Business In A High Consciousness Field

June 22, 2017

(3:30) Jeffrey – Welcome to the FLFE webinar for tonight’s topic is business in a high consciousness field. I’m Jeffrey Stedman. 

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann. 

Jeffrey – So we’ll talk tonight about FLFE as a business and what we’ve observed in the journey of FLFE.  As a business we’ve always been in the FLFE field so, it’s been an interesting situation. And then we’ll talk about what others have observed in businesses. And then we would love to talk to you and hear your comments and questions. 

Clayten – Thank you, Jeff. So, a lot of the conversations that Jeff and I are having in FLFE is about context, we find that especially when doing research, the context is really important for us to be able to create the right questions. The context for FLFE, just to give you kind of an example of how we talk about these things, the context of  FLFE is that we decided to make our business as our spiritual path. And so, there are three particular conversations that we have around business and spirituality. There are others but these main three are business as a spiritual practice, business as a spiritual path, and business as spiritual service. (5:00) 

So, the distinctions between the three are that business as a spiritual practice is taking one part of your business and making it a spiritual discipline if you will. For example, showing up on time can be your practice, always being in a good mood at the office can be a practice, being really well organized, if that’s a challenge or being clutter-free, which is what I’m working on right now, that can be a practice.  

Then there’s a time when you look at your whole business as your monastery or as your church, or as your synagogue or your path. That’s business as a spiritual path, where you look at your business, to reflect back to you the lessons about spiritual growth, personal development, whatever you want to call it just to see the business as that reflection, and to look within it, for how you show up in the world in terms of; how are your boundaries, how do you communicate? How do you set goals? What’s your manifestation process, like? How do you manage your moods? All those can be observed through your business. And they’re always there, even if we’re not paying attention to them being there. It’s just how things are in the world, of course. But having made a commitment to see your business as a spiritual path gives you an opportunity to look at that more deeply. And to examine that and talk about it with people. 

The third thing is business as a spiritual service. Well, this is a place I think we’d all like to get to that’s where you have all the money that you need. And you work in your business because it’s a source of joy. Or you work at a business if it’s not your own, because it’s a source of joy. And you give away your money. And I’ve had a few clients like that in my coaching practice over the years. Recently, probably a year and a half ago, Jeff and I met somebody named Bruce, who used to own a trucking company and retired and was bored. And he decided that owning a trucking company was the most fun he ever had. So, he started another trucking company and started doing really, really well again, and he just gave all his money away. And we were the benefactor of a little bit of that money when we were in startup mode years ago, so we’ve had a blessing from somebody who considered business as their spiritual service. So, it’s a practical example that we all can look to.  

Another person that comes to mind is Warren Buffett, I don’t know that he’s really on a conscious spiritual path, but he certainly is giving his money away, I think he’s taking $1 a year salary. And he just likes to do business. So, his spiritual path is up to him. It’s not for me to judge. But that’s an example of somebody who’s working because it’s the most fun they’ve ever had, and they think that’s how they can contribute most to life. So that’s the beginning of the conversation about business and in a high consciousness field. So, I’ll turn it back over to you, Jeff.   


Jeffrey – Thanks, Clayten. Our intention with FLFE is to create the highest consciousness business that we can, and being the measuring geeks that we are, we like to measure it and see where it is. So, being a high consciousness company what does that mean? It can mean that all the areas of the company are functioning well and are in integrity. But for us, it also means being based on principles of abundance, of love and with a mission that is in the Highest and Best interest of all creation and for us, we measure those things. So, the FLFE mission is to support the optimal conditions for human evolution. And that applies to work conditions being in a business and working and we all spend a lot of our time or many of do in a business working. And so, having that be an optimal place for evolution for reaching enlightenment if you’d like to call it that is one of our intentions.  


So, some of the practices we use along with that and of course, we’re doing a lot of testing, but we’re always trying to take our actions based on what is in the Highest and Best interest of all creation. And so,  we’re measuring that, we’re feeling into that and there are lots of ways we can all each of us do that. And this takes surrender at times we think no, no, I want to do this. And we’re eager. (10:00) And we’re working it, we’re doing the best we can. And sometimes we are shown very starkly our limitations and our restraints and our egos.  


And one of the things we’re good at is keeping our shadows out in front of us. During this whole process of developing FLFE and the business. Anything more about that situation Clayten?  


Clayten – We’re going to transition into talking about what FLFE has been like, and how we’ve heard back from all of you, or from some of you how your businesses are affected by being in a high consciousness field, and then we’ll go into questions and answers, because that seems to be the most interesting, but I think you covered it pretty well, Jeff. Our whole business model, even our Referral Partner Program, which we’re reworking is; What is the optimal business model that can serve all? So that’s one of the bottom lines in our business, there are always multiple bottom lines, but that’s one of them.   


Jeffrey – As we said earlier, we’ve been in the field, really, from the beginning. But one of the things we found that’s really interesting, and you may notice this, too, is that as soon as we get very clear about something, it comes in for landing, and sometimes it’s a hard landing. So, you have to be really clear about what you want. And we had an example in the business where we were looking for people. And we weren’t as clear as we could have been in writing out the job descriptions, and talking about it, and really working through all the details of that. And so, we were getting people that weren’t fitting, they didn’t want to work full time or somehow, they didn’t fit. And as soon as we got that job description tuned up and we were really clear about what we wanted to attract in; it was unbelievable. I mean, this amazing group of new team members just showed up. And it’s been kind of an amazing experience. 


