Attuning a Business to Higher Purpose and the Next Steps of Emergence

July 4, 2018

(0:00) Jeffrey – Welcome to this FLFE webinar on the tuning of business to a higher purpose. We will be talking about the process that the FLFE business uses to tap into a higher power and into what wants to emerge into the world through the people and through the business. I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann.

Jeffrey – As we’ve discussed previously in webinars on the relationship between business and spirituality, Clayten and I are on a spiritual path and that includes our day to day lives in business. We describe this as a business as a spiritual path.

Clayten – This is the third in a series that specifically focuses on the relationship between business and spirituality. We thought it was a good reminder to discuss the fact that business and spirituality aren’t separate, even though our mind sometimes will make them separate. So, the first webinar we talked about our Referral Partner Program and why we created it the way we did and how we measure the truthfulness of it, given the various options. The second in this series was on business as a spiritual practice, business as a spiritual path and business spiritual service and what the distinctions were there and today is the Attunement Process.

Jeffrey -So we’re sharing with you this specific practice that we use in the business, in FLFE that we call an Attunement and how it works on a practical level. So Clayten will go through the history of the Attunement and how we how we do it. And we’ll give you examples of what has emerged in the past through this practice.

Clayten – So the Attunement Process practice evolved from my study of a particular community called Findhorn, you’ve probably heard of it, it’s an intentional community in Scotland. And they have a process where they tune in to the spirit of the land, and the land would tell them in its own way. And they received it in their own way; what wanted to happen on the land to help it grow food better. That process emerged into talking about what was going on in the community, and how to have the community work better. So that is the historical context. I spent a week close to Nelson called Johnson’s Landing Retreat Center with Dorothy McLean and Freya Seacrest about 10 years ago, it’s been quite a while. We spent a week practicing the Attunement Process as they understood it in Findhorn, and they’ve done it thousands of times. So, they have a very refined process. One of the things that was interesting is there were 18 people in the workshop. And there was a practice session over the weekend. And they would teach, and we would practice the teachings and there was one time where we went around the room, and there were 18 people interpreting the energy that was coming from a flower and there were 18 interpretations of what was the life force of that flower expressing. And my experience was that 18 of them were true, and they were all different. So that’s something we’ll discuss a little bit in the Attunement Process that there can be many versions of the truth. And they will typically have a theme that runs throughout them. And we’ll talk about how to how to orient that theme as we get to the end of the process and throughout the webinar.

We just wanted to talk a little bit about the history of the process, we modified it to fit our purposes. And certainly, there are many societies around the world, many religions and philosophies that use something very similar, you might have your own way of doing this. And you may not call it Attunement, but you want to give it a label and talk about its history. And now we’ll go through the process.

(5:00) So, we designed the Attunement to be a quarterly practice and it’s growing to be a more integral part of the business. For instance, we did one recently on social media and marketing, to determine how we were going to market FLFE, and what role social media played in that or didn’t play in it. So, it’s becoming a core practice of how we operate, and we see it becoming a bigger part of the decision-making process in the future as we explore a new management model.

So, here’s how we do it. We gather most of the people in the business in a room, even if they’re in a remote location, you don’t have to get everybody in the room. And it’s pretty hard when we get to a certain size of the company, to get everybody in a room. We have to trust that what needs to emerge will emerge with the people that are there. We open the session with a prayer or invocation to create a high consciousness field, inviting the higher power and intelligence associated with that FLFE and those energies that are assisting it. One of the things we found in our research was that if a company is formed with an intent that’s integral or over 200 on the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness, it has Angelic support. And so, we ask for that particular Angelic support. And if we’re in an environment with many positive people, they have their own supportive influences that they can call in.  We ask for communication about what wants to emerge through us in the business and through us as people, in the coming three months if we’re doing a quarterly attunement. Or if we’re doing a particular issue could ask for what wants to emerge from the business about that issue. So, for example, with social media and marketing, we could ask, what is the role of social media in marketing of FLFE? Or if you are in your own business you can adapt that to whatever you think is appropriate for you. Then we sit in silence for maybe up to five minutes and after that, we go around the circle. And we ask everybody to share what they heard, saw, felt, or had to know about. Anyone can pass during the round. And we generally do several rounds as some people are a little slower to pick it up, and we typically will have a timer on this, and maybe limit the time people are sharing to a minute.  Some people just have one word. And that’s all they need to say. Or if they have an image to share. So, it can happen like that. We finished by going around the circle with the group. And we ask for a theme summary of that quarter. So, if there was a one sense theme what it is, and sometimes we’re able to get that done and sometimes we’re not. We will write that up, and we have a little piece of paper and keep it around the office or put it up on the wall where people can see to remind us and then we typically have a blessing round. That’s where we asked the energies present to bless each person, including every one of us. So, we will say, take 30 seconds and will bless someone, and then we will take 30 seconds to bless the next person and we go around the whole group. It’s a nice way to bless each other and to practice the art and science of receiving. So that’s pretty well how the process works. I’ll pass it back over to you, Jeff.

