Relationships in a High Consciousness Field 

June 15, 2017 

(0:00) Jeffrey – Welcome to the webinar; Relationships in a High Consciousness Field, I’m Jeffrey Stedman.  

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann.   


Jeffrey – Hello everyone. Welcome to the webinar.  If you’re on the computer, and you drop your cursor down to the bottom of the box, you’ll see something called Q&A. If you click that, you can put your questions in and just start putting them in whenever you like. We’re just going to talk for a little bit and we welcome your comments and questions and we’ll be keeping this to an hour. 


Clayten – We are all in relationships, and in the FLFE high consciousness field, there’s a particular influence on our relationships. And so tonight we’re going to talk about what that influence is how it works, we’re going to discuss some of the programs that we have in the field that you’re experiencing, and we are actually going to reveal some of the program pieces to you. And then we’ll go to Q&A. 

So, we’re all in many different relationships, our relationships with friends and colleagues, our relationships with our self primarily, with our parents, with our siblings, with our children, committed loving relationships and our relationship with Divinity however we personally experience that. Within those unique relationships like a mother and father or mother and child and father and child. There are certain conditions that are optimal.  So how does being in a high consciousness field support and perhaps evolve those relationships? 


 Jeffrey – I can start off with that Clayten. One of the first pieces here is the field itself. So, we’re in this high energy field, this FLFE high consciousness field, we’re in 560 or above on the home subscription and 575 around us with the mobile or the FLFE Everywhere.  In in a field of that vibrational energy, there is support to be loving. There is a loving field in the energy that supports us in our relationships and supports us to love ourselves. So, the field really is the beginning. It’s a reservoir that we can draw on and that reservoir – that energy and the reservoir can come in and be part of the field between us and the people we are relating to and that’s something we’ll go into more detail later.  So, we create a field with everyone that we relate to. And that is affected in a high consciousness field. So that’s something we’ll go into a bit more about. It’s interesting that you can look at evolution as an expansion of freedom and love and it really starts with a love for yourself and expands to your close by loved ones, and to your communities. And to humanity at large and to all of Creation so you can really look at our evolution as a journey of love and journey of relationships. 

So, the high consciousness field is also supporting us in our evolution and that is increasing freedom from patterns, beliefs, habits, things that may be holding us back that we have been kind of stuck in. And we’ll talk about that stuckness and becoming unstuck a little bit later as well. But that field is assisting our lower vibrating beliefs to rise and to clear anything that’s restraining us. Just being in a high consciousness field means if you go to a spot on the earth, where people have traveled to for millennia for that experience, you’ll have the same kind of things happening.  On the Facebook page, someone was sharing about the instructions of going to a very high consciousness place and it was very much like what people are experiencing in the FLFE field. The other thing that happens in a high field is the truth wants to come out and that supports honesty and integrity in our relationships and that happens naturally. (5:00) And the heart chakra is stimulated. And when we’re in these high love fields, our heart chakra can be stimulated and that can open us up. We feel good. And it supports us in loving ourselves and loving others around us. So, what about the programs Clayten? 


 Clayten – What Jeff and I have found in our research about high consciousness fields is that the quantity of loving energy is really important and that having a high quantity of lovingness is helpful in all the ways that Jeff has mentioned and probably even more that we could talk about and then there’s the quality of the energy.  So different high consciousness fields have different energetic environments. And so, we’re going to talk about the energetic environment and FLFE. And these energetic environments are created by the people that are in the field and create the field. We have found a way to do that with technology. And if you go to a sacred site and haven’t seen that post on the Facebook page, but they talk about how to manage yourself in that area. And that area has often times been created with a specific purpose. So, one example that we’ve done research on is the Taj Mahal in India. So, the Taj Mahal in India is extremely high, it calibrates about 700, and our understanding of that field is that it’s specifically oriented towards the sacred masculine honoring and respecting the sacred feminine. One of the leaders at the time built this in honor of his wife. And so, you can see how the intent of the creator of the Taj Mahal carried through in the field around it. So, it’s really not that complicated. And I think that might be an example that will help some of you relate to what a high consciousness field is, and how a high consciousness field in a mountain cave that has been used for individual ascension  would be different than one at the Taj Mahal because the intention of it is different and the environment is different because people are going there and using it for that. We’re going to talk about relationships and the programs or some of the programs that we’ve put into our field about relationships. Many of you have asked about how we do this. And when we’re writing our programs, we create a context. So, the context is what we’re trying to achieve in the program. And then we write the program out and we test the level of consciousness or the level of appropriateness; actually, we test the level of consciousness and the level of relevancy.  Programs have to be accurate and relevant. So, we write out the context, we check the level of appropriateness which is consciousness or accuracy and relevancy. And as that comes up, we call that the level of appropriateness, those two combined. We measure things if you haven’t seen us before, using advanced kinesiology primarily along the lines of the work of Dr. David Hawkins. He’s got a well -known book Power vs Force which you may want to look at if you’re interested in this and how this works. That is really not the purpose of this webinar tonight we’ve talked a lot about that in our other webinars, so we won’t spend much more time on that, but advanced kinesiology is also called muscle testing. So, you’ve probably heard about it if you’ve been into this sort of work for years.  I’m going to read the context of the relationship aspect of the program. And we have different contexts for different parts of the program. 

