in the courthouse that says where you live so the fire department can come and help you if you call them. There is a unique identifier that is your home, and it exists in consciousness, it’s consistent, replicable, and verifiable. So that is how FLFE can find your unique condominium in on those two acres and 72 units. And the dimensions of the legal size of your condo are included in the blueprints that the architects make, which are also on file in case of some type of legal dispute, they have to have all those records. So that’s really the principle it’s based upon. It’s similar to that dog tag that was mentioned earlier, where the pictures were taken of that tag, and it’s a sufficient resolution, the technology can find that unique dog tag anywhere in existence. So that’s another example of unique identifier. You can have a cell phone because that’s unique; it’s the is only cell phone in let’s say, the world with that phone number and in your case, there’s only one condominium with that address in that town on that street. And so that’s how it finds it.

Paul – And is there also calculation with just keeping it within the condo and not to radiate out into the next-door condo?

Jeffrey – Yes, there is some natural bleeding that occurs, we’ve designed the service so at the edge of those property boundaries, which are the edge of the drawing of the condo dimensions, it goes to 500. So, the average level of consciousness of a property in North America is in the 410 range. So, 500 is still quite a lot higher. And we have had people with neighbors turn over who were negative or were a bit of an issue in the neighborhood. So yes, it’s meant to be 560 or higher within the property boundaries and we test that every week. And then beyond that, it’s 500. And it’s sort of like a candle in the dark. It’s lower, whatever the local LOC is.

Paul – Very good. Thank you so much. Thank you for answering that question. Thank you.

Clayten – And thank you, Paul.  It’s probably worth mentioning as well, that the programs end at the edge of the property even though positive energy does reach beyond it. And in Paul’s case, because of the drywall in the walls, if it’s not all wood, which I think most condos or have drywall and it is made of rock. So, rock and crystal. And the positive energy of FLFE like Jeff said, acts like a candle in the dark, it will actually go down the walls of the building and maybe affect your neighbors, positively maybe three or four condominiums away, but it won’t interfere in any way. So, there’s a law of noninterference so we can’t do something to someone without them giving you permission at some level. We can pray for someone, we you can be kind to our neighbors, we can let someone cut in front of us in traffic, or we can buy somebody coffee anonymously at the at the at the drive-through coffee place and we don’t need permission for those things. (45:00) Our understanding of the law of noninterference is that when we’re activating a field  beyond 500 without someone knowing about it with programs such as the Domestic Dispute Program as we mentioned earlier. Even though the programs are positive, having those programs on a property if it’s over the 500 level of consciousness starts to cross that line, Paul, into interfering. And, that’s where we draw the line.

Jeffrey – An  interesting sidebar on that Clayten, is Don’s question “If you live in an apartment, (and I’m assuming that’s if you have an EMF Everywhere Service) does the 50-foot range still harmonize EMFS  beyond your apartment walls?” That’s if your apartments less than 50 feet wide? And the answer is yes. When you’re walking around the world with your phone, on FLFE Everywhere or a pendant, that bubble is around you all the time. Now the EMF mitigation or the harmonization that’s can happen without additional hydration; that can happen without permission as Clayten was saying.  So, it’s  a more positive environment for people. So the harmonization is happening within a 50-foot radius in order to create that five-foot mitigation zone around the phone.

Clayten – That’s a really good question Don. What we found is that we had to create a 50-foot bubble to have a 99% effect within the five-foot bubble. And we wanted to get as close as we could with the resources that we have within the technology. So that’s just another way of explaining it.

Jeffrey – And it’s creating a bubble of positive effect around us, as we walk around the world. So, it’s a gift and a blessing to others.

So, Christine says, “I’m very grateful for your work. I’ve had FLFE on our home property and on my cell phone; my husband and I are getting along much better.  My focus is dramatically better than it was.  I’m much more relaxed and sleeping better and taking care of tasks that I procrastinated on for a long time. Cats and dogs have made friends and I’m better able to deal with a family crisis concerning my niece.  And all of us are drinking lots of water, including our plants and animals. Do you have a recommendation regarding how much magnesium and omegas will best support us in this new environment?”  So that’s the first question.