Jeffrey – I have to say that the blessing process at the end feels so good. And receiving in that way is such a lesson for me, I really enjoy that part. And it is interesting how each person sees the truth, like the truth of the flowers as Clayten said before each person sees a piece of the theme that’s emerging in their way and through their own unique gifts and ways of expressing.  So, you know, like Clayten said, sometimes it’s a quick vision like I saw a picture of this, or it might be a little story that sort of played for them, or it’s just word.  And they’re all different. But the theme is starting to emerge in a way that is very interesting, because it’s a well-rounded theme. You know, it has come from different aspects of a theme. Anything else on that process Clayten? Before I get to some examples. (10:00)

Clayten – Yes, it’s a good discussion point as something has happened and after we’ve done these, where it’s no longer a hierarchical system, in our case, Jeff and Clayten make decisions and other people are carrying them out. It becomes a self-evident truth that this is what is happening in the company. And this is what wants to emerge, there’s no mystery about it, there’s no vagueness about it, it’s self-evident. And it feels like we tune into something that gives us energy, kind of on a practical level and keeps us on the same page, for that time. And not all of it’s comfortable it’s sometimes uncomfortable. And we will do a webinar in the future on dealing with the shadow of a company. Because as individuals, we all have shadow and so we consciously deal with that because if you don’t deal with the consciousness, then it will surface unconsciously. So that may emerge and might be good to have a process to deal with that you could say, Okay, that looks like a shadow piece let’s have another meeting on that. And we don’t like to have too many meetings. And we find that when we get together, it’s a lot of fun because usually, it is participatory where everyone is having a chance to do things or contribute.  Anything else come to mind, Jeff?

Jeffrey –  It’s the unifying aspect of everyone having their part in what emerges, and I think you said earlier as well, it comes together in a way that every part of being present in the room, present in the business and present with your own gifts and way of expressing them. And it does become self-evident and unifies everyone. So, some of the themes that have emerged in an Attunement was building our foundation, our infrastructure before rapid growth in FLFE. And so, people saw these different ways, some people saw it as a building, you know, as like, a strong basement foundation building. And then the building rapidly growing on top of that, one of the images, several of us had images like that. So, the details that come out of that infrastructure, that foundation where creating training manuals for new employees, improving our CRM software, and building our internal team, by hiring in areas where we needed help, or where we needed additional hours. And it also included slowing down the number of projects that came out, like choosing the projects that we’re working on carefully, so we don’t have too many projects running the same time.  Adding administrative help also came out and also upgrading our property testing process were all part of the foundation or the infrastructure and as we did multiple rounds, things became clear, but it really was visual. And at the very beginning of that one is interesting, four or five people that were seeing a similar vision. So that’s what we wanted to share with you about the process. Is there more than you’d like to talk about the Attunement Clayten? Or should we open up for questions?

Clayten – Well, the thought that came to me we could do in an Attunement on how often we should do Attunements. So once a quarter and now we’re due for one. So when you’re here, we’ll do one together, even if it isn’t quite in sync with the timelines. But it’s very energizing, and we’re starting to use it on different projects now. And it seems that when if there’s a sense of vagueness, or drifting, or incompleteness with a project in terms of where we’re at with it, and what needs to be done. It’s becoming more and more of a resource for us. Jeff and I do something very similar together, we’ve been doing that, and that’s how the company was created, we do a prayer, we create a high consciousness field and we look at a topic to discuss and we test on that with kinesiology and ask our Higher Power for help, and we get visions and thoughts. (15:00) And so, it’s really an expansion of what we’ve done before we started the company, and we must have done thousands of those by now, Jeff, over the years.

Jeffrey  – Yes, and you really could call it an Attunement as well. I mean, it’s a smaller group, and it feels good to include everyone that has emerged into the company where everyone’s unique, we’re seeing things can come into play.

Clayten – Yes, it seems having the staff know that we don’t make decisions arbitrarily, we ask a Higher Power what to do. And then we try to get it done. And there’s a lot to do, and it does seems to help our team understand “Oh, that’s how they do it.” And yes, everyone gets a chance to contribute now and when we go into our projects, and manage a project, we do an Attunement on it, and eventually, we’ll be trusting our experience of what wants to happen, and we will be guiding others beneath us. And so, it’s a way to scale the business in a nonlinear practice and collaboration empowers people to recognize their connection with a Higher Power. I mean, we’re assuming that if 15 or 16 people are saying something similar that it’s the truth that it’s not an assumption. Jeff and I are doing it with Evie who works with us, or we’ve got a couple more people now who are in certain processes, we calibrate the source of the of the thought and then we calibrate our ability to interpret it. So, there’s a lot of rigor and control in the process. And people are appreciating that as they learn to do the Attunement themselves. And so, how do we assess how truthful that is, we do assume that if 15 people are getting a similar thing, then it’s the truth. And we all know what’s going on the office. And if something needs to be done, and it’s getting brought up, we will assume that’s the truth as well, just because it’s evident that say the photocopier is broken, everybody knows it.

Jeffrey – And another interesting piece of this is what Clayten and I have seen thousands of times together. And now in a larger scale in the business is, when we ask for help, and we receive some intuition, some thoughts, some guidance, and then we take action in the world. So, it’s a way of things emerging, from spirit, into the world, through business, and through individuals. Then when we take action, we take the next step, it’s this inner-process of listening, surrendering, taking action, listening, surrendering, take action, and it’s an ongoing process that seems to accelerate as we take action based on what we hear when we listen, rather than waiting for it to happen. We’re taking action into the world, taking concrete steps towards what wants to emerge, then we’re in the flow of the universe,  in the flow of creation, and there seems to be more energy associated with that, and a lot more juice and support for that to occur.

