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Thank you for your interest in our
Referral Partner Program (RPP)

Our mission is to support the optimal conditions for the evolution of consciousness. We are happy to join like-minded individuals in order to expand the impact of our consciousness-raising technology around the world.

To be eligible to proceed in the application process you must:

  • Be an FLFE subscriber and understand all aspects of the service well enough to communicate them effectively. Study more in our Learning Centre.
  • Have a website.
  • Have an audience or contact list of over 5,000 people and be willing to send out communications promoting FLFE.
  • Work with us to co-create your 6-month marketing and launch plan including a willingness to: 
    • Insert banners and links on your website that direct to a page dedicated to FLFE. We can build this for you, or your team can make it yourselves.
    • Record interviews with FLFE co-founders Jeffery and Clayten or use our promotional videos to send to your community.
    • Have ongoing communications with your network including newsletters, social media posts, blogs, interviews, and more on a regular basis.
  • Maintain a connection to and involvement in the FLFE Referral Partner Community for support and encouragement to continually grow your FLFE subscription base.

In return, we want you to benefit from participation in the Referral Partner Program, including increased financial freedom.

  • We are looking for Referral Partners with a 90% chance of attracting 100 paying subscribers within 45 days of initial contact with your community.
  • Our Referral Partner Program pays a 20% commission on all referrals after a minimum of 20 subscriptions.
  • You must reach 100 subscriptions within six months of becoming a referral partner to remain in the program.
  • You must continually maintain at least 100 subscriptions to remain in the program.

For those of you with established networks of your own who fulfill these eligibility requirements, we welcome applications to join our Referral Partner Program. We are looking for people who share our intent to raise the level of consciousness of the planet and have the capacity to do so.

Please apply through this form. We look forward to hearing more about you!

Blessings from the FLFE Referral Partner Program team!

Please use the same name and email address used for your FLFE subscription. If you enter a different email address, we may be unable to match your active FLFE subscription to your RPP application.

Do you love FLFE and share it with those you know who may benefit?

Thank you for sharing your experiences with your friends and family. Here at FLFE, we believe in karma. Introducing FLFE to your own personal circles generates positive karma for you in fulfilling the mission of the evolution of consciousness.

Thank you for continuing to spread the word with your loved ones. We look forward to sharing the blessings of serving humanity together.