New FLFE EMF Mitigation 3.0 – Satellites and New IONS Research Project

February 9, 2021

Jeffrey – Live from Nelson BC. Canada. Welcome to this FLFE webinar, we’ll be giving you  an update on the level of consciousness of the world today. We’re going to discuss a new EMF Mitigation update 3.0, and a new Ions, Institute of Noetic Sciences Research Project that our subscribers can be part of. I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clatyen – And I’m Clayten Stedmann. Well, let’s talk about the consciousness update. So there’s some relatively good news happening these days. And let’s go back a little bit to get some perspective or context on some of the recent changes. We’re going to go back through the last part of 2019, the year of 2020, and where we are in 2021. So the last quarter of 2019, the level of consciousness of the world on average was about 242. And because most of our customers are in the United States, we typically talk about the United States, even though our company headquarters are in Canada, because most of our customers are in the U.S. So I’m holding myself back from making U.S. jokes, Jeff, barely.

Jeffrey – Maria, I think we’ve got a slide to show and then we can continue with the jokes.

Clayten – I’ll save them for later, I don’t want to insult anyone by accident. So the last quarter of 2019, the world was at 242. That was the highest that the world has ever been at. The world went over 200 for the first time in 1986. And Jeff and I did a webinar if you search back through the archives, on the previous 3000 years, the level of consciousness of different eras. So the reason that we think it’s significant to mention where we were is because on the Hawkins Map every 50 points is like a little base camp. And most of the time, Dr. Hawkins talked about the major delineations in consciousness that occur at 200 and 500. So 200 is integrity, 500 is love. And there is a different quality of energy over those thresholds, and a different quality below them. So oftentimes, what happens is that before we can go to a new level in our lives, and this works for larger systems, such as towns and cities and states or provinces and countries on the planet, there’s a process called breakdown/breakthrough. This means that we have to go down to a lower level of consciousness for a period of time, and gather the resources that we need, which includes learning the lessons to go to the next level of consciousness. So perhaps what we’re experiencing at this time and in 2020, is a breakdown/breakthrough for the world, we’ll have to see if we go up to 250.

The United States in the last quarter of 2019 was 425. That’s significant relative to some of the numbers we’re going to talk about. And once Maria brings up the graph, we’ll see these in detail. I’ll just start to go through some of the numbers. So the world in January 2020, was 240. February 2020, 220. In March, it was 190. So that’s the first time the planet has been below 200 since 1986. And then in April it went to 100; that’s fear and that was the lowest month. Jeff and I’ve talked about this quite a few times, and maybe several of you have heard it before. There were world meditations during the month of April, that focused on killing the Coronavirus, and a focus on killing is not something that is necessarily going to help raise the consciousness by meditation. So that’s a little clue for those of us who were participating at that time; that focus is not going to create the loving experience that we were likely looking for. In June it was up to 135, July 140, August 160, September 175, October 190. And there’ll be a slide so don’t worry about getting this information as I’m talking quickly. And in November of 2020, the planet went back over 200 to 202. And looks like the slide is now up.

In December, the world was at 210. And in January 212, and February so far, the planet is at 218. So we’ve got a lot of momentum right now. And of course, if anyone is on FLFE, they’ve been living in the bubble at 560, or higher. And FLFE is now in 66 countries as of last week. So we’re continuing to grow.

By the way, all the people that want to check in and say hi, in the chat area, let us know where you’re from. We’ll take a look at those as we get into some of the Q&As.

Now, if we look at the United States we can see what happened to the United States, basically paralleled the world, Canada’s very similar. All the countries in the world have pretty well followed this trajectory, except for maybe some of the countries where there was a greater influence, like maybe some parts of China. But the trajectory is a very big drop, and then slowly coming back up. And we can see the significant part is, on the sixth, seventh, and eighth of January, when there was the protest or riot in the U.S. at the Capitol Building, the United States went to 150 for the whole month; those particular three days were the trigger. And those three days were different in that if we measure the level of functioning of the country and measure the level of consciousness, the level of functioning was much higher than level of functioning which is about doing. There’s a bigger conversation that we won’t go into detail with tonight. But we just wanted to let everyone know how world events affect consciousness and fields of consciousness.