Clayten – That’s a really good point. If we don’t take action, we just keep getting the same message over and over again. And that can be tiring after all. So, it does seem that action is a prerequisite for the next step to be shown. But then inaction also creates its own next steps, but they may not be the steps that we want to have to take.

Jeffrey – So we’re going to open for questions while we continue to discuss but in the Q&A box at the bottom, you can ask any questions you’d like.

Clayten – And we’re going to try to take live calls here tonight as well, I’m looking for people that will put their hand up.

(20:00) Jeffrey – So Clayten and I have been doing some travelling and I was in Boulder Colorado this past weekend and I had the opportunity to send an email out to subscribers and people on the free trial in  Boulder and see if anyone wanted to meet for coffee. We had a really nice discussion with some subscribers and it is great to discuss what’s going on in their lives and actually meet people who are on the service and talk about things; how we run the business and how the service has emerged so we hope to do more of that as we travel and if you get an email from us and offering a cup of coffee we’ll be there.

Clayten – We hope to do more and more in the future.

That was a nice picture you sent with everybody. It looks like it was a lot of fun I mean it’s really great to talk to all of you when we get a chance because we’re all on the same path. It may be in a different way. We had an interesting conversation last Saturday with a lady from Colorado and we were working on her property. She had some really odd consciousness lowering geopathic influences and there were mines in her area she was talking about it and it seemed that one of the generators in the mine had rubber feet underneath them so that when they are running, they don’t vibrate and make a lot of noise. So, it looked like in her area, there was a mine with one of those generators running where the rubber pad had been lost or worn through or something happened. And so, it was rattling against the rock and sending vibrations into the surrounding area, and apparently was on a ley line which can amplify the disruption. And that was one of the things that helped her property go up in consciousness, there were a few others as well. Maybe we’ll talk about those in between the questions.

Jeffrey – So Joanne has a question,” Is it possible to do an Attunement by yourself?”

Clayten – Well we’ve done thousands of those, I think too. Yes, I mean, I know that Jeff will do an Attunement himself and think I got a hit, I think I just got a download then we’ll talk about it, we’ll do it together. And it opens up and become something bigger typically, or I’ll do something on my own. And I’ll bring it to Jeff. And then we’ll be doing one together and it will expand in context and then we’ll get more specificity in terms of action items so yes it’s very possible Joanne.

Jeffrey – And the process that we’ve laid out is something that I found personally helps me to connect. And while as Clayten said, sometimes we get a download, we get a feeling of something kind of fully formed that we can run with. But for the most part for me, I need to sit down and quiet myself and do a little prayer asking for help and raising the level of consciousness of the space that I’m in. And then ask that question, or the area that I wish to go deeper into it. With the Attunement you could say just be quiet and listen, and for me personally, writing on the computer is really helpful. And that’s where a lot of the writing of the programs seems to come. You know, it’s almost like automatic writing at times, like,” wow, I wrote that?” So, there are many ways to do an Attunement with yourself or in a group and a lot of it depends on your personal gifts and how you connect.

(25:00) Clayten – Yes, people talk about geopathic or consciousness lowering geopathic influences we picked up recently, Jeff, some of these random little minutia influences. And of course, anytime we figure out one like with this lady in Boulder, it goes on every subscription now and forever. So, another one we figured out recently was another lady also lived in an area where there was a cell tower, and there was a certain type of rock formation in the cell tower. And it was a certain type of mineral, so the cell signal would bounce off the side of the mountain and amplify it in her area or concentrated it in her area. So that was another piece to that property that one had  five or six different little, small things, it was a kind of a nest of little things that we had to sort out. So that helped bring the property up as well.  And there was another one where her neighbor had an alarm system security system around the house. And they had a lot of lasers in the security system. And apparently, that dropped the level of consciousness of the neighborhood. So, we’re looking into that to write to write a program for that.

Jeffrey – Joanne is asking ,“I’m concerned about an Attunement message that might lead me down the wrong path. Is that possible?” Well, you know, there is something about discernment that  I’ve developed for myself. I always ask “What is my thought and what is a Higher Powers thought?  And certainly, I use my heart often as my truth meter or my meter of higher consciousness that if my heart is expanding it feels the truth. And if my heart is contracting, that I feel not the truth or, you know, it’s perhaps an ego thought or something that’s off-topic or not in the Highest and Best of All Creation.  So, developing our own sensing, we’re all very sensitive truth meters, and we’re all very sensitive to energies. So, tuning into that and asking for help from a Higher Power. And asking help from others that we trust and connecting together with someone else is another way as well.

