• Guidelines for the FLFE Referral Partner Program

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Guidelines for participation in the FLFE Referral Partner Program

If you’d like to join our Referral Partner Program (RPP), please review the following and indicate your agreement by completing the form to the right. In order to participate in the RPP, you need to be an active subscriber. If you are not a FLFE subscriber yet, click HERE. Active subscribers will be directed to a detailed application form after you submit this form.

  •  The FLFE RPP pays you a commission of 20% on ongoing referred subscriptions after the first 5 referred subscriptions have occurred. The 5 referrals must be accumulated within 6 months from the day you are accepted as a Referral Partner.
  • You are required to be an active subscriber in order to be a Referral Partner for FLFE. We feel it is important for people referring to have an up-to-date experience of FLFE as it continues to evolve. If your personal subscription(s) are cancelled, rewards (payments) will cease and any amount that you have accrued will be forfeited if you decide not to renew your subscription.
  • A Paypal account is required. The reward payments will be transferred to your PayPal account by the end of the FOLLOWING month in which they are earned. Example: Payment made late February for your subscribed referrals in January. Creating a PayPal account is free. www.paypal.com
  • The next step in this process is an online interview form/application. After the Referral Partner Team reviews your application you will be notified of the outcome by either email or a personal call from the Referral Partner Manager.
  • If you are accepted into the Referral Partner Program you will receive a TERMS & CONDITIONS link to read over, acknowledge and agree to. If you wish to read the Ts & Cs before applying click here.
  • A “WELCOME to THE REFERRAL PARTNER PROGRAM” email will be sent to you. The email contains your unique referral linking code(s), as well as approved website banners, statistics on your link clicks, a ledger of current and historical rewards and RP Training centre, all designed to assist you in referring FLFE.

If you have specific questions before you start an application to the program, you can reach out to our Referral Partner manager at rpm@flfe.net.

Please use the same name and Email address used for your FLFE subscription. If you enter a different email address, we may be unable to match your active FLFE subscription to your RPP application.