Clayten – Yeah, we actually had interviewed one person for kind of a management position, because we were growing quickly. And we interviewed them and really liked them, but we just didn’t know where they fit. And when we rewrote the job description, we were able to see exactly where they fit. And it was really our perception of their role wasn’t lining up with what we thought we wanted in that job description. And when we cleared up the job description, and we wrote it, then it became obvious that person was the right person. And they have been doing a great job since. So that’s kind of humbling but that’s how it happened

Jeffrey – Same with consulting, every time that we got really clear on the help that we needed in the business to move us forward. Man, we got top-notch consultants. 


Clayten – Oh yes, our copywriter, Anthony’s perfect. Our computer guy, Dan, and Scott as well and yeah, they are just the right people.   


Jeffrey – On the Facebook page there was a discussion about contractors. There is somebody on the page who has had FLFE on their new business and they have just started some of the pre-work to the facility. And we noticed that in our first office, we had contractors that just didn’t want to leave, they wanted to do a really good job, they were very attentive to details. They all wanted to keep painting, didn’t they kept saying; “Okay, we got to paint this and if we’re going to paint this, we got to paint the next thing.”  


Clayten – We had an office that was a suite before it was converted into an office and there were some old brown cupboards and they decided to paint the cupboards for us, they weren’t going to and then when they painted the covers, that didn’t think the hinges look good. So, they went and bought new hinges, it just kept going and going, and they were like: Gosh we really shouldn’t be spending this much money on this place, because the owner, you know, didn’t really authorize all this. We checked in and they said, Okay and they just did such a great job, they just transformed the place instead of just upgrading they transformed it.  They were always in a good mood, they showed up and they said they’re going to show up, and it was a great experience.  Yeah, and it really raises the standard of the business because the environment was beautiful. And then when we left, they had somebody take it right away because it was so it was such a nice place to be in.  (15:00) 


Jeffrey – It seems to be universal that people want to take care of a place when it’s a high consciousness space, it’s like a natural inclination to want the physical environment to match the energetic environment. And, you know, we see it, of course, in ourselves and partners and kids, you know, that show up in the house. And we’ve heard that from lots and lots of customers, it’s one of the first things people notice. But with contractors, it’s a good thing. It seems to bring out creativity and mastery in contractors, I had a steady contractor and in my former house, and they just me and they would figure things out, and they would do it the best way. And it felt really good in the space and it seemed to get higher and higher in consciousness, it got better and better.  


Clayten – I think one of the few complaints we’ve had, Jeff is that people say that their grocery bill has gone up because people come over to their house and they don’t want to leave, they end up hanging out eating all the groceries.   


Jeffrey – Yeah. And we’ll talk about that. I mean, people do come into businesses and want to stay longer. And we were working with a video and poster store. And the customers kept coming and staying for much longer.   


Clayten – Yeah, they were actually measuring the amount of time the average person was staying and there was a 20% plus increase if I recall correctly.


Jeffrey – The key is are they buying more things, you know, or are they just coming and staying. But there’s a similar theme in this wanting to match the energetic environment that we’ve seen played out in FLFE that’s not the physical space but things happening between us; between all of us in the business. So, some business processes that maybe didn’t quite don’t quite fit what we’re doing. And those out of alignment processes were just glaringly obvious.  

And so, people would really keep bringing it up until we until it got fixed. So, there’s that care that everyone on the team seems to have for things working right. Such as things functioning properly, and we’ve had our share of technical issues since we’re set up in a fairly complicated way. And then, just in any group of people, it’s like, where the rub comes in, you know, we can sit at home, and we can meditate and do our things, but you get 10 or 15 people together more, and the rub starts to come out, and there just seems to be like, individual or personal deficiencies, or, you know, quirks that people have just seemed to be in our experience in FLFE be understood, accepted with compassion, and the person is held in a way that can help them to transcend those issues for themselves, but the emphasis is also on what are their gifts? What are they here to give in FLFE and, and in the world of course.  

And another thing is conflicts when conflicts come up, they seem to arise quickly, you know, the storms come up, and, and get resolved quickly. And people have a tendency to see these conflicts as an opportunity to work on their own stuff and not blame another.  


Clayten – We have a saying in our lunchroom something to the effect of; “The trigger in you is an opportunity for you to learn, it’s not necessarily that a person’s issue.” Erin put that up quite a while ago, and the way it’s written and we’ve, of course, calibrated it, and tried to get it higher, but it was up at 871, the last time I checked, and just one of those things we kind of tinker with. There just seems to be less gossip and less conflict in the environment. There’s more compassion for everybody else being human. (20:00) And we noticed that people will tend to see other people or their behaviour as an archetypal pattern rather than an individual issue, like ok well you are a woman and you represent something to me that I could work on or I’m a man and I represent something to them that is incomplete  that I need to work on. Some of that goes on, it seems to be more conversations are more like that, than personal attacks. And so, it is nice to have a place where there’s not a lot of gossip. It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s just a kindness around most of the time.  


Jeffrey – Yes and warmth and kindness in relationships between each other and real authentic communication. And that’s, I would say spilling over, it’s also how we communicate with customers. And all of you in the FLFE community, that have chosen to join us with Free Trials or Subscriptions we like talking to you and for our whole team really what they love most is working with customers. You know, there are always technical things needing to get fixed. And somebody’s got to take the garbage out. But what they really, really want to do is talk to people and get to know them in a very real way. So, it seems to be another piece of the field is that the heart chakra is more stimulated more people to feel love and connection with each other. 