Clayten – We could call this a form of intuition development. And courses are offered on how to develop intuition. Divinity speaks to all of us in its own way. And over time, we learn how to trust ourselves. And that’s part of the reason I think it’s so important to do a prayer and to go into a high consciousness space. I know that I used to do a lot of seminars and what I realized in the seminars was that part of the value I got was really good ideas in the space. And I kind of knew that but I didn’t call it a high consciousness field at the time I just knew that I got interesting ideas that I hadn’t experienced before.  And that happens with Jeff and I, we’ll be looking at a topic we’re trying to figure it out or subject like a piece of property, I’ll tell about you another geopathic stress zone we just figured out recently, a traffic one. It’s a variation, I don’t know what number variation on traffic. But sometimes we get things together that we can’t get alone. So Joanne, you might want to join a community of people who are exploring this and practice with them and learn how they discern truth. Look for someone who is an example of who you want to be and ask them to help you.

Jeffrey – Thank you. Cheryl. Cheryl says I’m new to FLFE. But I love it so much I want to work for you. What a fantastic thing FLFE is. Thank you. It’s always nice to get these kind of comments. We are pretty jazzed by working for FLFE and doing what we do as well. It’s really been an interesting journey.

(30:00) Clayten – Ricardo  is asking, “Is there any extraterrestrial technology influence in this project?” Well, I mean we get ideas sometimes that are beyond what our technical training would indicate that we should get, we do receive insights, I think that’s happened with all inventions.  I’ve read the works of Tesla and Einstein, and Benjamin Franklin and many inventors, and they’ll sometimes lay down and sleep on their desk when they’re struggling with something they’ll wake up and I’ll have an answer. So, where does that answer come from? And is that extraterrestrial? We are pretty careful about measuring where our thoughts come from and then measuring our ability to interpret it. I don’t know if you would consider an Archangel extraterrestrial? That’s how our messages typically come through. I don’t know where they get them from. But that’s our primary source. So, my answer and you can pick this up, Jeff, you want it is I don’t know, we know it works in the way that we can manage it. And we know where the thoughts come from most of the time but sometimes, we get a thought we don’t spend a lot of time measuring it, it seems to be pretty evident that if we do this, it will help us fix this problem or upgrade this issue. And so, we’ll try it on a small scale and test it out and apply it to all the properties or all the programs.

Jeffrey – Yes, that’s well said Clayten, I agree with that. They‘re coming from somewhere, the ideas are not coming from us at times. It really is a very interesting process, and the ability to test the level of consciousness of what we receive. And then integrate it into a program and test the level of consciousness of the program and its level of appropriateness for the context we created is how it all works. We’re able to take these clues or this help that we receive and then integrate it into what we have. That piece about the traffic is really interesting.

Clayten – Joanne says, “It gets easier with practice”. Yes, it does get easier with practice and we learn our own controls. It’s a discipline, it’s a science and an art form. The art form is surrendering, and the science is knowing our body and its intelligence and how that relates to ideas that support us to be a loving person. That’s one of the things that we can ask ourselves, “Does this thought, or idea help me become a more loving person. These are questions that we can ask and kind of audit the thoughts.

So, here’s a chicken scratch picture of the latest iteration of traffic consciousness lowering electromagnetic influences. This is a highway, and this is a highway and that’s a highway and then there are a couple of roads here that are significant thoroughfares. And so there are a bunch of homes in here and one of our subscribers has a home right up about here. What has happened is we want to get that property up to 510 so we were looking at it the other day and in our Attunement Process we had the thoughts; deflection and reflection, and so when the energy of people coming down those highways especially in traffic and it comes into that square area and bounces around because due to all the highways and that whole area in that squarish part is 320. And it’s in the United States and that state calibrates about 420 on average so that would be an area that would have a consciousness-lowering influence, I don’t even know if we would even call it geopathic, Jeff, because it’s not really related to the earth. Just a consciousness lowering influence.

Jeffrey –  Yes, the movement of energy.

Clayten – And so we had to figure out what deflection and reflection meant and write the program.

(35:00) Jeffrey – So looking at deflection, it’s the change in vibration of something. So, reflection is  if something is completely opaque so the energy can bounce off  the angle that it is the opposite angle from its approach. But a deflection is more where the vibration or the frequency can change as it bounces off. It’s like when we bounce a ball, and it doesn’t bounce all the way back it loses some energy so there are some changes in the energy that happens as it is bouncing around as well. It can change frequency or lose energy or maybe even if there’s a harmonic resonance effect where there’s multiple waves coming together increases energy, so it does take some research. Once we get the attunement and information and really look into what does it mean and how does it apply. So, in this case, it was all from cars moving.

Clayten – That also brings up a good point. Sometimes we have to define deflection and reflection in that case in a certain context because it’s a very specific definition. The last time I checked Jeff we had 23 or 24 pages of definitions that are unique just because of the nature of the programs. The level of consciousness of them has to be 999 or higher before we can put them on in a certain context. So what we do is we get a download, we get a few thoughts, and then we create definitions. Typically Jeff does most of the program writing; he’s really a good writer and that’s how God works for him or one of the ways anyway. And then we put the program on and test it and when it works, or it doesn’t, then we refine it refine it until it works. And that’s a that’s a big process we’re doing right now we’ll talk more about that later in the summer where we’re digging into that 1 or 2% of properties that don’t go up right away.

Jeffrey – Patricia is saying – “I’ve done Angelic Reiki attunement and it’s very powerful and helpful.” Interesting.

Clayten – Yes, Patricia has been with us for a while it’s nice of you to share your thoughts with us Patricia.  If you would like to talk about that you can always give another message. You can put your hand up and give us a call and give us the Coles notes version of how you do it.