Well, we’ve done some webinars on that in the past. Perhaps look back through those through those and have a listen, we’re seeing that there’s a very high level of deficiency in magnesium. Certainly, in North America, our soils have become less enriched with minerals. So, there’s less magnesium in foods. And I think everyone can benefit from more magnesium in their diet. So, it’s a good thing to check with your doctor. But definitely increase what you’ve been taking or begin taking some if you are just starting. And we recommend taking omega 3s at the same time that you take your magnesium within 30 minutes.

Clayten – Yes, we typically recommend 4000 milligrams of essential fatty acids and seven to one to start with. And then you can go to 10 to one or 20 to one. So, it’s 20 units of essential fatty acids, and seven units of magnesium to start and remember to test the magnesium to make sure it’s good for you. If the magnesium is not absorbable, our bowels tend to get loose. (50:00) That’s one of the ways of knowing that it’s not a healthy magnesium for your body. And we use kinesiology to do that. So, if you can find a good local kinesiologist and, in our webinar, we put some information there about different products that test pretty high for everyone. We go into a lot of detail about that.

Jeffrey – So Christine’s also asking, “Do you want us to promote what you’re doing? I.E. spread the word? The entire world needs this.” Yes, we’d love for you to spread the word. Thank you. Yeah, we’re in a mode of growth. And we really would like to spread the word to grow and to have others benefit from the environment. And it benefits the world in many ways and in each of us personally. But just raising the level of consciousness on a piece of property affects the entire planet.

And many of the problems we’re experiencing on the planet, we could say, are related to the level of consciousness and that 560 level of consciousness increase will benefit all. So we would love to have you spread the word; there is  information on the website, you can forward the website or copy and paste things from the website. Use it this way to talk about it and we’ll be having more and more short videos to share with people. And of course pieces of evidence for those inquiring minds.  So, thank you we would love to have more people on FLFE.

And she’s asking, “Can you say a little more about Pay it Forward? (PIF) What can be expected with  the results of Pay it Forward?” So, Pay it Forward, is it 500 on the Hawkins Map as Clayten said earlier. It doesn’t have any programs in it at this time, it does not have the EMF Mitigation Program in it. So, it’s a loving environment at 500. It’s supporting everyone to be loving in that environment, there’s more energy available for plants, animals, or pets and for people. You know 500 is dramatically higher than 410, the average for North America and depending on where you live, the average may be different. So, it’s a beautiful environment at 500.

Clayten – I just thought I’d make a note because it’s getting close to Christmas here. It’s December 11, 2018. And the Christmas season is the highest consciousness time of the year. In fact, Christmas Day is the highest consciousness day of the year in Western cultures at least up to this point. I’ve travelled in different parts of the world and it seems to be that the birthday of their spiritual teacher is the highest day of the year. I spent some time in the Middle East and the birthday of Muhammad was the highest day of the year, I think partially because there are typically holidays preceding that and following it. And people are in a state of conscious awareness of the spiritual side of life. So,  typically on Christmas Day, the level of conscious in North America which would be around maybe 422, on average over the year will go up to over 500 on Christmas Day. And I notice people being more generous in traffic by letting others in. More people have a smile on their face. It’s all the little things we notice in society. Of course, I think probably the Christmas music brings it down. But after a while, anyway, you’re going to hear Rum pa Tum Tum too many times, you know.

Jeffrey – That sounds like a personal opinion there!

Clayten – Yes that is a personal opinion, I will own that one. I actually found myself whistling a Christmas carol today. It’s like, well, I guess I haven’t hit my threshold yet.

Jeffrey – So Pamela’s asking – “Has anyone put a PIF on the White House?”  Yes, we have many, many PIFs on the White House. (55:00) Most of the government buildings in the White House have all been done. We’ll do a webinar in the new year about different PIF ideas. And we really appreciate your opinions and creativity. We had a group on Facebook that was talking about the headwaters of different rivers. So that the water running through those is higher consciousness.