So, we’ve got a few things popping up, we’ll just say a few more words about what other people have noticed in business. One of the customers that we know from early on is Brenda who was an early adopter, she had a massage business. And she used coupons, they call them Groupons in our area, and it would get people in half price. And generally, you would do that and get a bunch of people in and then soon as your price went to normal; they go to the next coupon. But she had put on FLFE, and people were having a really deep experience. So, her customers were having a really profound, deep experience on the massage tables as she is a massage therapist. And so, these people that came in on a coupon to get a deal, they had this super deep experience and had revelations maybe they never had before. And so, they started coming back. She had a much higher percentage of people staying with her because of the experience that they had there.  


Clayten – And we’ve also noticed that creative solutions are easier to find and that people are able to keep things moving and work through issues that they might have just gotten blocked at before and just got stuck and said this is it I can’t go any further, there seems to be a capacity to find a way to keep moving and keep processes functioning until we can fix them. We’ve noticed that in our business in our we have had quite a few little comments of something like that, I’m just able to come up with different ideas. So, a high consciousness field seems to allow us to access a little bigger perception when we need it.   


Jeffrey – Well a quieter mind, fewer distractions, more ability to focus and concentrate on things definitely seem to be evident. We’ve heard that from a lot of people that are able to get more done that way. The quieter mind also helps with communication in that you don’t have your own mind chatter going on when someone’s talking to you. So, the communication and coordination in business is something we’ve heard from a lot of people as well things seem to go more smoothly; things get done more smoothly.   


Clayten – There seem to be healthier people in the business, less absenteeism, we’ve heard, we need some bigger studies on this we’d like to actually gather data at some point in our business development, as we get more and more resources and more business customers. But that’s something that we’re starting to hear. There are more people showing up more often and they like to be there.  


Jeffrey – We will offer one last point and then get to some great questions I can see popping up here. When we put a business entity on the FLFE Business Subscription, the Business Entity itself is supporting the rising consciousness and in clearing old negative histories(25:00) So that’s been a really interesting process too. And we’ve had several customers comment that once that happened there was a flurry of activity and things were starting to happen for them. So that again is on the Business Entity itself, which has its own level of consciousness. 

Terrence is asking – “I’m a product designer of kids’ stuff, toys, accessories, etc. I find a lot of joy doing it. However, there is a part of me that thinks that creating more goods for consumption somehow contradicts with high consciousness, less is more. What do you folks think?”  


Clayten – Terrence, what I would suggest is that you ask the Creator God Universal Consciousness, whatever you consider your Higher Power to be, how It wants you to serve. Using the skills that you have, and the resources that you have, we always try to go to God, in whatever way we find it and ask for guidance. 


Jeffrey – And that’s a bit of how we would do that, as well as checking in what’s in the Highest and Best interest. You know, so there are different ways to check in. There can be a lot of beauty in an object, you know, in the form. So, there’s beauty in everything, and there’s God in everything. So, I wouldn’t say it necessarily is not high consciousness,  it could very well be.  


Clayten – Yes there’s always a sweet spot between our gifts in the world needs. And that’s the place I think we’re all looking for to find that contributions zone. So, if you start thinking that way, which you are, you’re likely to get led to an answer you feel more at peace with. But I don’t necessarily think that creating consumables is low consciousness, just as Jeff said. 


Jeffrey – Tandy is asking – “ I’ve been thinking about transitioning to Business FLFE from the Home, I run my business from home, and it’s kind of stagnant right now, should I transition to business for better results?” Well, one of the things to think about is the Business Entity itself, you know, so, if you have a corporation, that you’re running a business out of doesn’t have a history it hasn’t been in someone else’s hands at some point, or you started from scratch, you can always try it for a month, and then go back and see what happens. The level of consciousness of the business itself does have an effect on the power that it has to go out into the world and what gets attracted to the business. So, we’re not after you to spend more money, we’re saying it could make a difference. It’s really something to try and see what happens.  


Clayten – And as we talked about before we actually put the Business Entity on a Business Subscription. So there often is a flurry of activity and a boost that comes with an increase in consciousness. So, it should pay for itself immediately. If not, you know, pretty soon after it is a $20 difference, and it would be worth trying.  


Jeffrey – I’m trying to focus on some business questions, and then we’ll come back to the other ones. So, Jamie is asking – “I have a business in my and home offer a variety of services should I have the Home Subscription?” You know the Business and the Home Subscriptions are really very similar in the programs, in fact, they are exactly the same in the programs that are within the frequencies. The only difference is, again, as we were talking about raising the level of consciousness of the Business Entity itself. So, Jamie, I would say, you’re probably good on the Home Subscription, you could keep trying that. Because all the programs that benefit from business are in that as well.   


Clayten – Part of the reason why we charge more for the business also Jamie is that typically businesses have a lot more people moving through them than a home. (30:00) And it does take a lot more energy from the technology from the machines that we have. So, we can’t put as many people on that. In business, if you have a retail store and there are hundreds of people moving through it, it’s not the same as the home where you have three or four people, maybe five people. So, it does take more energy to service that. 