I was part of it healing circle in Vancouver just for a little while when I lived there. It was under the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui. He has a book called Practical, Psychic Self Defense. I went to a couple of them and it was a type of Reiki and that was a group where people were on a path and there was a pretty advanced teacher’s work we were studying. And at the time, I was fairly new in kinesiology, but I trusted it enough to feel I could go with the work and I use it more since I’ve left.  Because now I am better at kinesiology, but one of the things that I found in the room was I felt good in the room. I felt safe and there’s a nice energy in there, so that was one of the ways that I felt I could trust what was going on. So, I didn’t necessarily know if I believed in all the techniques or the way that people interpreted them, but I trusted the energy enough that I could learn a lot.

Jeffrey – We’ve got another question coming in. Laura is saying, “I was wondering what you might recommend if the energy is very intense? I recently experienced a powerful, spontaneous awakening and trying to navigate and regulate my energy is quite a challenge. I noticed immediately when I turned it off, but I would prefer it stay on, so thank you.”

Clatyen – So I’m assuming that she’s saying she turns off FLFE to help manage the intensity of the energy. Well, sometimes FLFE can be a tipping point. There can be many tipping points in our life where we’re at a certain stage in our development where one new thing awakens our Kundalini. Not that I’m the best example of this, but when I’ve had that experience in the past, I found that exercise helped a lot. Long walks worked for me, it just helped get me grounded, of course, going outside putting our feet in the earth is also helpful. I would go online and look at how other people handle these types of awakenings. There are many resources out there, use your discernment, and I would do some research. I mean anybody like  Paramahansa Yogananda, Mother Theresa, Dr David Hawkins,  Amma Bhagavan, the Oneness Movement, Amma the Hugging Saint, those people are very high beings, and they have writings and teachings on how to manage these experiences. Of course,  there are obviously the classics like the Bible and the Torah, those Holy Books.

Jeffrey – And Laura, you may want to try Essential Fatty Acids and Magnesium as well. We have some recommendations on the website, and they are there on the Facebook page. They’re posted there so there’s some basic support for our nervous systems with Essential Fatty Acids and Magnesium taken within a half an hour of each other.  Because it’s the energy if we’re moving into a new phase and our energies moving, our nervous systems could be fatigued now and then. Or try Epson salt baths as that can also be very soothing because of the Magnesium in it.  So nutrifyting our body can help in those situations as well.

Clayten – Melody is asking , “Do you set an objective for the level of consciousness you seek for the business?” Absolutely, we’ve set a level of consciousness for different aspects of the business.  What we do is test the most appropriate level of consciousness of our website. And that’s about 600. So, we occasionally check our website because people are adding new information all the time, Q and A’s and webinars. And so, we pay attention to that; it’s not always there but that’s a standard and for our emails that we send out, we are looking for  550 or higher on those. So, we actually have a copywriter that’s helping us in writing copy that has a high level of consciousness. And so, we’re discovering ways to make that work.

Jeffrey – And then we do look at other companies that measure high in consciousness. Patagonia was one of those companies. And, you know, we do set our own goals internally for the level of consciousness of the business itself. And it’s interesting in measuring level of consciousness that in the business there are many factors including are we up to date with all of our filings and taxes and our accounting practices are good and the way that people are treated and the processes within the business. So, there are a lot of factors that lead to the level of consciousness.  That’s a whole fascinating subject on its own.

Clayten –  If we’re pretty good at kinesiology  we can go through the business, as Jeff said, and calibrate the level of consciousness of the accounting practices, calibrate the level of consciousness of the people that are doing the accounting and the level of consciousness of their practices, so we can really dig into the business. And there’s something we call the critical factor. And it’s where we put the least amount of effort for the most amount of gain. And so, unless we’re in a crisis, looking for the critical factor is really helpful because we can really find those tipping points where we put a little bit of energy in and get a large amount of return on our time. That’s a very interesting subject. (45:00) 

Jeffrey – Ricardo is asking, “Is there the use of copper and quartz crystals in this magic?” Well, certainly, there’s been copper and quartz in different stages of the project, of the FLFE technology. So, there are different pieces of it now, and it keeps developing and we keep adding to the ability to do what it does. So, I would say in the historical chain of events there copper and quartz have been used.  Do you feel to add to that Clayten?

Clayten – I remember back in the old days when I’d see those IBM computers and they had this big room full of technology and have like a punch card. And that’s what we do, you punch our card, we have a whole room just to punch a card. And now we can do all the processes that were in that room full of equipment with all the vacuum tubes, and a special power supply. And we can do that on our cell phones and more. And so, the FLFE technologies evolve. And we found ways to simplify to the place where it’s very simple technology because we’ve refined the parts so much that they’re ideal. And that took a long time and now most of the refinements are with the programming and finding out more things like these consciousness lowering energetic influences, like the traffic, we could talk about harmonic resonance, that’s our latest kind of big term that we’re using in refining the vibration for the properties for all of you with the environments if we’re on a mobile service, or cell phone or object.

So, it’s mostly now with the programming but there are other technological pieces that are on the horizon that we are looking forward to playing with or experimenting with.