Tiffany is saying, Thank you, Jeffrey and Clayten, for the wonderful service you’re doing helping to raise the consciousness of the planet.  To you and your loved ones, have a blessed holiday season.” That’s so nice, thank you Tiffany.

Clayten – Christine mentioned that she’s watched a few webinars but not the ones on supplements. We have transcripts going up on the website as well of the webinars. So, it’s easier to sometimes read and you can do a search on that to find the information you want.

Jeffrey – Well, I think we’re at the end of our period here. So, we’ve got one more from Pamela. “Is it true that if your property is low from the past, it may not be able to reach above 420 level?”  No, we’ve found now somewhere around 99% of properties go to 560 on the Hawkins Map when they go on FLFE. And that’s with the EMF Mitigation Program in place. And that doesn’t mean that we won’t find some new and different factors that might lower consciousness but at this point, we’ve covered a lot of the geopathic stresses and now the EMFs so even a property was low in the past we believe will go to 560.

And then if you go off the FLFE service depending on what was causing it to be low in the first place, it may end up being higher; it may end up at 420. It could be if it were something that was on the property, some lower energy, some historic event that was traumatic, or some war or strife or kidnapping or who knows what, if that were cleared then that influence would be gone and if it were contained within the property, then coming off of FLFE it may very well be higher. Large geopathic stress situations when we have the energy available, we mitigate for large areas rather than just the property, so it may continue to positively affect even off FLFE. So, we’re looking to raise consciousness and create the environment and we’d love to do it for the whole world. We have to start with subscribers and free trial one property at a time and one cell phone or object at a time and continue to expand.

Clayten – I mentioned earlier that Feng Shui benefits properties, Pamela and the average home that is Feng Shui’d in North America at least according to our testing is about 460 out of 1000. So that’s an example of the efficacy of Fung Shui as a practice. I’ve had most of the homes I’ve lived in Feng Shui’d and they do feel better.

Jeffrey – Well, thank you, everyone, for joining us on this webinar. If you’d like to learn more about FLFE and the EMF Mitigation Program, the Learning Center FLFE Program section of the website is a great resource for you. And we’re putting more and more information on the website all the time. Thank you for your support of the service and of FLFE as a company. And your support as a subscriber allows us to continue to do this research and bring out more programs. We have more to come next year as well. (1:00:00) There are at least two lined up that are fairly major. So, stay tuned, we’ll talk about more of those in future webinars.

Clayten – And If you haven’t been to our website for a while, take a look, we have a new fresh updated appearance to our site. And we’ve gotten lots of good feedback about that. Jeffrey and I heard a rumor that Santa Claus might have a gift for FLFE subscribers. So, pay attention to your email over the next couple of days, and you may see something in there for those of you that are on the service and even those of you who are on the free trial. So, we’ll just see what Santa brings you.

As Jeffrey said, we appreciate your support, people make a living now in FLFE. We have about 15 people in the office. So, we have lots of support for you. If you have questions about the service or are having an experience that you feel you need to talk about as the ascension process continues. Because typically people will go up in consciousness about 10 points maybe 12 points, something to that effect in the first 90 days on average. And that can be something you may want to talk to a real person about. And we have well-trained customer service people.

Subscriptions help us to be able to afford to do the research. And we have a tremendous amount of service projects that we do and that we’ve talked about at times. We haven’t talked about many of them, we continue to on average, I think over the previous 90 days it’s about 95% of our energy goes to service work. Usually it about 98%, but the EMF Mitigation Program really took a lot of energy to get established with the technology so it’s a little lower than usual. But we do a lot of service work and we couldn’t do it without your subscriptions. And I just want to thank you for your kindness tonight and the support you give us; the testimonials are great! Please write them out and send them to the office with a little note saying we have permission to use them on our website. We won’t use your last name if you don’t want but it’s nice to have those for other people who are considering trying to service, and I think, with that, we will sign off. Thank you and Happy Holidays.