Personal relationships exist in many ways, one of which could be described as a field between and including the individuals, groups and societies. In a committed love relationship, the level of consciousness of this field between the people is the measure of the resources available to the individuals to the relationship and to the family if they if they have one, (10:00) to increase the emotional connection between them and to take care of the concerns that they have that they share in their life together as it relates to their ability to lead a peaceful life. The purpose of the following program is to increase the resources available to those individuals to the relationship and to the family in such a way that the love increases and that the level of consciousness of the field of the relationship is at the most appropriate level and supports them to achieve enlightenment. So, the context of what we do is really to support people to achieve enlightenment. 

Let’s talk a little more about the field between people. We talked about how we measure it so I’ll just talk for a minute before I hand it back over to Jeff about how we grow it. So how we grow a field between two people is we learn communication skills. Most of us don’t have great communication skills when we’re born, we have to learn them. So, through good communication skills, you learn to listen, you learn how to express or identify and express your feelings. You learn to use your words. That’s what we always tell the children when they get upset and want to wrestle with each other –  to use your words. So, we learn to use our words and there are models out there, including nonviolent communication and models such as that which help us express ourselves in a way that isn’t confrontational or combative. It’s more collaborative. Obviously, this is kind of common sense but being in a high consciousness field, keeping your promises and having a good intent towards people. Even if you struggle with our humanity like we all do if your intent is good people do get that. And if even if you’re not able to keep your word and your promises, people will oftentimes be very lenient towards you. Or forgiving if they believe your intent is good. Keeping your appointments, being on time for appointments, showing respect for the people’s time. These are kind of common sense things. So, I just wanted to take some of the mystery out of it and not going into 50 ways to increase the field between two people. It’s just to address the principle that it’s pretty straightforward and if you really get into it and go into the detail you can extrapolate upon the different ideas and really work at it. That’s basically what we’re supporting you to do with FLFE 

I’m just going to talk about the Anti-Stagnation Program. And then I’ll pass it over to Jeff. So, I’m going to read some of this because there are a few lines here at the bottom right out of our program, so I’m going to read that and then I’ll tell you when that comes up.  The context of the Anti-Stagnation Program, part of it is the Anti-Stagnation Program supports the flow of energy in our entire system. Supporting blockages and stuckness to clear so the system would be the body mind spirit. This is very helpful in our physical body, as Chinese medicine has recognized.  In other parts of ourselves, this can mean that thought loops, beliefs, habits, patterns can become unstuck and start to flow energy. This can be uncomfortable at times, especially if things have been stuck for years or even decades. Here is a section from the Anti-Stagnation Program that addresses part of this. 

So, it’s to “Support the movement of energy associated with the above instructions in the person and in their relationships to be a positive experience for the individuals for the relationship and for the world around them.” There’s a lot more in the program. There are pages sometimes of writing and writing and writing to address all of the principals involved in creating a high consciousness field, those top 50 things that I mentioned. So, one of the other principles we would address is that we believe it’s possible to learn through joy versus just learning through suffering(15:00) So there’s a request to Divinity in the programming that the lessons that we learn are through joy and perhaps service rather than through suffering and punishment. Now I think I’ll pass it over to you Jeff.  


Jeffrey – The Anti-Stagnation Program is really fascinating to me in that it’s like acupressure or it’s similar to acupressure and it just gets things moving. And we can have these blocks and some stubbornness where we’re stuck in a pattern or habit of thought loops perhaps and just getting those blocks freed and starting to flow in a different way and clearly is really freedom you know, it’s the freedom of our evolution and becoming free of these patterns and beliefs and habits that we have that can run us at times. So that is an important part of freedom in our evolution and also in the evolution of our relationships as well. And one way to think about it is, relationships can be between patterns. So, people can be in a pattern. And that pattern can be relating to another pattern or can be relating to another person, for instance, someone that has, say, a pattern of health concerns and anxiety about their health that they can be in a loop – in a thought loop where they’re talking about it, thinking about it and the other person is relating to that pattern. You know, maybe you should go to the doctor maybe you should do this, I think you’re okay, so there is this pattern against pattern that is a relationship, but it may not be a satisfying, meaningful, deep relationship. But it’s what’s there. It’s part of humanity. So, as we can start to unstick ourselves or get unstuck from some of these patterns and beliefs and blockages that we have, then we can start to relate to the person – as person to person so we can get to the deep core of who we are, what we care about, what our mission is, what what’s meaningful and purposeful for us. And we can be relating in human relationship that way person to person rather than pattern to pattern. So that’s a distinction around the evolution of ourselves towards increasing freedom. And that’s partly freedom from these old patterns, beliefs, things that may be running us in a way, whether it’s from our history or from previous lifetimes, depending on your belief.  So, the Anti-Stagnation Program is part of that. And that’s how we believe it affects relationships. I think at this point we could take some questions. If you run your cursor down to the bottom of the window, there’s a Q&A button and that’s where you would go and put some questions in. And we’re looking at that we’re not looking at the chat box right now.   


