Your subscriptions and donations support and could expand the number of FLFE service projects

Focused Life Force Energy was created to benefit humanity, the earth and all of creation. Originally, co-founders Jeffrey and Clayten used 100% of the technology for service work to raise consciousness in places all over the planet. After several years, they realized creating a business and giving people the opportunity to raise the consciousness of their properties was a more efficient and rapid distribution method.

To sustain our on-going FLFE service work in the world at this level, we welcome your help of subscribing to FLFE, recommending FLFE to others, and donating, if you feel called to do so. A few of our current research projects are shown here.

Your subscriptions and donations also support and accelerate our on-going research.

Examples of our research are:

  • The FLFE EMF Mitigation program which harmonizes or deflects and dissipates 99% of consciousness-lowering EMFs (Electrical and Magnetic Fields) in an environment. This can greatly support our health and evolution, as well as possibly reduce tension, increase personal energy and enhance sleep. This program was added to the FLFE service in December of 2018.
  • Brain Optimization. This program provides energetic support of our brain and nervous system for optimal functioning.
  • Energetic medicine tools. We are working on tools to assist us to clear traumas, unconscious negative beliefs, and many other restraints to rising in consciousness and living a happy, prosperous life.
  • Support for detoxification. Research is underway to support our bodies to detoxify and remove heavy metals and other toxins common in the modern world.
  • Research on the measurement of consciousness. We are working with world-renown researchers and institutions on new measurement technologies that have the potential to revolutionize how science can “see” and research consciousness.

Healing relationships with Indigenous People

As a company based in North America, we have started with projects relating to the indigenous people here. These projects include a program for the healing of the land, including trauma from massacres, betrayal and displacement from sacred lands in the 1868 Sioux treaty area, as shown above.

Nazi Concentration Camp Project


Thirteen Nazi concentration camp locations in Germany and Poland are on the FLFE service to clear the negative history at those locations. This benefits visitors, people who live nearby, the region, and the entire planet.

Refugee Project


Refugee camps around the world have a special FLFE service field to support people in those areas with positive energy.

Supporting Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises

FLFE fields and programs support cetaceans in their environments. This includes support for all cetaceans to attain the appropriate level of consciousness. Support for the ocean food chain for cetaceans, including the health of plankton and forage fish is also present. On a world-wide scale, there is a program for sovereignty – freedom for all cetaceans to be unmolested by hunting – and that their intelligence is seen and appreciated by all people in all countries.

Healthy Bees Around the World

Bees hives are on a FLFE immune support program to assist bees to resist parasites and disease.