Listen to Jeff, co-founder of FLFE, describing one aspect of clearing a home’s energy:


The FLFE wave works in three stages. First, the property is cleaned up of any negative energies from the history of the land and building. We have found negatives energies from 1000 years ago that were affecting a property. The second stage is flowing in positive, higher vibrating energies into the property. 99% of properties rise to 560 on the Hawkins Map in 5 seconds. Any level above 500 means that the home feels loving and like a sanctuary.

The third stage is enhancements. We have many programs in this stage for effects such as deeper sleep, more focus and concentration, supporting loving relationships and supporting stagnation in people’s energetic systems to be cleared and energy to flow freely and connect to the earth. These cycles happen rapidly and continuously to keep the property clear high vibration. We did some research into homes that were not sold after a year and the average level of consciousness was under 200. Properties in that area do not feel good or like “home’.