Clayten – Anonymous asks – “When you are using the Mobile Service and you lend your phone out to someone for the day will they receive the benefit, or will it always be for the person who signed up?” If it’s on the mobile phone or on an FLFE Everywhere it will stay with the phone. 


Jeffrey – There are some more details on the website about that in the Learning Center under the FLFE website Learning Center programs, you’ll see more details about that. Something came up on the Facebook page about two people sharing the same phone. So, there is more information about that. Next question – “Does the FLFE transmission get affected by thunderstorms? I felt like it changed or lowered during or thunderstorms we had here two days ago.” I’m not aware of that.   


Clayten – Maybe I’ll just answer that to some effect. It doesn’t get affected by thunderstorms. (20:00) What happens with thunderstorms especially when there’s lightning, the purpose at least part of the purpose of lightning is to reenergize the Earth and so when a lightning strike hits the earth in an area the farmers locally depending on how close it hits, will notice that their plants grow quickly for a couple of days so it seems that the earth – and it’s an Intelligence, the earth as it is is an intelligent entity to some degree when it needs positive energy one of the ways it can get it is  by lightning. And so, one of the things I learned about lightning years ago was that there’s always lightning striking the earth at some point in time. I don’t know what that means but I think it’s really interesting that Earth is always getting charged up by lightning.   


Jeffrey – Monica asked about the Taj Mahal saying it measured around 700 and in a cave where people studied and meditated would be perhaps the same frequency same level of consciousness but there are some differences. And how did those show up when testing?” So that’s interesting. The level of consciousness might be the same. Clayten do you want to talk about that? I mean maybe you’d have to know what to test for whether there’s an intent. For instance, the Taj Mahal has an intent of honoring the sacred feminine and there are many intents in the FLFE field. 


Clayten – Well, let’s look at an environment much like we look at a person. So, in our lives, we know that some of us have some people who are really good at making money and they’re really poor at managing it. And so, we would call that the ability to receive and then the other category we call financial resource management. So much like a person, an environment has the qualities of those that are in it and the intent that they carry in that environment. So, two people could be at calibrated 500 but that lovingness could express quite differently. The one loving person could be really high in the relationship part of their life, but really low socially. We’ve seen people who are really great with their spouse and their family, but they’re introverts, or they’re really shy. And they don’t like large groups and they still could be a loving, devoted parent. And so that is an example in our day to day life of the differences in a field of an individual. And we can just extrapolate that to an environment. Monica, if you’re going into a cave, where there’s a singular focus of raising your consciousness then those thoughts are in the walls of that cave and the rock and the crystal and that environment is oriented towards that energy it’s just like going to the office it’s easier to get things done at the office because at the office the thoughts there are about getting things done and being in the business world and accomplishing things. So those are some pretty practical examples.  


Jeffrey – That’s really interesting Clayten you brought up about people being high in a certain area of their life. I know in your work you have these different levels or different areas of consciousness for instance, you mentioned financial management or ability to receive that when you’re in relationship with someone and they are really high in a certain area and that you can benefit from that because it rubs off because your field is interacting with their field. And it’s like if you take a seminar with someone that’s really great in financial management there is a transmission there, there’s a field to field effect of some kind. And so, in relationships, you know, if you got 12 people in the room, and each one was super high in the 900s in each one of those categories. And you all spend a bunch of time together and we’re entraining together then you would all get much better all of it. So, it’s fascinating. 


