When you upload your photo and enter your information
below,the FLFE high-consciousness field will activate at
your property and around your mobile phone.

There is no credit card, cancellation or device required.

FLFE Property Photo Guidelines 
  1. Take a photo of a room (any room on the property) with all the lights on.
    • Any room is possible because the contiguity of the room with all other rooms allows the house to be identified.
  2. On the wall, attach a clearly visible piece of white printer paper (A4 size) with your full name.
    • Use a black marker and in bold block (i.e., capital) letters write your full name exactly as it appears on your FLFE account. Please do not print your name using a printer.
  3. Capture as much of the room as possible with the piece of paper from Step 2 clearly visible in the picture.
    • Make sure the photograph is in focus and your name is easy to read (i.e., each letter is distinguishable).
    • There should be at least 2 pieces of furniture or artwork on the walls visible in the photograph and part of the floor should be visible, too.
  4. The preferred photo file size is at least 2MB and no more than 9MB.
    • We will also accept a file size between 1MB and 2MB, but a larger file size is preferred to ensure the FLFE service gets properly associated with your location.
    • We do not accept thumbnails.
  5. The room you are photographing should NOT undergo any major changes or renovations for the next 72 hours.
    • Major changes include moving furniture (only applies to major moves, such as moving a couch to another side of the room), moving or removing paintings, changing wall colour, or major construction. After 72 hours, even major changes can be done.
    • Major changes do not include moving of smaller items such as dinner table chairs or other daily use items.

Note: The photo you submit will activate your FLFE Property service. Entering the phone number of the mobile phone you would like FLFE Everywhere activated on below will launch your FLFE Everywhere service. 

Immersive Free Trial - Photo

Accepted file types: tif, tiff, gif, jpeg, jpg, jif, jiff, jp2, jpx, j2k, fpx, pcd, png, pdf, bmp, psd, pspimage, thm, yuv, Max. file size: 9 MB.

Please do not submit another person’s photo. The building’s occupants need to receive specific emailed instructions about how to work with the FLFE Field during the trial period, including hydration.

During your free trial, you will receive access to one of our specialists to support you in your FLFE experience. We’ll make sure to reach out to you by phone in a few days. If we don’t get in touch with you, then please let us know a time that works best for you to call.

Examples (you can click on a photo to enlarge it)

table plant photo property2 1

Fireplace Photo property2 1

Blue wall photo property3