This is from Anonymous, I’m a subscriber for Home and Business, I would like to know what are the best practices to utilize FLFE to manage and maximize my Higher Self; that’s a big conversation. I think all of us need to find a practice that helps us clear our issues. So, we use different energetic medicine techniques. I’m going to a course, this weekend on Theta Healing to learn more about that. You can go on YouTube and look at Gary Craig’s work, it’s known as Tapping. And there are lots of resources out there; traditional things like coaching, counselling, and mentors. The best practices are meant to make yourself the best person you can be.  Exercise, watching what you eat, all of those standard things will help maximize your Higher Self.   


Jeffrey – In a high consciousness field in the FLFE field, those things can be more effective, we have the Anti-Stagnation Program which helps with blockages or places where you get stuck in your work. So that’s really helpful. So, taking whatever works for you and calls to you and use it, while you’re in the field can be very powerful. And we do have the Magnetizing Process as well. That’s in our resources section, in the Member’s Login section. So that is also a powerful process for manifesting or magnetizing as we call it. 

So, let’s see Terrence spoke back – “Great. By the way, I have received more purchase orders and customer inquiries after I subscribed to FLFE on my personal object and mobile. Thank you all.   


Jeff and Clayten – Yeah, thank you, Terrance.  


Clayten – Alina says that – “I have tried FLFE on my phone for about a week, and I’m having a lot of challenges come up in a very intense way. I woke up this morning feeling happier than I ever have, are old fears coming up to be cleared out?” Well, one of the principles of manifestation Alina is that we attract what we think about whether we fear it or love it. So that might be something to look at.  

And you said that you just picked up the Subscription in the last week, you’ve been trying the phone and we do have an Anti-Stagnation Program that works on the phone as well as the home subscription. And a lot of the same programs are on the Home and FLFE Everywhere. So, it will start to move things, the Anti-Stagnation Program will move old stuck energy that’s been there for decades. And part of this process can be intense. We’ve seen some interesting things on the Facebook threads recently about people saying it’s the best of times and worst of times. And I’ve certainly felt like that myself.  

 The developmental growth is fast. There’s a quickening in a higher consciousness field. And it takes some effort to manage it. And it seems recently that the theme of taking better care of ourselves comes up a lot, sometimes slowing things down and taking more time. The last thing I’ll say about this Alina is just that you’re not doing anything wrong, we don’t want people to have any sense of guilt or shame or to think that they’re not doing it right. Being in a high consciousness field is a blessing, and sometimes a challenge. That’s why we’re required to let people know or at least somebody in the environment know that the service is on because it’s an intense experience. And it takes some effort to work with. (35:00) 


Jeffrey – And I would add to that Clayten as well that, and I’ve seen it on the Facebook page over and over, where people do have a more intense experience and have fears arising and particularly from early parts of their childhood. And, and then it does clear, and they seem to be in a space that’s free from that. And one of the things we discovered in our research is that the body holds and sometimes our livers and kidneys can have deposits in them. And our Kidney Liver & Gallbladder Optimization Program helps the body to naturally start to clear those things out by supporting the body in the Innate Intelligence. So, some of those old deposits are leaving the body and as they leave the body, they might be felt. So, there could be those kinds of things as well. And it’s really interesting that these feelings are in our bodies in places and when it starts to move, we can feel it on the way out the door.  


Clayten – That’s why having some kind of a clearing technique where we’re able to stay present with the sensation and know that the body or the system; sometimes we call it the Body Mind Spirit is actually trying to help us release that energy by giving us an intense sensation. And if we stay with it, then that energy will clear. That’s a very brief explanation. But some type of energetic medicine tool is really helpful as those issues start coming up.  


Jeffrey – Anonymous said – “I‘ve been on the Home Program for several weeks and work from home and I haven’t noticed anything.” So, we do want you to trust yourself. And it’s great that you asked that question, I would ask that you send an email to the office to and let them know that and ask for your property be checked just to make sure. Very occasionally there will be a technical issue or something to do with the geopathic stress in the zone. I think we are at 99 point something percent.  


Clayten – And there’s occasionally an address problem, that happens once in a while as well.  


Jeffrey – This question is from Charmin – “I had some retired friends who sold their home and now have a travelling business in their RV, would they put the Business Subscription on their phone, if there is no home address, or maybe the VIN number of the vehicle?” Well, we don’t have a commercial product for that we have done that for some friends, but the phone is the way to go.  Because the Phone Subscriptions are really set up for motion. And once it slows down to five miles an hour or less the grounding kicks in. So, it’s really optimized for motion, it’s really the best thing to do there. 

So that would be our advice on RV’s.  


Clayten – We have another Anonymous asking – “I‘m subscribing for my mobile phone, my home environment is good. In my work environment, there is a manager who is very hostile towards me and apparently feels threatened. So, I feel it’s blocking my success, how can FLFE help this?”  I’m assuming you’re taking your phone to work Anonymous. Being in a high conscious field can help you. And if you can stay present with the situation and not be reactive, then that is helping the situation. We’ll start with that. You’ve got a lot more experience in business than I do Jeff, do you want to say something about that?  


Jeffrey – Well, it’ll be interesting to see how that goes. Because you’ll have your phone with you. You know, just keep it on your person close by, if you’re near that manager, and just sort of observe and try to remove any personal aspect it’s obviously something going on with them. And just see what happens. If you go to the Learning Center, under FLFE Programs, there are some details of the FLFE Mobile Phone Subscription and FLFE Everywhere. And the phone and the FLFE Personal Object Subscriptions have the same programs. (40:00) But there is a level of consciousness of intent of someone towards you is something we measure and it’s something that’s in those programs. So, I would say just observe and being in a field like that could definitely have an effect on the person. We had someone on the Facebook page who had a co-worker, or a manager but someone was very negative towards them. And shortly after she had gone on the Free Trial for the phone, he held the door open for and said something nice. So, miracles can happen.  


