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Hello FLFE community member,

Thank you for your subscription and for considering joining us in a deeper way on our mission to support the optimal conditions for the evolution of all life.  Together we can take actions that support higher consciousness, which we see as increased freedom. Freedom to be our fullest, best self doing something that we love. You are no doubt on your own mission and we are grateful to be sharing ours with you and for the diversity that you bring.

The FLFE Referral Partner Program (RPP) has three important purposes.

  • First, people in the FLFE subscriber community share their experiences with others so that the community can grow and support higher consciousness in more places. New people experiencing benefit from a higher consciousness environment helps all life on the planet.
  • Second, the subscription revenue allows FLFE to be a prosperous company so that we can maintain what we have while developing more beneficial services and products to increase our freedom and also to do large-scale service projects. It also supports the people in the company to become more free.
  • Third, we want to support people who’s intent is to raise the level of the consciousness of the planet to be more free financially, so that you have more resources to focus on this intent. One aspect of financial freedom is regular income. The FLFE RPP pays a 20% reward on all referrals that become subscribers and remain active subscribers.

The Next Step: Let’s get to know each other…

In the next step we ask that you complete the application questions, which helps us learn more about you and explore how we can best work together with your message and your community’s needs.