Why should I drink extra water?

As a reminder, in the FLFE enhanced environment your body also starts to physically repair things that may have been “on-hold” for years or decades due to a lack of energetic resources. It is very helpful to drink more water than normal. Your body’s increased metabolic processes and waste removal require more water. Let everyone on a property with FLFE know that they should increase their water intake.

Does FLFE work for apartments?

FLFE works quite well with apartment buildings as long as we have a good legal address with an apartment number. In fact, we are finding that many apartment buildings have apartments that are affected by geopathic stress zones in the building. When electrical lines and water lines run up and down buildings, often in elevator shafts, junction boxes and splices can create zones where the energy is disturbed. These create geopathic stress areas that are not good to live in. We can tell where these zones are because the level of consciousness is very low, below 200 on the Hawkins Map. We added new programs into FLFE to take care of this. When we measured the level of consciousness of the apartments after the change, the levels went up to the 540-570 zone that we expect.

In an apartment, nearby neighbors benefit from FLFE as the energy radiates out from the apartment. We have noticed that the FLFE energy particularly moves along common walls.

What are the requirements for applying FLFE to my home?

The location of your legal address is required. To apply the Focused Life-Force Energy we must have a specific legal address (as defined by your country’s government) that clearly identifies the property. In most cases that will be your mailing address, including the zip code. Be sure to include your building number or letter, your unit or apartment number. Each subscription applies the FLFE Field to one specific location. In some rare cases, latitude and longitude coordinates might be needed. Consulting a mapping program on the web like Google Maps may be helpful to be sure that the address clearly identifies the property.

In some cases, particularly away from urban areas or for a large tract of land, other legal designations can be found in government documents or records. Examples of these would be parcel numbers, lot numbers and legal descriptions on deeds. Throughout the site we may use “property”, “home”, “location” and “address” when referring to the application of FLFE. We are always referring to the full legal address.

Why do I not hear any sound? Do I need to have my computer on?

The FLFE Field is a subtle energy, also called chi/qi or prana. The FLFE Field does not involve sound waves nor radio waves, so you will not hear any sound. You do not need to have your speakers or your computer on. You can leave the computer off or on all the time if you wish. As a trial subscriber, you can turn the FLFE Field OFF and ON by logging into Member Login using your email address and password.