Jeffrey – “How is the land assessed to be at optimal from the companies’ side” I wonder if you could state that in a different way for us. I’m not sure quite if you mean that for where the company’s located or we’re talking about properties ready to come onto the service.

Clayten –  Yes, we go with the assumption that it’s about how do we determine what level of consciousness to request of the technology to have a business environment be. So, what we’ll do is we calibrate with kinesiology, what’s the most appropriate minimum level of consciousness to create in a business environment, including the land to support the optimal conditions for the evolution of consciousness in an economized society. So, when you’re calibrating a topic, it’s really important to write the context out. And then test the level of consciousness of the inquiries and the level of appropriateness of the inquiries in that context.  The reason that we have that mission and the reason that includes economized society is because most of us need to work for a living or we live in a society where people work for living, there could be a different type of service, perhaps where we put it on a monastery or a remote location where people are singularly devoted to supporting the world through prayer.

We do things like that in service projects. And when we were looking at how do we do the most amount of good with the time energy and resources we have Jeff and I, decided that business is the best way to economize FLFE we are open to receiving a donation from a benevolent benefactor. And if that donation was big enough, perhaps we consider giving it all away and even doing more service but that hasn’t happened yet. (50:00) And so, we looked at how do we help the most people with the least amount of effort like for example, we talked about the critical factor, the best way we could come up with was forming a business.  So that’s the process we use when we look at what is the optimal level of consciousness for land. For a business we test what’s in the highest and best interest of all creation. We test the level of appropriateness of that level according to the Hawkins and Scale of Consciousness and we pray about it and we talk about it and we go back and forth. And for big ones we take a lot of time with that.

Jeffrey – And it’s not just for business but for a home as well so they’ve ended up at the same place or 560 on the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness and there seems to be many things pointing to that being a good place that supports us to evolve and supports us to function at a high level. And that intersection of functioning in evolution supports our mission to support the optimal conditions for the evolution of consciousness while we’re working making living.

So,  Janice is  asking,  “Besides business do you measure the level of consciousness of governments and specifically do you periodically assess the White House and is it going up or remaining the same or going down.” Well, we don’t spend a lot of time on governments and so forth; certainly there a lot of things happening there.  We do occasionally look at what’s the highest consciousness government in the country, in the world that’s an interesting conversation. Singapore is that right Clayten?

Clatyen – The last time we checked yes it was Singapore.

Jeffrey – And again it’s similar to a business there are many different factors many different you could say departments or areas of function in a government.  In a country, there’s the rule of law, the governmental type, the way people are treated throughout, and the degree of freedom that people have.  Dr Hawkins has done quite a bit of work on that; which of his books delve into that area, Clatyen?

Clayten – Truth versus Falsehood has the most charts and it calculates a level of consciousness of different countries,  he’s has a map in that book with the level of consciousness of all the countries in the world which changes from time to time of course with the leaders and the governance system as you said but that’s the one with the most calibrations if you’re a numbers geek.

Jeffrey – We focus on individual properties and consciousness lowering energies or geopathic EMFs, that may be affecting a property and work to stay ahead of that to keep the properties clean. And at 560, cleaning, meaning at that level of consciousness, that’s really our sweet spot; measuring consciousness and creating an environment which is good for us to be in, health-wise, and for evolution. So that’s really where we focus, we don’t we don’t focus on governments Thank you.

Clayten –  So just extrapolate on that a little bit, Janice, my belief about how to raise the level of consciousness of the planet in the best way is to empower the average person. And we also have to adhere to the law of noninterference, we can’t just put any place on the earth at any level of consciousness we want, even if the technology will support that. And we believe that the support that we get to help through the human process and the gifts that we receive from Divinity would diminish, stop, or maybe go in reverse if we just did whatever we wanted. So, we pray about things. And we test things. And without testing the truth of what’s in the highest and best interest of all creation, which is our default calibration, or this action is in the highest and best interest of all Creation. (55:00) I wouldn’t want to have this much power under my control, I would have to have some way of really trusting that what we are doing is in the highest and best interest of all and that we can do no harm, so it’s not that we don’t want to help businesses more or government properties more, we have a responsibility to use the power judiciously; it has to be done in the highest and best interest of all.

So, we have completed many service projects, and we continue to do them. For example, back in 2012, before we started FLFE, Jeff and I spent a whole year finding the lowest spots on the continent and applying FLFE to those spots up to a certain level of consciousness that we had permission to do. And we check if it’s in the highest best interest of all of Creation at this level. Yes, yes, yes. Eventually, we get a no. And so, we put it out to the level that we get a yes on. We’ve learned a lot about that since and we have a program now called the Pay it Forward program.

So, I just thought I’d expand upon that because people wonder why don’t we just put huge amounts of very high level of consciousness. First of all, we have to have the power to do it from technology, there’s a limitation. It’s a machine and it has to be the highest and best interest of all, or we won’t do it.

Jeffrey –  Thank you Clayten, “Stacy’s asking, I work at home in an apartment. And I’m on a 15-day trial for the home version. But I continue to be baffled by how the FLFE hits my particular apartment in a building containing 200 units. How does it know to direct my particular department, if the FLFE is directed towards the address? Thanks.”