 Clayten – Yeah, that’s similar to what the traditional spiritual teachings they would call the grace of the Guru. If somebody is really, really high in an area, there are two things. There’s osmosis, where one system kind of levels out with another and then there’s entrainment which is slightly different. But you would have experienced both those principles in a group of people that are high in consciousness. In the office here we’re doing a kind of a gifts inventory. We’re trying to inventory everybody’s gifts. Like we have one lady here who’s got super concentration powers, she can concentrate for like five or six hours and not need a break and she’s always been like that. And so, everybody kind of knows that about her. But we have some new people here. (25:00) We have another lady who, you know if someone’s having a struggle with a credit card that is not working, some people get really rattled by that and become frustrated with the technology and for her, it’s just like water off of her back doesn’t even faze her at all. So, we’re looking at those gifts. And then once we explore the gifts, and we’re going to see how everyone can share them more. 


Jeffrey – Yeah, so it’s great in your relationships, to appreciate what the other person is good at and hang around with people that are really good at certain things if you want to get better at doing those. We’ve got some kinesiology questions so let’s see if we can get to some relationship questions and if we have time, we’ll come back to those. Our mission is the support of the optimal conditions for human evolution and that’s a field, so our expertise is the creation of high consciousness fields so we’re doing that rather than focusing the technology on a person.  


Clayten – Anne was asking a question and she was mentioning that she felt like she was ageing when she moved out of the country and she found out that a particular type of router that she was using was affecting our health and she can feel a minor difference already. And her question is – “Does Wi-Fi mess with FLFE? “ This is an interesting topic and we are doing a lot of research on EMFs right now and trying to find additional ways to compensate for and to prove our findings. So, there are different types of sciences and we want to respect all the sciences including kinesiology. Our research right now this is right now in the middle of June 2017 is that FLFE compensates for about 15% of the Wi-Fi emissions. What it also does and that’s on an average some are more some or less. Now except for a phone – we believe according to kinesiology testing that the emanations from a phone are now supportive to biological life, and we’re working on ways to make that also true for other electrical devices. One of the things that the FLFE field does is it has a really strong Immune System Program,  it has an Anti-Stagnation Program and it  has a lot of programs in it for health which will help you with managing those influences Anne, so if you have a really strong immune system and your  liver, kidney and gallbladder are really in good shape, then you’re going to be able to manage more Wi-Fi in a much better way. So, it’s not that we’ve mastered Wi-Fi yet, or electromagnetic frequencies, but we do provide a lot of support to the body. And your body, of course, has its own Innate Intelligence, and it will adjust to all those influences. So, you know, we do have some stuff coming out. In fact, we’re doing a beta test probably this fall, Jeff, on our EMF research that we’re doing, we have some pretty exciting new developments. 


Jeffrey – And those of you that have volunteered to be part of the beta test group you’ll be hearing from us in the next several weeks. Now we have a question from Amber – “How would you describe the FLFE impact on sexual expression between partners within the field?” That’s interesting. You know, I would just say that being in a high consciousness field where there’s high vibration, and in this love energy and the stimulation of the heart chakra, it just makes for more connection between people, between partners and helps to create that safe and loving space that is conducive to people connecting with each other. I don’t know If you got more to say on that one Clayten.   


Clayten – Yes, there are many small kindnesses that people share with each other when they have that unique relationship. And being in a high consciousness field increases the potential for intimacy because there are more resources for the two people to connect and that’s been the feedback that we’ve had from many of our customers and then our own experience that if you go to a place that’s really discordant it does take more work to stay connected to the person you’re with. (30:00) And so, there’s just a natural editor in a high consciousness area and it’s easier.   


 Jeffrey – Yeah, great question. Janice has asked several questions and I’m trying to put them all together. So as far as boundaries go, I’m not sure exactly what your question is, but that is one of the challenges with an open heart chakra is boundaries and you know, that’s something that we have addressed in the context and in the programs as well.   


Clayten – Anne was asking – Do internet Wi-Fi routers or dirty electricity in the household mess or affect our FLFE transmissions?” The level of conscious stays the same within the FLFE environment unless there’s an unusually discordant geopathic stress zone.  So, the level of consciousness stays the same and may be ways to measure the effect of Wi-Fi or dirty electricity in an FLFE environment. In fact, if you don’t have a proper ground in your house, it will typically affect the consciousness of the home so if we are sending it out at 560 it goes out 1000 million times a second and your home goes up to 560 in 5  seconds if you have a poor ground that it might be 550 or 555 because it does affect it to some degree. That would be a dirty electricity experience having a poor ground. 

Anonymous is asking – “How does it transfer to the owner  of the object included in FLFE, if it does not transfer to someone borrowing the object, and only the object is registered?”   


Jeffrey – Well, we’re identifying the object itself. It’s either through a photograph of a personal object or identifying the phone through the country and the unique phone number so it is on the object itself.   


Clayten – The energy transfers to the owner through the two principles, osmosis and entrainment. When the high consciousness field is on the object, it’s more than osmotic effect. For example, this is my phone and if I touch it then it’s really most of the process of osmosis. And if it’s away from me then it’s more about the process of entrainment where you’re entrained into the field. So that’s how it transfers to the individual. 


