• Become a FLFE Referral Partner

Hello member of our FLFE community,

Thank you for your interest in joining us in a deeper way on our mission to support the optimal conditions for the evolution of all life. Together, we can take actions that support higher consciousness and lead to increased levels of freedom – freedom to be our fullest, best self doing something we love. No doubt you are on your own mission. We are grateful to be sharing ours with you, and for the diversity that you bring.

As a member of the FLFE community, you have experienced the benefits of a subscription first-hand. Thank you for sharing your experiences with your friends and family. Here at FLFE, we believe in karma. Introducing FLFE to your own communities generates positive karma for you in fulfilling the mission of the evolution of consciousness. Thank you for continuing to spread the word with your loved ones!

For those of you with established networks of your own, we welcome applications to join our Referral Partner Program (RPP). We are looking to form relationships with people who have a professional intent to raise the level of the consciousness of the planet.

The application process includes the following:

  • You are an FLFE subscriber and have read through the FLFE website, can explain the FLFE service and have a personal testimony you want to share.
  • You have a website and are willing to advertise FLFE. You will put an FLFE banner and a separate landing page on your website. This will have your personal testimony and information about FLFE with your referral partner link to our website.
  • You are willing to do a 2 to 5-minute interview with Jeffrey and Clayten to put on your website that speaks directly to your community.
  • You have an audience or email contact list of more than 5,000 people and will send out emails promoting FLFE.
  • You have an ongoing process through social media, newsletters, interviews, or emails to communicate about FLFE on a regular monthly basis to continue to grow your subscribers.

In return, we want to help you have more financial freedom.

We are looking for Referral Partners with a 90% chance of attracting 100 paying subscribers within 45 days of initial communications with your network.

This would earn you a monthly income of approximately $600USD. The FLFE RPP pays a 20% reward on all your referrals that become and remain active subscribers, after a minimum of 20 subscribers.

If you are accepted into the RPP, you will need to invest at least four hours of your time for up front start-up tasks. We have resources at your disposal and staff in our office to assist you in this process.

Please use the same name and Email address used for your FLFE subscription. If you enter a different email address, we may be unable to match your active FLFE subscription to your RPP application.