• How Does FLFE Work?

FLFE is a consciousness technology. Dr. David Hawkins discovered that fields of consciousness are everywhere and not just associated with sentient beings. The FLFE device (part of the FLFE System) focuses life-force energy in a relatively small location and activates a high consciousness field. That field, in combination with our FLFE programs, produces results that are very similar to a person praying for some person or place or holding a very positive intention for someone. Let’s use the example of praying for a place, since FLFE works with a location, not a person.

A person praying for a place holds in mind some identifier for that place. An example of this is picturing the place in your mind. This works the same as our unique identifier (as we call it), an example of which is a legal address or a cellular phone device with a particular phone number. We believe that in both situations, a person praying and the FLFE service, a field is activated at the place. In the example of the person praying, the characteristics of the activated field are the thoughts and feelings of the person. If they feel love and compassion, the field activated has the level of consciousness of those feelings. The specific thoughts are also in the field and can have an effect on beings in that place where the field has been activated.

The FLFE System uses FLFE programs to specify the characteristics of the activated field, such as the level of consciousness and the thoughts in the field. The FLFE System sends energy that is very similar to human thoughts. One of the differences is that it is highly regulated to ensure that the energy is consistently positive according to the chosen parameters (560 or higher LOC on the Hawkins Map) which is different from the human mind, which tends to wander.

The FLFE System is designed to create a consistent high-consciousness environment for you to thrive in.  We have processes in place to ensure that a field of 560 or higher on the Hawkins Map on a property is activated and maintained, which we will discuss in a minute. There are three main ways that create a high-consciousness environment:

1. Each of the FLFE programs for the FLFE Service are written and refined until they each measure 999 or higher on the Hawkins Map. Measuring consciousness of a document is an assessment of the truth in absolute terms and the level of consciousness of the thoughts in the document.

2. Each of the FLFE programs has this phrase: “Do this in such a way that it is in the highest and best interests of all of creation.” This may seem simple and it is a critical part of the programs. Initially, we would test all FLFE programs initially and on an on-going basis (as conditions can change) whether it was in the highest and best interests of all creation for the program to remain on the FLFE System. This safety valve negates thoughts in the programs if it is no longer in the highest and best interests of all of creation for it to continue. This takes into account all factors.

3. Our technology is proprietary. We do not sell FLFE devices. We also keep strict control of our FLFE System and databases so that only we (the co-founders) have access to them. And we have multiple redundancies in the event of a failure of any one piece of hardware.

We also have processes in place to make sure that properties are at 560 or higher on the Hawkins Map when they begin the service and remain there or above while on the service. We have a team checking the level of consciousness of all properties coming onto the FLFE service within approximately 3 days as well as checking all existing properties once a week.

We have found that some properties were affected by geopathic stress or certain types of EMFs (consciousness-lowering) and in order to achieve, or in some cases maintain, 560 or higher 98% of the time or better we test regularly and may add enhancements. A good example of this is the EMF Mitigation program.

We continue to test, and re-test our technology, and continue to improve upon its benefits, for the benefit of our members. Our goal is to support the optimal environment for the evolution of consciousness.

  • What are the benefits?

The FLFE Field

The FLFE field is activated by a primary device, which we call the Genesis Machine, and amplified by additional FLFE devices or back-up systems which also create redundancy. The FLFE technology re-directs and focuses Life Force Energy (also known as Chi, Prana and Mana) which is present throughout the universe. The re-direction of the FLFE energy does not deplete or take away from any source of necessary energy at any time.

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The FLFE Programs

The Programs are written instructions activated by the FLFE field. Homes are associated with the FLFE field by the inclusion of a legal address or longitude and latitude coordinates into a program. This creates a quantum resonance from the FLFE technology to the home and the activation of the FLFE field on the home begins instantly. In the case of the FLFE Everywhere service, a unique cellular phone number or a photo of the object provides the means of associating FLFE with the object.

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FLFE Effects and Benefits

Currently the FLFE field, when associated with a home or an object (FLFE Everywhere), is designed to raise the level of consciousness of the area to a minimum of 560 on the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness within 5 seconds.

  • FLFE is designed to clear the negative history from the land and any buildings to help you get a fresh start every day, free of any negative influence.
  • The high vibration, high consciousness energy field enfolding the land and building(s) supports the land to become more positive every day, your personal energy to be uplifted and the potential for positive relationships to be enhanced.

What the FLFE environment is not:

The FLFE environment is not a panacea. The high consciousness FLFE-supported environment will not solve your problems, remove your issues or heal your bodies of its physical ailments. Some people do experience higher states of consciousness, a degree of relief from their problems and issues and an increased capacity within their body to regenerate itself, however, we make no health claims.

It is not a place to avoid doing your personal work. It is an environment of accelerated consciousness raising. For those who are on a spiritual path, (we acknowledge that a spiritual path expresses in many forms, including parenting, careers, education and so forth) many of us value the opportunity to grow as much as anything else in our lives, if not more.

The FLFE environment is not a place that is free of bad moods, bad habits or personal struggles, including miscommunications, addictions and the innumerable preoccupations of the mind. There will likely be times in an FLFE environment (even though it is an extraordinarily high-consciousness field and is extraordinarily rare in our current world and throughout history) when you will experience a life challenge which will ask you to call upon the spiritual warrior that resides in each of us. We see this spiritual warrior energy as an energy of love for all, including self, and the requirement of life for us to be disciplined, regulated beings that live in alignment with the laws of truth. Whether these laws are expressed through the effects of optimal health, loving relationships, financial solvency and the ultimate freedom that lies within each of us as a potential that is enlightenment. Living in alignment with these laws results in these conditions just explained. It is to this end that we have dedicated the creation of the FLFE environment, the business that supports it and the community that surrounds it.

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