I don’t need to point out all the numbers for the U.S., it is on the graph. Jeff, is there anything else that we want to say about that?

Jeffrey – Yes, I would just say that 150 is anger. I don’t know if we mentioned that. So there was another month earlier in the summer, when all the protests were happening, related to police violence, and it was also at 150. And as Clayten said, even when we’ve got a level of consciousness at 150, and then we have a high level of functioning, there is a good possibility of violence occurring, or people acting on that anger in some way. And so that’s what we were seeing during that time. So it just gives us a little window into the Doing LOF) and the Being (LOC), when the LOF high and the LOC is low that there’s a possibility for things to occur. So that’s kind of how that played out. So we, yeah, we wanted to give this to you and, and give you the good news that the world continues to go up. And the U.S. is also going up. Clayten, wouldn’t you say, it’s a gradual rise of a few points?

Clayten – So it’s a good point, Jeff, when we’re measuring consciousness, we need to measure it over a period of time. If we don’t measure it over a period of time, it defaults to the instant of the calibration. So we can measure this down to many, many levels of minutiae. But then it’s not necessarily contextually supportive of what we’re trying to convey. So we’re looking at monthly statistics here. And we’re nine days into the month; we’ve had some really good gains, so we’ll see how the month turns out. We try to have a time period at least for the purpose of this presentation. It demonstrates how things in the world affect our consciousness and how we affect the world. The one point I didn’t mention, Jeff, is that 100 is fear on the Map. And that’s where we were in April, I think that was when we didn’t know how know how bad it was going to be, what the recovery rates were, what the infection rates were. And so because we’ve had experience with that, likely we won’t go back to that place.

Jeffrey – Well, it’s so interesting when the world is at that level, and certainly anytime we turned on the news, or talked to people, but other than that, in the FLFE environment was 560 to 570, in the home environment. We’re in that bubble, and from my experience, I would almost forget that this was happening because I felt really good with a positive mood, and good things were happening in FLFE and  in my life. And it’s a different experience than a lot of people were having. So I feel grateful for the

environment we’re able to support during this time, particularly showed the contrast that can be there.

Clayten – And we’ve received a lot of feedback from customers reflecting the same experience. I had the same experience of almost forgetting what’s happening out in the world. My world is peaceful, and abundant. It’s been great to have it as a customer of FLFE and, of course, it’s really exciting to be part of creating it.

Jeffrey – Well, we have some other exciting things to talk about from our point of view. So as most of you know, and we’ve got new people on here, sometimes people have just started the free trial, on someone’s recommendation. EMF Mitigation is an important part of the FLFE service. And our focus is consciousness and supporting the optimal conditions for our personal evolution. And that includes a certain level of consciousness in the home property subscriptions. And going back a number of years, we saw outside influences causing the consciousness levels to go down on properties. And when we researched it and talked to customers, we found that there were new EMF influences like a new smart meter or a new cell tower across the street that was causing the consciousness to go down.

And we direct you to our Evidence Page, where we show our experiments with GDV cameras, and the level of consciousness with the EMF influence. So EMF Mitigation has been on the service, it’s on all the products, on the Phone, on the Object, on Smarter EMF, and the full Property. So there’s nothing to do, it’s always on. Anyone can experiment and turn it off and on with the Control Panel if you’d like to

Experience what that feels like.

And what we’ve noticed lately are some influences particularly from customers who are extremely sensitive to EMFs talking to us about the influence of satellites. So we have people worried about Wi Fi type connections from a satellite. So we made changes to the service to the EMF Mitigation. It’s currently live or active as of today for properties. So EMF Mitigation 3.0 as we’re calling it, adds increased resources, including harmonization related to space based satellite EMF sources, airborne sources of EMF like an airplane that might have an antenna pointed at the ground, and fixed ground based sources of EMFs. And all of those interacting with each other where those waves are coming in, and crossing each other creating  interference patterns, and trajectory changes as things bounce off each other. So this new change to the EMF Mitigation 3.0 compensates for that. And we’ve completed our beta tests and we see a difference; our beta testers have noticed a difference in how it feels.