Well, Stacy,  one of the discoveries that we made in the original invention, we have to go back to the original FLFE machine and development of it. Since then, based on partially on Nikola Tesla’s work, there’s high speed, alternating current running through stacks, there are input stacks pulling available energy in. There’s are multiple output stacks, that creates a very high consciousness space, that is where the action is for FLFE . And, in that space, originally went written documents. And what we discovered is that, in that space, through these written documents, or programs, as we call them, and they’re now done electronically through a database and way of connecting this highly energetic field with the database. We’re creating an entanglement or an association between the field with the program and address, the legal address. So, if there is existing in a courthouse, a records facility in a state or county or province that has the land titles for each piece of property in that area, when those properties are developed that land title has an address, and there are unit numbers. Now,  part of this is fulfilling the zoning requirements and the other things related to building a building that has 200 units. So that is where there’s an actual entanglement between the field and that particular unit based on the legal address.  Where things can go awry is in countries where things are changing very rapidly, the records aren’t very good. And there isn’t a legal address in a courthouse or in a records facility. In that case, we use coordinates. But in some cases, only the phone is going to work in those countries because we can associate with the phone. And it’s much the same way as we associate with the phone Stacey, where we have a unique identifier and an address; it’s a legal address or coordinates. (1:00:00) And the coordinates only are useful if it’s a standalone home for business and multiple units.

But the phone in a country say in the United States, there is only one cellular phone number. So that creates a unique identifier for that object. And we’re essentially identifying it in the universe with these programs, you can say, with Divinity or within the Universe, and it’s identified in that way.

Clayten – That’s pretty well said, Jeff. I think the only thing I would add to that is the legal address exists in consciousness. It is a consistent, repeatable, verifiable address, it’s where we receive our mail, people know how to come to our homes. And when it exists on a land title or a deed, it exists in consciousness. And it’s a bit of a nonlinear concept, for sure. Still, that’s how it works. It’s a bit of a surprise to us sometimes how it works that way, but it does work; it’s very consistent and reliable. And we’re in awe of this regularly.

Jeffrey So, Ricardo is asking, “From what I understand there is an equipment, this equipment needs to be activated via mental process is there an interaction between the operator’s mind in the equipment. Well, Ricardo not in the way that you’re asking there. As we said,  there are programs that we write, and they are instructions and they are consciousness, they’re instructions to Divinity basically, is what these programs are, that go into the field of the machine. So, they are our intentions you could say, and as we’ve explained in other webinars, we’re creating a context around a particular program or request. Say it’s supportive of the Innate Intelligence in the functioning of the liver, kidney, gallbladder. So, we have a context then we write the context out and measure it. And then as we create the program that’s support for the Innate Intelligence to have the energy to do its work and have the information it needs to support its work; we measure that until it’s 999 or higher on the Hawkins Map. So, everything is fully defined and the level of consciousness of the entire pieces at that level, so that’s really what’s interacting with the machine, is that very clean or clear intention and we have instructions so it’s not our minds interacting with it.

Clayten – One thing I would add to that Ricardo for me is the metaphor of driving a car. Our mind is involved driving a car; there’s a mental process where we decide to get into the car and there’s an interaction between our minds and the equipment where we put the key to start the engine. And then we have the thought – I should put it in first gear and accelerate and all those things but it’s not something where we have to focus on the machine to have it work or that it has to access some part of our conscious do its job other than what Jeff explained.

Jeffrey – So, Melody is asking , “Are you aware of companies such as D-wave and do you think they’re quantum computers for which they originally advertise for programmers right on their website who are using similar technology to FLFE and what are your thoughts on these kinds of companies? It would seem to me that they risk living in the force part of the Hawkins Consciousness Map and that’s not being very successful. I’m still very new and understanding all this and I do believe that beautiful efforts such as those you are making it at FLFE for as much support as we can all manage.” Well, we certainly have questions occasionally on other companies and while we try to stay on top of those, we don’t really like to say a lot of things about it. What would you like to say to that Clayten you’re more the researcher in this area? (1:05:00)

Clayten –  I mean, we could look into that company, but we don’t know what they’re using, we don’t know what they mean by quantum computers.  It would be a lot a lot of work maybe not so much work, we would have to look into it and really see what they’re doing. So, there are a couple of things to consider. And when we’re looking at people with an intent like that there are a couple of things to consider. One is how good is their technology and what is their capacity to carry out their intention? So, in Hawkins books he talks about Hitler for example, and I’m drawing a comparison between Hitler and these gentlemen. But you know there is demonology, so we’ll go partway. So the principle you’ll understand. Hitler’s intent towards humanity, or even his own people was about 70 out of 1000.

And his function capability was 440. So, he had a level of consciousness and then it dropped but his functioning capability was quite high. So, functioning capability is the ability to act on the context that you have. So, some are quite negative, and they don’t have the ability to act, and typically, negativity takes a lot of energy. It’s draining, it’s not inspiring, it’s not uplifting, it’s an anger, which can be energizing, or can be based out of a lower level of consciousness. So we look at these types of thoughts. And I’ll take a look at it,  I think to myself, well, we’ll see how much energy they have to carry out their intent. And not everybody in the world wants the best for others, they just have service to self, or they actually don’t even have service to self, they just like to destroy everything they touch, some people would want to be the king of a pile of ashes if that’s the only way they can rule. I don’t know what else to say also about D wave.

