How can FLFE help to raise my level of consciousness?

Being in a high consciousness field means enhanced energy resources are available in the area. The average person in both FLFE Home and Mobile raises their level of consciousness 12 points in 90 days. Each point upwards on the Hawkins Map means 10 times more energy is available.

With FLFE, the typical property goes from 420 to 560 on the Hawkins map, according to our Kinesiology testing. At this time, approximately 5 out of 1000 people in the world are at the average level of consciousness of 540 or higher. As the level of consciousness of your property is supported to climb to 560 and above, your personal level of consciousness should automatically move up. If your average level of consciousness is already in the new and higher range of the property you will be supported to stay in that range through the fluctuations due to external situations or thought patterns. Visitors, pets and other people living or working on the property are also supported to rise in higher levels of consciousness.

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