Jeffrey – By clicking off the Wi-Fi I don’t believe that makes FLFE stronger. Again, we’re compensating we believe for about 15% of what’s going on with the Wi-Fi. So, there is that you know, an additional 85% that is affecting you in some way. So certainly, turning it off is helpful. And yet you’ve got your next door neighbor and your neighbor on the other side in an urban environment. So, that may affect your environment in some way, but it does not affect FLFE and in the way, the wave is associated with your property or in the way the energy is flowing. 


Clayten – FLFE is self-regulating in it that will maintain that level of consciousness on the property. So, what happens is that it just draws more power on the machines and that happens automatically. You are meant to enjoy it you don’t have to do anything. 


Jeffrey – Amber asks “What are some good ways that you have found or have been expressed by subscribers to describe the effects of FLFE on relationships, communication, intimacy, someone who may not be familiar with what it is ?” Well there are certainly a lot of stories both on the website and on the Facebook page if you’re open to going there about people’s relationships and things that have occurred for them and in this kind of evolution of their relationships, but if you’re looking first for someone that’s not doing that kind of work, how would you explain it?” (35:00) Well, I mean, there’s the feeling, if you go in for an acupuncture session, and when you come out, I don’t know how many of you’ve done that. But for me personally, I feel really good and kind of connected when I come out of that acupuncture experience, so there is that. Maybe that’s not a good example. But, you know, another is a place that you really like to be in that feels really good for you to be there and you feel really comfortable in that spot. Say it’s a favourite coffee shop that you go to and you work in every day and you’re there all the time in that environment you may be more open to engaging with someone else in a really relaxed way. So, in this high consciousness field, there just seems to be more sort of authentic relaxation, the mind is quieter. So, there is less chatter so that you’re connecting with the person, for instance, after you come out of the meditation, so if you’ve been with someone and you’ve meditated together, and then you come out of the meditation and you talk, there’s just less mind chatter happening. So that’s the same kind of thing that’s happening in the field. So that’s another example that you could use that there can be a deeper conversation that happens in those situations.   


Clayten – Yes, so many people have described it as they have a capacity to be kinder to have more patience and to be more present with the other person, and there are many more resources on our Learning Center where you can look at kind of the principals involved. And then you can go on to the Facebook page. And there are a lot of really resourceful, well-educated decades-long devotees of different traditions on the Facebook page. And I’m just amazed at the answers that are given there all the time. It’s really a great resource. And there’s a lot of willingness there to support each other.  


Jeffrey – Yeah, and there are some good examples that just popped up here on the Q&A, just a quick one the cell phone does not have to be on to work. The object itself is identified through the program and so does not need to be actually physically turned on. Nellie asked – “My daughter after many months looking for work and being concerned about it had a job offer offering exactly the wages she had been dreaming of only a few days after signing up for the trial and her phone, how do you think she was affected?” It’s hard to say as the high consciousness field has a lot of effects. But of course, it doesn’t run your life for you. But in a high consciousness field,  our intentions have more power and they show up in the world more quickly, people have noticed much more accelerated manifestation. So, you know, I don’t know if that’s the case here. But it has been the experience of many people.  


Clayten – And a higher consciousness field is a more abundant place. So again, we can’t say there is a direct cause and effect relationship and we’ve seen hundreds if not thousands of these coincidences, so at some point, you start to wonder if they’re just coincidences. JoAnne was asking “How does PEMF-  Pulsed Electromagnetic Field technology affect our FLFE property?” Again, the properties maintain the same level of consciousness and at this point, we haven’t done enough research on that for me to answer that in great detail, JoAnne.   


Jeffrey – Yeah, I think we looked at the Beamer at one point and saw that it was beneficial and works well and the Beamer and FLFE play well together.  We do see that with almost all technologies, so we haven’t yet run into anything that didn’t work well as a high consciousness field seems to make everything work better and that’s what’s interesting about the FLFE Everywhere mobile phone is the high consciousness field is on the phone itself at 580. (40:00) And we discovered that when an antenna that’s, broadcasting the RF energies is at a higher consciousness level it has a different effect on biological organisms. So, there are a lot of effects in a field like that. So, there is another woman with an experience to share, Anne states – “I can definitely attest that FLFE helped an interpersonal relationship with a troubled relative who visits every couple of weeks. This was during the Wi-Fi in the building during the last three months of FLFE.  So, your comments definitely hold true. I believe that Wi-Fi is gone. We’re across from a park  I’m going to ask a neighbour where he is and move the desk and bed – FLFE helped me relate better to my space. Thank you.”  