Clayten – Yeah, I would like to suggest that you find something about this person that you like, or maybe a list of things that you like about them. And when you feel like you’re attacked. You can put up a bubble of protection. there’s a book by Master Choa Kok Sui and it’s called  “Practical Psychic Self Defense for Home and Office.”  You can take a look at some intuitive self-defense type things where you protect yourself energetically. But when I’m conscious enough about it, what I do is I try to bless that person because they’re probably struggling with something that may not be anything personal about be me, it might be that I represent something to them like archetypal energy, which we discussed before. So, I would look at finding a way to protect yourself as best as you can energetically while sending positive thoughts towards that person so that you’re always taking care of yourself, and your own state of mind. Blessing somebody is a very good place to be at if you can do it.  


Jeffrey – And of course, take care of yourself in a hostile environment, if you obviously want to have your job. 

So, Regina Cunningham is asking – “With the elevation of consciousness, is there a point where the person actually entrains with the higher frequencies or is the service always needed because the humans don’t eventually make the high consciousness changes?”  


Clayten – I would like to live in a world where the service wasn’t needed. And, you know, the whole world isn’t set up to help us raise our consciousness to help us survive. And a lot of people have a lot of goodwill towards each other. And a lot of things are created to do that. So, I don’t think that the service is always needed or should be always needed. Hopefully, we can evolve to a place where we don’t need technologies like this. And in the meantime, I want to use every advantage, I can get every technology like water filters, to filter my water to make sure it’s the best or delivery services to deliver things that I purchased to make it more convenient. These are all services that help us evolve, because they give us more free time and energy. So, I know that’s a bit of a moot point, perhaps. But the masters of the past didn’t have FLFE, they developed themselves to the point where they could ascend, given the circumstances that they were in. And in this economized society that we’re in with the resources we have, and all the convenience of radio and TV and cellular phones and Wi-Fi networks, we also pay a price for that. And so, let’s use whatever we have to help us evolve. And we are not here to create dependencies, we are trying to set people free. That may not be a very smart business answer but we’re really here to help people become free.  


Jeffrey – And there are some headwinds on the path of enlightenment. And some are man-made, and some are just maybe built into the process I don’t know. Our goal is to create an optimal environment for us to evolve. And at some point, we won’t need that help anymore. So, I totally agree with that.  


Clayten – Yes people are entraining with higher frequencies all the time, it just depends on how much and how often. So, it’s not actually a point where you get to a point, and then you entrain (45:00) There’s a principle in spiritual studies called the grace of the Guru. And whenever you’re around somebody at a height that’s in a high state of consciousness, then you will entrain with those fields. It’s just part of the setup.  


Jeffrey – I  think we’ve met mentioned in other webinars, just being around people that are very high in a particular area of their life, will help you to absorb that and entrain to that same level of high financial management or high relationship. So, you know, the ideal thing would be to have a lot of friends who are very high in lots of different things, and you get together and have a party and everybody benefits. So that entrainment can happen in lots of different ways.  


Clayten –  Jamie is asking – “Does this system take care of Hartman Curry lines?” I don’t know. I’m not familiar with Hartman, career lines, I’ll look that up.  


Jeffrey – Anne is asking – “If I have the home version and my sweetie has the phone version, then will I be included in his 300-foot range when we’re together?” Yes, the phone has different bubbles or different ranges. And in the 300-foot range is one level of consciousness 555, and then within 15 feet, is the 565. And then within the 4 feet, is sort of the real bubble of 575. So just hold him real tight, just be really close in there. So, at 4 feet you’ll be in the 575 zone and that’s where the health programs are as well.   


Clayten – Someone is commenting that they like the answer to setting people free. Thank you. That’s really what we’re here to do. It may not be the most business type answer that we could give.  


Jeffrey – That’s who we are.  


Clayten – Rosemary is asking – “I have a subscription for my home and cell phone so is having my cell phone with me in my business office as good as having a subscription for my office, will it give my business the same results?” I’ll start with this one I would say no. Because when you have the Business Subscription, it’s on the whole property. And when you have your phone, there are concentric circles of influence. As Jeff said, You have 4 feet, 9 feet, 16 feet, and 300 feet. So, it isn’t the same as having a subscription for your whole office. Plus, you don’t get to put the Business Entity on as well. 


Jeffrey  – Yeah, again, in the Learning Center, the FLFE programs will give you the details of what those programs are. Yeah, I felt putting my entire office in one of my other businesses on FLFE made a big difference in the business itself. Though there is a benefit from being in that 555 zone as well. But the focus and concentration is not in that zone. You know, the quieting of the mind will be as at the same level, there are just a number of other things. But you know, it’s always good to try things just to try it and see if you notice the difference and give it some time to work.  


Clayten – Catherine is asking – “When I switch my phone but keep the same number, do I need to update FLFE?” No. The principle of FLFE Everywhere is that it works on it a unique identifier. So, if there’s a unique identifier, then the technology can find that unique identifier in and keep sending energy to it.  


Jeffrey – And again, just for those of you that may not have done the phone trial or subscription yet it’s the country that the cell phone service originates in. And then it’s the phone number, which you would call someone in that country. Now I just had a question from a customer earlier today on an email about changing a SIM card. Because they were in Australia and China back and forth. So, in China, they had a different SIM card. In that case, the phone number is different in a different SIM card. And the SIM card can be from a different country as well. It can be from a different carrier. And you can log into your control panel and then change those things at will as much as you want.


