The Gift and Blessing of Love and Higher Consciousness Anywhere in the World

Every FLFE paid subscription also includes a complimentary perpetual “Pay It Forward” subscription.

“Pay It Forward” employs what we call the FLFE Service Wave at a 500 level of consciousness (the level of love) without the programs FLFE has created to facilitate improvements in health, clearing, anti-stagnation, mental performance and grounding. This means that Pay It Forward can be applied anywhere in the world.

Where do you think the world needs more love?

The purpose of Pay It Forward is to use the creativity and diversity of the FLFE subscriber community to bring the gifts and blessing of love and higher consciousness everywhere in the world:

To schools, hospitals, churches, temples, prisons, police stations, government buildings, the home of a friend or family member–or any other location you can imagine.

How “Pay It Forward” Works

  1. Every FLFE customer has a “Pay It Forward” opportunity for each paid subscription.
  2. “Pay It Forward” is a 500-level service (500 is the initial level of love on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness; normally FLFE home and mobile will bring an environment to the level of spiritual joy/ecstasy, 540-580) without any of the programs on the FLFE standard subscription such as Clearing, Grounding, Anti-stagnation or any of the health programs. No special hydration or notification is needed.
  3. You assign “Pay It Forward” to ANY verifiable address or coordinates, no matter where in the world (just be sure the address is accurate!) Here are the details of where the energy goes:
    • When using latitude/longitude coordinates, the “Pay It Forward” property is defined as a 1000 meter radius circle with the coordinates as a center point of the circle.
    • When using a legal address, the “Pay It Forward” property is defined as having a maximum of a 1000 meter radius circle with the center point of the circle defined as the center of the area where the most people gather.
  4. This is a ONE-TIME, “forever” subscription. Please choose carefully, because once you’ve designated a location, it is 100% permanent.
  5. We cannot look up previous “Pay It Forward” locations.
    1. Fill in the address information
    2. Press the “Apply Pay It Forward” buttonOnce you are a FLFE paid subscriber, log into your Control Panel (the first email has instructions) select the Pay it Forward ADD button next to your subscription, then:

    The level of consciousness of love, 500 on the Hawkins Map, is then permeating the location!

And with so much of the planet operating well below the level of love (500), we are confident this have a very positive impact on those it touches… as well as the world at large.

So… use your inspiration and your unique wisdom and experience to bless the world with a gift of a perpetual 500 (love) high consciousness field anywhere in the world.

Thank you for your gift. Together we create a loving environment that is a gift to the people and to all other forms of life at the location, a gift to the earth and a giving back to all of creation in exercising our sovereign right to love and spread love throughout the cosmos.