Clayten – And Anonymous mentioned here – “My husband and I are both in the field but react very differently. He still doesn’t know he is in the field so I’m making sure he’s hydrated. I’m going between having lots of energy but also being tired and the energy seems to be knocking him out. No judgment just watching it and finding it so intriguing. He also seems more communicative than previously .” I’d like to talk about that for a minute. Last week we discussed how different personality types or different types I’m not sure if personality is the right word – reacted to feel differently. So, we found that in some people it’s like the body will upgrade a little bit at a time it will do these quarterly upgrades and it will just be slow and steady and then some people will go along and then they’ll get really exhausted for a couple of days. You know, they have lots of energy then they’ll get exhausted and it’s like the body is saving up resource units for an upgrade in the body.  The body may call for an upgrade and increase in the life force of the body and maybe the Innate Intelligence of the body healing an aspect of itself. We don’t make any health claims and we know that the body has this incredible intelligence. So, it is interesting as you’ll get to know your pattern typically in the high consciousness field, but there’s no way of us knowing ahead of time and some people are tired for quite a while and then they get through a phase you know, it could be the stagnation program or the Anti-Stagnation Program moving something through the body and once it’s out they just go to a new level and they’re stable, so we find that it’s really interesting . 


Jeffrey – Yeah and you and I are great examples of that. I’m the slow and steady a little bit at a time and man when Clayten you upgrade, you upgrade! It’s like it knocks you out for a couple of days.  


Clayten – Yeah, we had about two weeks so I could feel it coming on Tuesday and I had to take the weekend off as usually work Saturdays, and by Friday night I was gone. It was like, you know, four o’clock I was at home and in bed and Saturday I was a kind of a spaced out, tired sleeping, get up try to watch a movie just to distract myself and I started coming out of it on Sunday and I had some energy Saturday night actually. And by Sunday afternoon, I started to feel good. And then on Monday, I was okay. And I was back to work, but it just knocks me out. And then there’s a new level that emerges. We test a lot of these variables, so we have an idea what’s going on, but I don’t say that we have all the answers about how we get upgraded. But there’s a new level after that and it feels like there is more and more clarity. 

Norma was asking – “How do I identify a poor ground in my home?” Get an electrician to do that Norma there are little meters they put on and it’s more common than I knew.  


Jeffrey – Charles is asking – “What about under the huge metal towers that carry power from electrical power plants?” We’ve been measuring the level of consciousness of properties and we really want you to trust yourself and if you go on FLFE if you do the Free Trial and you don’t feel anything please check in with us. We think we’ve covered most of the geopathic stress zones and anywhere where there’s water running electricity and the Wi-Fi type of wireless energy can create these chaotic energy zones where the level of consciousness goes down which means it’s not supportive of life if it goes below 200 on the Hawkins map. (45:00) We’ve had customers that have discovered that their property was not going up. And after doing testing, we confirmed it and found specific issues. And now we have built those into the programs. You know, each time it comes up so that everyone from then on is you know, mitigated, that situation is mitigated. So, that’s the idea of us getting all of them in the world, it will take some time to get there. But we have covered quite a few of those at this point. So, I couldn’t tell you about your specific situation. But if you’re concerned about your property not going up, just send us an email. The testing that we do, there’s no machine there’s no like plugging into the computer. It’s Clayten and I so and we are overloaded with too many of those. So, we ask you to if you really don’t feel it and you feel that something may not be working properly to check with us but use your own discernment there and, as Clayten said, we all react differently. We may do these upgrades differently, but we also feel the energy differently or we have different levels of sensitivity. So, you may not feel anything, but you can look around and you can see things happening. You can look at the plants how long the cut flowers last in the kitchen. And what’s happening with your spouses and kids and dogs and cats and other beings on the property.   


Clayten – You might notice how long your friends come over and stay for dinner parties, things like that.   


Jeffrey – Anne is asking about – “Flying in an airplane can it be turned off?” Now, of course, you can turn your FLFE mobile phone on and off and you can turn your property on and off but, right now we are not able to turn that on and off due to the technological back end of our system, but I love using my system on the plane. I love having my cell phone with me and I have a pendant that I use as well. That seems to be an environment where it’s really good to have a field around you doesn’t affect anything negatively.   


Clayten – Nellie is asking – “Maybe you’ve answered this in some way. How does the energy received through an FLFE energized object interact with other energy work?” FLFE harmonizes with every known energy work that we’ve ever tested and every energetic device that we’ve ever tested Nellie we’re not aware of it not harmonizing with everything. So what we do is  work on the principle of harmonization, we harmonize the FLFE wave with the objects and we actually have some bodyworkers that find that some of the best work they’ve ever done is when they’ve got the service on because of the energy available and the environment when they’re doing visceral manipulation and things. 