Clayten – (50:00) Jesse is commenting – “I work with people and animals that have had a lot of trauma history, having worked through my own history I have found a way to ride through the intensity that can occur with FLFE. It seems as though a greater portion of the population deals with trauma one sort or another.” Yes, absolutely. Just even watching enough TV can be traumatizing because of all the death on it. Jesse goes on to ask – “Do you have further guidance for people through the emotional and physical sensations that arise? It’s even more tricky with animals, this is powerful work and I want to recommend this to everybody I know and I’d like to have further exchanges with you about this aspect as FLFE seems to help change the density.”  Yes, we have done a lot of research on energetic medicine, we have developed two energetic medicine tools that we’re working on getting out to the community. Jeff was reminding me today very gently the way that Jeff does. So, I would look at Gary Craig’s work. I’ve looked at Tapas Fleming’s work. Dr. Cunningham taught Gary Craig, I don’t know Dr. Cunningham’s first name, but I would just do your research on energetic medicine. It’s not always the highest consciousness one that’s the best its the one you actually do. But also look at Dr. Hawkins work. He’s always my first go to person. He has a release process in one of his books, I think it’s Healing and Recovery, but you have to look that up for yourself.  


Jeffrey – So Lynn says – “Hi, Jeff and Clayten. I just want to tell you; I’ve had a few conversations with Lee and she is wonderful !!”  Yeah, Lee is great. We have a really incredible team at FLFE now who are all very powerful people. And, you know, they love to talk to you. So, we’re finally getting caught up a bit from the Gaia surge. So Lee is part of the free trial team, as are Erin and Tina. So, they like to talk to people and help them through the Free Trial process and support them any way that they can. And then once you become a subscriber, then there’s a customer service person that’s assigned to you that you can talk to and get to know.  We really like to know what’s going on for customers and you know, what’s happening in their lives and what changes they’re seeing and how we can support them. So, Lynn’s question is – “Do you have plans for a service offering where users can have you measure the level of consciousness in a home, business or personal? It would be nice to know where I and see how it fluctuates?” Well, yeah, I mean we have certainly talked about having it as a paid service. You’re looking at the two people that are doing the testing right now. And we’re just so buried in, in things, you know, supporting the business and all of you that it’s just not possible right at the moment. But we are working with our FLFE team, you know, the team in the office and those who work for us to do to learn the testing. And we do encourage people to look for Dr. Hawkins study groups, locally, people that are studying kinesiology, that you can join a group and learn it. At this point, we aren’t able to offer a service where we test it’s really very labour intensive. It takes our bodies and it takes energy to test accurately.   


Clayten –  Yeah. Here is a question I think you could probably pick up Jeff from Lynn, – “Can I switch back and forth between my phone and property home?”   


Jeffrey – No. I mean, you can, it’s not very easy to do that. And they’re really two separate subscriptions.  

And, because we’re reoccurring, you know, say you’re on the phone, you don’t want to cancel the phone and start up a new subscription in the middle of the month, because you’re basically not using half the month. So, if you were to do that you could work with somebody at the office, but you would want to do it right before your billing cycle starts again, before you get charged for the next month. So, we just don’t have an easy way to switch between those two at this point. We do understand that people would like to do that. And there are some technical issues on our end to get that to happen. So, thank you for bringing it up. And, if you do want to switch them our team will switch you it but it’s not something that’s easy to do. (55:00) 


Clayten – There are a lot of bells and whistles, we have to get right to make that work so you can do it from your control panel. And it’s our intent to really give you as much value as possible. We’re not trying to force you into a situation where you have to have two subscriptions even though they are different. It’s just that there are a lot of things to get lined up before we can do that. So, it’s on our list. I just I don’t know how long that will take. And of course, we’ll always test if it’s an is the Highest and Best interest to do it. But we’re always trying to find ways to give more value.  


Jeffrey – Another calling is saying – “More shout outs for Lee here. I’d like to piggyback on the last one she is the best!” And then we have another one from Anonymous – “I have had a Business Subscription on for a while and found that I’ve been struggling a little in the past two weeks getting clients.  Is this  something that I should check in my connection, or do I need just need to entrain?” I think I would come back just to start off with being clear about what it is you want in the business. The more that we get clear about our goals and what it is we’re trying to create or the people that we’re wanting to hire, the faster it seems to happen. So, if you haven’t already done it might be a good time to really sit down and do some writing about what it is you really want to see happen and get very clear about it. And you could try our Magnetizing Process as well for that. Anything else on that Clayten?  


Clayten – Yes, I would say be really clear about what your ideal client is. A lot of us self-employed people don’t know that. So, get really clear about your ideal client. And then there’s a process that’s coming to mind called Cognitive Distortion Reframing. I forget the gentleman, who is the leader in that field, I think his name is David, but I can’t remember his last name, I have the book but haven’t done it for a while. Basically, what you do is you write down a challenge such as; I’m having such a hard time finding new clients, and I’d write down what my belief systems are. And then with the Cognitive Distortion Reframing, you would write a truer belief system and upgrade the one you have. And you would clear that through the process. If you look up Cognitive Distortion Reframing, you can explore how to clear those issues. But I would suggest that you make a list of what you think might be in your way and then find some clearing processes to help you get out of your own way. We all need to get out of our own way. And you know, there are lots of resources out there that are relatively inexpensive. There are different study groups. And anytime you can be around successful people, it’s really motivating and energizing. So, you can find a community of successful people just to be around them. And I think to get into that a treatment effect we’ve talked about and that I think other people have mentioned, I would suggest that as well.  