Now the satellites are particularly affecting North America, and northern England at this time, but there will be more of those as time goes on. And I make the point that at this time, the FLFE Everywhere, Phones, and Objects are not yet on 3.0. Those are still on 2.0. We need a couple more weeks energy wise to have enough energy in the FLFE system to handle those. Do you want to talk about that Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, we listen to everyone’s feedback. And if people say that they’re not feeling it, or they’re over sensitive to what they perceive is happening, we look into it. And I think we’re launching more satellites now than ever in the history of humanity. In fact, we considered using Starlink at the office as a backup for our internet, because it’s beta testing now in in Nelson. In the end we decided to go with a different backup system. But starlink is coming online. And SpaceX is launching 1000s of satellites.

And that’s just one company, a lot more governments are launching their own satellites, as the cost of putting those into space is less. And there seems to be a cumulative effect, when there are eight signals crossing over an area at one time. We’re trying to find the exact number and the intensity. So, we’ve not only compensated for what’s existing, but Jeff, and it’s mostly Jeff, on this one, projected out into the future for other possibilities. So we should be ahead of the curve now that we’re aware that this has an influence, and we’ll stay on top of it. The properties have always been at the level we promised; they’ve never gone below. And just like gluten sensitivity, some people are very finely tuned to, to EMFs. And so we’re doing what we can to give everyone the best experience we can within limits of the technology.

Jeffrey – Thanks Clayten. We could talk a little bit about the research, I’ll just talk in general and then hand it over to you Clayten. One of the things we do in FLFE is to look for new ways to generate evidence. We search for new experiments, different meters, or different ways to look at technology like the GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) camera is one sensitive to these subtle energies. And on our Evidence Page, on the website, our experiments are there and we have many more in the pipeline right now.  There are some very interesting things happening. But we’ve got a new one starting within the next couple of weeks.

Clayten – IONS is a well-regarded, well respected scientific organization, exploring the unseen and seen  in the world to connect science and spirituality. And they created a discovery lab to focus on this particular topic of looking at the experience people have when they take a course for example. So in a two day program from a certain type of trainer and a certain type of training, they’re looking for a standardized response over a period of time in terms of benefit. And so they’re looking for those comparisons. And at least from my point of view, when I see data available like this, I’m saying, well, where do I get the best value for my training dollar or for my consciousness raising experiment, because going through these courses is a bit of an experiment to see what will happen. And we’re glad to be part of that. And we hope to contribute to that process of finding out where people get the most value for their consciousness dollar. So it’s an ongoing survey of willing participants and it’s optional. It’s optional for those of the free trial, new subscribers, and current subscribers. We send an email inviting everyone to be part of the study. If you’re on the free trial, if you’re a new subscriber, there is an invitation in an automatic email sequence to join. And it’s likely going to start in the latter part of February 2021. The results are confidential, and are not linked to a particular person, we won’t know who fills it out, it’s only going to be identified as person ABC, not name related. The participants on the free trial will take one survey, if they choose at the beginning, and a second at the end of the free trial. New subscribers, or participants will take a survey initially, and then take another for as long as they wish, every 30 days. And current subscribers participating will take a survey initially and another for as long as they wish, every 30 days. Anyone can stop their participation at any time.

Jeffrey – I have to say I’m very excited about this research offered to everyone on the service. And it’s an interesting survey looking at intuition and changes in quality of life. As Clayten said, it’s been administered to many different people in different situations, before and after weekend retreats, and so forth. So there’s already a data base in there. It’s exciting for us to have this and offer it to everyone on the FLFE service. And then we can see what happens, we can see how FLFE works. So we have new people coming in the free trial, maybe new subscribers. And then every 30 days, for those that continue, there’s the same survey again. And we’ll be able to see over time, the changes occurring in people or the benefits that people experience with the FLFE service. So it’s a great third party snapshot or look into what it’s like to be on the FLFE service and the benefits that occur. And for us it’s the same coming in as a new subscriber, it’s like, we get used to it after a while, and it’s a little bit hard to tell  what’s happened sometimes. We encourage people to use a notebook, do some journaling, and keep track of what feels different.  And if you could show that slide. Maria, we can talk about what it is being studied. What are the various items that are part of the study. One of those is interconnectedness. Meaning self with nature, ourselves with other people. Self-transcendence, one might feel separate and alone and then 30 days later, they might not feel that way. Now the feeling is more connected to everything. So that’s measured. I’ve really enjoyed taking the survey myself. The second one tests pre cognition time, estimation, intuition, there are some puzzles and things that are really hard to guess. But if our intuition is enhanced, we might see better results. So that is accessing that kind of information, what they call energy beyond space time or multi-dimensional dimension of us as we rise in consciousness.