So, Janice wanted to clarify. Thank you. “Just to be clear, I’m not suggesting that you try any kind of manipulation of FLFE on the White House, I was just wondering if you have measured the level there? Has there been a change? If it’s not in the highest best of all creation to answer this then I do understand.” We just haven’t done the research at this point.

Clayten –  The White House for a while it typically is a pretty stable level, there’s a lot of very professional people in there who maintain a relatively high standard of professionalism at least in the administrative duties, regardless of who’s the president or the Prime Minister, whatever the ruler is, in that case.

Jeffrey – There is an earlier webinar on the history of consciousness on the planet where we look back over 3000 years and looked at the level of consciousness and came to the conclusion that there’s been quite a quite a run up; an almost unprecedented rise in the level of consciousness of the planet in the last several years. So, it’s really good news to know that things are trending in that direction. And it will be really interesting to see what’s coming in the next several years.

Clayten – I think I’ll  just say something else about Janice’s question, Jeff, a lot of people ask us to test the level of consciousness of certain political leaders or people that have a high profile in the world. And we can test their level of consciousness in a specific area, and we can do a very detailed analysis of the person. In fact, we have assessments where we can really go into a level of minutia about a person’s level of consciousness. And the challenge with that is that it can lead to us being a source of discussion about what’s negative. There are many people in the world that talk about what’s negative, and I speak for myself, I think there are enough people talking about the negative and I want to focus on the positive. (1:10:00)

We went to the place where we were talking about the level of consciousness of the current president or somebody in the cabinet or from Canada. So, the prime minister or someone in the government, or even a famous sports figure, or a famous businessman, you know, we can get lost in gossip. Well, this person’s intent here is this. And of course, they might not even believe that we can measure consciousness that way, or they may not care what we think in the first place. But it becomes a slippery slope where we start to be a commentator on people’s personalities, and their level of consciousness in a certain area. And it doesn’t feel right to me to say things about people like that in public without them having a chance to defend themselves. There’s so much hate and negativity, even on YouTube and the comments, it’s just something I don’t want to get into.

And this is not really about you, Janice. It’s the principle of, if you can measure truth, that way, you can measure people then what about this person? What are they like? And what’s their intent towards humanity? Or what’s their level of consciousness in the social part of their life? Or their relationships? Or what’s the overall level of consciousness and have they gone up or have they gone down, and what’s the level of consciousness of this particular position that they’re taking?  Recently there’s been some trades going on between America and the rest of the world, it’s what’s the level of consciousness of the trade disagreements we’re having. And you can get a lot of information on that if you’re good at kinesiology. And if we make a commitment to learning it, we can maybe help in that way.

But the way I want to help is by creating technology and helping raise the level of consciousness on the planet; focusing my energies on that instead of being a social commentator.  I think I can do more good in the world by having a technology like FLFE and spreading it to as many places as we can as opposed to commenting on what’s going on currently in the political or business or religious or spiritual arenas.

Jeffrey –  Well, we’re approaching an hour and 15 so we usually begin to wind it down and those were really great questions, we really appreciate all of your questions. Thank you, Janice, Ricardo, and Melody, thanking us there for the answers and let’s maybe have one more comment to wind it down. Maybe I can go first and leave it for you to finish and close this up.

We really enjoy sharing with you in these webinars and receiving your questions. There’s so much that we’re learning and so much that’s coming through the business and through you as customers as well. You know, we’ve had some very interesting conversations with customers this weekend. And we’re all in this together, we’re on this journey together. And many of us are on spiritual paths that are different and unique in their own ways. And together we can be very powerful and very supportive of each other to continue to evolve,. And with the earth rising the way it is and getting the support that way as well. So, it’s very exciting and I look forward to talking about it all over the next several years. You were all great, thank you so much.

Clayten –  It’s an interesting time to be alive. The planet is experiencing an almost unprecedented rise in consciousness. Certainly, since the mid-1980s when the planet went over 200 as a whole and the questions that you ask really help, they cause us to think about things in new ways. And Laura was asking how we can support our work well, you can always say a prayer for us and for the business and to see us succeeding in your mind. We can always use more prayers. I was questioning in my mind when Jeff was closing there, if I ranted about that topic of looking into individual circumstances and commenting on people’s personal lives, I don’t think that I did but sometimes it feels like there are some things we should expand upon. (1:15:00) So, we’ll get to know each other better and we really are aware of a lot of negativity in the world and we can measure things pretty well. So, we can find out details about the negativity that maybe we really don’t want to know. So, we work at staying positive and we work on keeping in service to the evolution of consciousness for all of us and it’s good to remind ourselves once in a while that it does take attention and intention to stay positive because it’s easy to get lost in the in the negative side of life.

But in closing, I would  like to thank you for your support thank you for doing the free trial, for those of you who are customers, it’s nice to see names like Patricia that we’ve known for a while now and look forward to more of these and more your questions. So if you if you want to write them down for the next webinar we’re going to take a break for a while, we have to focus on a project and we need to get that done before we take anything else on.  These take a fair bit of planning so we will be pausing it for a while.  And I think with that I will just say thank you and goodnight.

Jeffrey – Goodnight.