Jeffrey – So Scott asks – “I live in a condominium; do I need to tell them? Do I have to tell my neighbours to drink more water?” No, Scott, the way we’ve designed the FLFE wave is that it’s going to the property lines of the legal address which includes the condominium. It’s like a candle in the dark or a brighter light so there is some bleed off into the neighbours but it’s not at the level that requires more water or requires you to tell someone. And you’re asking about a discounted package of having both home and phone accounts together. Yeah, I mean, we have talked about it in the business a number of times, there are some technical issues for us in combining because there are so many different combinations right now as we as we grow the products. So, we don’t have anything now we feel that we’re providing a good value. And we could have been out in the world in a bigger way much earlier but we decided instead to focus in on the programs to create the best value that we could with both, and I understand what you’re saying again, about changing from home to phone. Now the other thing you can do is once you get to your location, you can change the address. You can go into your Control Panel and you can change the address so you can put it on a hotel room you can put it on a vacation home that you’ve rented or something like that. So that is another option, you can change the address as many times as you want. (1:00:00) 


Clayten – Catherine is asking – “Can you say the name of the energy practitioners again? Well, I would say, Gary Craig, Dr. Callahan, Tapas Fleming, and Dr. David Hawkins; he’s not known as an energetic energy medicine practitioner, but his clearing process is very potent.  


Jeffrey –  Karen’s asking about the Geopathic Stress Program. Yeah, every situation that has come up, we include into the Geopathic Stress Program for all of the all the Home and Business all the stationary properties. So, you know, right now we’ve had moving water, waterfalls, water dropping away from the property I don’t know if  I’ll be able to name them all. But we’ve had electrical wires and sewer mains or water mains crossing in an intersection which creates a very chaotic zone we have water and sewage and electricity moving up and down and apartment tower that’s been another one and there was an apartment tower in China and it actually has some issues with its security system as well. Right now, we’re working on a major river one and we’re working on a nuclear power plant one which is major geopathic stress. So, we’re adding those as well as soon as we can get it done.   


Clayten – Yes and every time we do an upgrade for one, we put it on, it goes out to all the properties right way. 


Jeffrey – So Jamie is a dowser and is asking if she could she do the testing? Certainly, write to us at and we can discuss that. 


Clayten – Yes, for us to manage a group of testers though, I just don’t know when that’s going to happen. I wouldn’t want to get people’s expectations up. We’re growing really quickly right now, which is great news. And everybody’s kind of tired from the Gaia surge. So yeah, just don’t know when that’ll happen.   


Jeffrey – But yeah, sorry. I don’t want to set up the wrong expectations there.   


Clayten – We’d like to do a lot of things and you know, hopefully, we’ll get be able to do that one day.  


Jeffrey – We have a follow-up question from Scott – “Does the Home Subscription cancel out geopathic stress on the property or help one to transcend it?” I would just answer the way we understand it is a geopathic stress zone is a low consciousness environment so it’s not conducive to life. And it’s a chaotic energy zone from whatever’s happening that’s causing it. And so FLFE works to sort of push that aside to create a high consciousness zone on the property. So, it’s not really helping the person to transcend it really is changing the environment.  


Clayten – And it may help you because your energy is higher, and your resources are more because your immune system may be working better as it minimizes the geopathic stress. As far as we can tell, in almost all cases, in some cases, it appears that it totally eliminates it.  


Jeffrey – So Joe asked about moving in with two roommates, and has the phone service so do they need to tell the roommate? Well, the requirement that we have, and that we tell people is that as long as someone in the environment knows. And they can encourage other people in the environment to hydrate. And they can watch for any signs of discomfort or, you know, anything going on with that person. But it’s very common that people put it on, and they don’t tell their spouse and their kids and they want to see what happens; it’s sort of a test without someone knowing about it. So that’s really okay, as long as you keep an eye on things, and you encourage them to drink water. Maybe you buy more water say you buy five gallons of water and share it with them(1:05:00) And that kind of thing. You just want to really encourage that. Then in a business, you could have a whole business on; what we’ve done is put posters up hydration posters, encourage people, you know, do an email blast once in a while in the business encouraging them to check their hydration, send them to a website about how to check your hydration, something like that.  


Clayten – Janice is asking – “Might there be an energetic consideration when one has both home and phone on at the same time even with the same resonant frequency? Might there be excess energy?” No, Janice, they harmonize. It’s not additional energy, they just harmonize together. The only thing would be that if you’re in a home, the grounding has a greater effect unless you’re moving less than five miles an hour with your cell phone. We just put that on recently. So, there’s really no additional energy. It’s just harmonizing. 


Jeffrey – So William asks – “I currently have the Mobile and  Home Subscription at my place, and I am planning to start my own home-based consulting business soon, would it be better to switch the Home Subscription to the Business Subscription, I would still keep the Mobile Subscription as I anticipate a lot of travel.” You know, I would say it’s not necessary for you to do that. Even better, particularly as you’re just starting the business and it’s brand new, you might just continue with the Home for a while. And once the business starts to become established, you’ll have more of a baseline to see if it makes a change for you. So, I would advise just staying with the Home Subscription for now. And then maybe in nine months or a year and you’ve got a good base of business you could try the Business Subscription and see what happens, you know, see if you get a bump.  


