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  • Tuning into the FLFE Experience

Optimize your FLFE experience by consciously participating in the process.

You may use this checklist to do a self-check in.

Everyone reacts to FLFE a bit differently, yet we’ve seen a common thread of experience and benefits that runs through most of our customer feedback. These questions are based on feedback from people experiencing FLFE.

As you read through the following questions, feel free to close your eyes and consciously “tune into” that perception.

  1. Are you feeling a greater sense of well being and feeling more relaxed?
  2. Do you feel a relaxing of tension and it feels easier to breathe, particularly when you turn off and then back on the EMF Mitigation program?
  3. Do you have more clarity and concentration?
  4. Do you feel more creative? As though things are flowing more?
  5. Are you sleeping better?
  6. Have you noticed your thinking is clearer and sharper?
  7. Do you feel more balanced emotionally?
  8. Are you more patient with yourself and others?
  9. Do you feel the need to clean your space and declutter?
  10. Have you received that new job offer you were waiting for?
  11. Has money come in that you’ve been waiting for?
  12. Are your pets happier?
  13. Do you find it easier to get up in the morning? Or suddenly your kids are getting up and getting themselves ready for school in the morning with less or no struggle?
  14. Have you found your kids have started cleaning at home without being told to do it?
  15. Do your neighbors, friends or family members comment how good your home feels and seem to want to stay?
  16. Do you feel you want to stay at home more?
  17. Is your relationship more loving?
  18. Has the communication between the people sharing the space improved or between you and your spouse improved?
  19. Has the communication with your coworkers and others in your family improved?
  20. Is your neighborhood changing around you? Have you noticed better relationships or even new or happier neighbors?
  21. Does the maintenance of your property seem to be easier?
  22. Are you feeling more productive at work?
  23. Does making key decisions appear to be easier?
  24. Are you clearing old negative patterns and or old insecurities quickly?
  25. Are you feeling you are reaching higher states when meditating?

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