Jeffrey – Janice had a comment on what we were just talking about when one has the need for healing in the body or in the system and you allow yourself to heal or to come through that, you know, the body’s adjusting for all the previous contributing factors, so everybody has their own pace. That’s a nice way to put it.  Alicia is asking about music and that’s really interesting. We were listening to music through our cell phones that were on the FLFE mobile service and we measured the level of consciousness of the music. I was doing that one day and it was higher. So just as the antenna emitting the RF frequencies was at a higher consciousness level, and somehow changed those frequencies to be now supportive of biological life, the music playing through the speakers is also now at a higher level of consciousness or seems to be at a higher level of consciousness. And we also had a report from someone who was talking to someone on their cell phone and the person activated their phone on the Free Trial while they were talking, and they both felt it through the phone. So, we haven’t dug through all of these effects, but music does seem to be affected somehow. 


Clayten – There’s so much research to do and we are pretty conservative and what we say to by the time we speak to it, we’ve typically done a lot of research and a lot of homework and we have a bunch of data points we can share. (50:00) Barbara was asking  – “Have you noticed that people will drift away more smoothly with FLFE when the karmic relationship is done.  I’ve noticed this through my work with Reiki. And now with that FLFE, I feel a new wave of shift taking place.” Absolutely. Barbara in our programming, we request that the karmic lessons between people are learned through joy rather than suffering. And if there’s a karmic price to pay, that it’s paid through joyous service rather than punishment, or a punitive measure and that if there’s anything between people that it is healed in a way that enlivens and helps both of them so that is in the programming. 


Jeffrey – So Amber is saying – ” I found that self-love and self-acceptance have increased tremendously since FLFE has been part of my home in my life. Will you speak to the relationship with self-love life force connectedness connecting it to Unity Consciousness, sexual expression in a higher and less apologetic level of self-expression emerges in a high energy field?” Well, there’s a lot there and one of the things we’ve done with FLFE  is that we have a free perpetual subscription and once you subscribe, you can give it away.  Originally, we started with the spiritual, religious or spiritual organization. And the reason was that, in this high consciousness field, that connection to Divinity to that Unity Consciousness, you mentioned seems to be enhanced or it just happens more easily or more authentically or simply for someone just sitting and being in the space. So there does seem to be this dropping away as the mind  becomes quieter, there’s less chatter in the mind and the ego so what’s underneath, can start to express more authentically and with self-love and acceptance for all the all the pieces that are there, all the parts that are there, so that the high consciousness field seems to have an effect on that to help us to quiet the mind and shed the ego overlay on our true self. So, I think that’s what you’re speaking about there. Thank you for that. And so, the expression comes in lots of authentic ways once you’re not relating with your patterns you’re relating with your true self. You are relating with who you really are then the authentic expression is there, and a lot can form physically and verbally. 


Clayten – Yes, a lot of good questions. Nelson is asking – “If you would have FLFE Everywhere directed to your router as your object, could that help out with a Wi-Fi exposure?” That is some of the research we’re doing right now, Nelson, we believe it will, and we’re just trying to find ways to prove that and we have some data with kinesiology and that’s our main research mode. And we’re looking for conventional meters that you can buy at the hardware store or order online. We believe the same principle works with the phone that would work with a router so that’s going to be part of our beta group test focus. 


 Jeffrey – Anonymous is asking about living with someone with addiction “I almost feel like FLFE needs to have a warning on it, depending on who might be living in the FLFE environment, a personal experience, living with someone with an addiction and not taking steps towards recovery, and actually in a low consciousness state is going to start acting out when they live in an FLFE field. I had to turn it off and requested a change to the Mobile Service.” Of course, every situation is different. We had a woman that we were speaking with earlier in the week, whose son had made the choice to stop drinking and was in a detox phase and FLFE seemed to be very helpful for him. And so, she was really grateful for that. And when her free trial ended, she was very anxious to get it started up again. (55:00) So, what would you like to say about that Clayten, anything come to mind? 


Clayten – Well, I think what you said is important that different people do react differently. And because the 560 field is such an unusual field to have in a home, historically it’s very unusual. I don’t think there were 100 homes on the planet that had a  560 level before FLFE, it’s very unusual historically. So, there aren’t a lot of precedents for living in an environment like this. There are those people of course, who live in these sanctuaries or sacred places, pilgrimage sites that we talked about, quite often they’re typically trained to do that, and they have a lot of support. And that’s why we do request that somebody in the environment know that FLFE is on so that they’re aware of hydration first of all, and they can help kind of manage the environment because it is unusually high. So, our hope for you is that you know whoever this person is that they’re able to work through their reactive state and find peace. 