Clayten – Let’s see. Christina is saying – “I’m using the Magnetizing Visualization you sent in the email and it is effective to use more often. If there are fluctuations it refocuses through conscious intent.” Yes, it does help to refocus because things are changing. So, there were people asking earlier about finding more clients. You can take your ideal client profile and use your Magnetizing Process on that. And if you upgrade your ideal client, you can upgrade your Magnetizing Process to reflect that.  


Jeffrey – Scott is asking – “Which Dr. Hawkins book do you recommend to start with?” Clayten I will give that one to you.   


Clayten – Well, Power vs Force, which is his first book, I think that’s a good place to start. It depends on what you’re interested in. I like charts and graphs and numbers so my second favorite book, I think is Truth vs Falsehood. I would start with Power vs Force and read this if you want to see lots of charts and graphs and kind of a practical, day to day way of seeing how consciousness can be measured.  


Jeffrey – Jaime is asking about Wi-Fi. Jaimie as far as Wi-Fi goes, currently in the system, using our measure of testing, it’s about a 15% mitigation of Wi-Fi. And there are other kinds of radio frequency things happening. First, the mobile phone has become supportive of biological life. So, nothing else at this point for Wi-Fi or radon. We don’t believe there is any effect on radon. I mean, we’ve never tested it, we’ve never looked at it.  


Clayten – Jamie is also asking, does your system work well with the Beamer system from Germany?”  

We’re not aware that FLFE conflicts with any technology, I do have friends that use Beamer and they really like it. And we’re not aware of it interacting negatively with any technology.  


Jeffrey – And we are working to re–open the Referral Partner Program. So, watch for that, we will be sending an email out once that’s ready to go, we are just making some improvements to it. So, you know, I would guess in July at some point.  We’re still working on it; it’s under construction. But we do intend to open it back up. The current Referral Partners who are in the system, of course, are still active and it’s all working as it should. It’s just that we’re not adding new Referral Partners right now. But we do intend to open it back up(1:10:00) 


Clayten – Lynn is asking – “For an insulin pump, can you use the serial number which is unique to the user?” What we would do in that situation Lynn or what we’d suggest is to take a picture of the insulin pump. I don’t know how big it is, but you have to take on a white background. And we haven’t written the programming to identify insulin pumps. So, the serial number would not be enough you would have to go with the picture. That would be the way to go with that.   


Jeffrey – And if there’s a way to show the serial number in the photograph, that would be ideal. There is a question about whether an EMF protection device is going to block FLFE and the answer is no.   


Clayten – Jennifer is asking two questions– “If being around high consciousness people is helpful for one is it beneficial to your business to have high consciousness clients?”  Absolutely. High consciousness clients are more resourceful, generally more patient, generally easier to connect with and easier to communicate with. Number two – “I live around energy lines and next to the Atlantic Ocean will my location be difficult to receive? I believe in your product. And I’m currently on the Home Free Trial. Thank you for your work.” Yeah, it won’t be an issue as long as the address works and you live in an area that has a good address system. It won’t be a problem getting the energy to your place.  


Jeffrey – Elena is asking about prices. If you go to the website and just below the main picture, there’s a Subscribe Now or Subscribe button. If you click on that you can scroll down through there and you can see the prices. It’s $30 a month in general for a Home Subscription and in the Mobile Phone FLFE Everywhere. And the Business Subscription is $50 a month. And then there are discounts if you do a six-month subscription or a year. All of that information is on the website.  


Clayten – Jamie is asking. “Okay, so the cell phone is now good for the body.”  We say it’s positive for biological life.  “Can the Wi-Fi not be done that way as well? “We believe it can Jamie we’re in research and development with that. We believe we found out how to do it, we just have to get it done. And we are looking for other ways to measure that our technology can harmonize and make beneficial electrical emissions. And same with the smart meter, we are looking at all of those things. It’s just a matter of time. And we’re really comfortable with measuring things using kinesiology it’s just a matter of trying to find other technology that can support those findings. We want to respect all forms of science and it’s in progress.  


Jeffrey – Well, I think we’ve come to the end of our time here tonight. And thank you for joining us and many great comments and questions and we will definitely pass the kudos on to Lee and all the FLFE team. And we’re really, really grateful to be on this journey with you together, in our own personal lives and in our own businesses and businesses that we work in to create the optimal environment for humanity to evolve. And we couldn’t do it without you. You know, we love you. We were glad that you’re here with us. And you help support us to expand and do more research and to do service projects that we do. So, thank you.  


Clayten – I like all of those sentiments, Jeff, we decided a while ago that the best way to spread this technology is through a business model. And we do need it to be a business. That’s always the Guidance we’ve gotten. And we do want to give you as much value as we can. We’re not trying to make it so you have to have different subscriptions or make it so you can’t get a package deal.(1:15:00) We really do want to give you as much value assuming that, you know, it will spread faster. It’s really about trying to get it out to as many people as possible. And business is a very economized way of doing that. And sometimes it’s the best way to do things. So, we appreciate your business. Thank you for being a customer or thank you for checking out the Free Trial. Because we know that you’ll likely benefit from it or you’ll notice that you benefit. And it’s one of the highlights of our life when Jeff and I talk about all of the feedback we get from you. And we really appreciate just the personal support that you offer us and your kind thoughts.  Good Night.