Jeffrey – One of the other things we’ve suggested before is for people that are having adjustment issues is to try having FLFE on for a certain number of hours a day. So, you could try it for 4 hours a day and then move it up to 5 hours a day and 6 hours a day. So also, what can work is that you would turn it on and off. You know some people put it on and never want to turn it off and other people would like to try going on and off because they there’s an intensity that they feel personally due to their path and their innate intelligence and what’s going on in their life. So, you could try that you could turn it off at night. You could try it for four hours a day and see what happens as well.   


Clayten – That’s a good point, Jeff. Some people find they like to put it on at night and they take off during the day. It’s really a bit of an experiment. Jackie asked a question. “Has there been a study done in a geographical area that has FLFE  focused on it? The people have opened their directions and ceremony especially around Soul Sister soul, sister equinox. Hope this makes sense?”  Yeah, I’m in a men’s group and some of the other people on our team are in a men’s group and I noticed that when the location that we are doing our group is on FLFE, there’s a different experience when we open the directions and we do our processes. There’s more ability to stay present, things tend to go smoother and actually there’s a Solstice coming up next Tuesday night. In Nelson here we have a Labyrinth, there’s a Labyrinth Society, and that Labyrinth has a really high level of consciousness. And I noticed that when the people go there because I test things a lot that the consciousness goes up and there’s a sacred space that’s created and Jeff and I do that every meeting. We say a prayer and ask for protection and guidance so that is another example and we’ve done that thousands of times. 


Jeffrey – We all create fields and creating sacred space within FLFE  does have more power so that the space can rise to the level of consciousness with more ease and grace and less energy expended by the person doing that, so a lot of healers have noticed that. Many healers can often go up to 700 to do their work on the Hawkins Map. And so, having the field the environment exponentially higher than it would otherwise it just takes less energy to then move up. So, it really supports any kind of connection or ceremony or creation of sacred space or high consciousness field. 


Clayten – I’m just noticing that is our hour Jeff.  


Jeffrey – So let’s do a quick scan and see if there’s anything else maybe some of the simple questions; “If two phones are activated in the same environment will the level go up?” No, the level is not going to increase we don’t believe more than the 575. 


Clayten – Yeah, when you have an  FLFE object in an FLFE  environment they don’t add up and double the level of consciousness you know, it doesn’t work that way.  (1:00:00) 


Jeffrey – There are there are different programs in the FLFE Everywhere because it is travelling, it’s moving. And so, there are differences and if you go to the Learning Center page of the website under Programs, you’ll see those differences. So even though they’re on, the level of consciousness is not different, the intentions in the field as we talked about earlier in the webinar might be different for certain things. So, they’re both helpful and we were trying to within the technology have the FLFE Everywhere have as much in it as possible. We don’t want to tell people they need to have both. For instance, we have added grounding up to five miles an hour in FLFE Everywhere now. So that was a fairly recent addition in order to kind of bring it up on a par with the property subscription as much as we could.  


Clayten –  The Mobile Subscription uses about 2000 times the amount of energy as the average home subscription right now because it is moving so there’s only so much, we can add to it. So, Jeff, I’m just noticing the time as well. When do you want to wrap it up? We said we’re going to do an hour. 


Jeffrey –  Yeah, I think would be good to wrap it up. I’m in the middle of the Candida cleanse so my energy will tank like all of a sudden, so I don’t want everyone to have to witness that.   


Clayten – It’s much later in the day for Jeff. It’s like 10 o’clock there now it’s 7:00 in the evening for us. And we just find that towards the end of the week if we stretch it out too much it takes a toll on us. 


Jeffrey – Well then let’s wrap it up. We really appreciate your, your questions and comments and great observations. And, we’re so grateful to be here with you on this journey and to be in this zone of evolution where we can evolve  and be supported to evolve with FLFE and in our relationships where we can clear away the ego and the patterns and just be in direct relationship with our true self and with another person. And it’s really a beautiful evolution of relationship when you realize that the patterns are gone and you can really connect directly. Part of the mission is to support the optimal conditions for human evolution and relationship is one of those as we’re all in relationships all the time. So, we’re really grateful to have our own relationship supported as well as to be supporting all of you and on this journey together. 


Clayten – We appreciate your questions. And please keep coming back. We are looking at ways to have the technology work so that we can talk to some of you. So, we’re going to practice in between this webinar and next week. Our topic next week is Business in High Consciousness Field – we are going to focus a little more on businesses. So, for those of you who are business owners, or in the work world, you might find that interesting. We thank you for all the participation you provide and the support you provide in the Facebook community. We’re looking at other ways to have that type of interaction, such as a forum on our website. So, we hope to make our ability to be accessible even easier for you.      


Jeffrey and Clayten – Goodnight everyone. Goodnight.