And, in other webinars, we speak to the 25 points now that the average person rises in consciousness in the first 90 days on FLFE. So, this can start to give us a measure what that looks like. How does that affect our perceptions and our intuition. So that’s what we will look at. And then there’s an innovation creativity side; we hear from customers they feel their creativity has gone up a notch, their ability to brainstorm and create new and novel solutions. So the survey will measure that. And then there are some transformational changes; looking for changes in people’s view of the world. And general well-being is the last one. And we hear that a lot from customers, how they feel about their life as they spend time in this environment.

So this will be measuring  general well-being such as how we’re affected by that in our lives, how does it change our lives? It’s looking at compassion, sleep quality, pain levels, all things that people have reported changes in. And now we’re going to have actual numbers. So we encourage everyone to join the study. And if it is preferable to it every 30 days, great, or anyone can stop at any time. But the more data we have, the more we’ll be able to see what’s occurring over time, and particularly the first 90 days, because that’s where we see the 25 point rise in consciousness. We see 25 points as and so what does that mean? We look at it as more freedom, rises in consciousness creates increased freedom in our lives. And maybe we could talk a little bit about what 25 points really means and what it might mean to measure that in a survey Clayten.

Clayten – Yes, the Hawkins Map of Consciousness is the scale we use. We forget to mention that because we use it all the time, every day. And one point up in the on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness is 10 times more powerful than the point below it. It’s a logarithmic scale, it’s on the internet. Dr. David Hawkins, a psychologist, created the Map of Consciousness and wrote many books, I think he published nine when he was alive. Power versus Force was a New York Times bestseller. So everyone can find a copy of that pretty easily. Even one point in consciousness can affect our lives, because we have 10 times more power, and we are much more powerful to create the lives we want. So with a 25 point gain, it’s actually I think closer to 30 points now in the first 90 days. The LOC (Level of Consciousness) keeps going up due the quality of the programs we add.

And we created a process called the Magnetizing Process and we gift it to everyone. It’s just one of the many manifestation processes out there; we’ve spent a lot of time refining it. It’s at 997 out of 1000. We haven’t yet been able to figure out what it takes to get it to 1000 out of 1000. We may have figured it out. But either way, it’s a really good one. So we invite everyone to use that process in this high consciousness field and with the additional raise in consciousness we can use this experience to create more of the life that we want. So 25 points is a lot more freedom.

Jeffrey -We are excited to offer this; it will be around two weeks toward the end of February before it’s ready. And we’ll send email inviting all our subscribers and free trial participants to join in and stay as long as it’s fun. We want everyone be in the fun zone here. And then we’ll share the results as things unfold with IONS, who report to us on a monthly basis. Our report to you will evolve over time as we get more data.  So thanks to everyone participating.

Clayten – We’ll take this data and the feedback we receive from everyone to improve the service. We’ll see what we can do. We constantly learn from our subscribers. And that’s really what drives the upgrades. Some we are aware of, but many times it’s from all of you and from the FLFE community. For example, the consciousness slider is going to 550 now, instead of starting at 560. It can still be moved up  to 570. But we found is as we add more and more benefits to the service, it’s difficult to stay hydrated, because the body has a 10 to the 25th more power of energy. Or 10 to the 30th power depending on how many points subscribers go up in the first 90 days. And it uses that energy to do healing and upgrades in the body because it’s very intelligent. So that happens automatically. And of course our bodies need water to support that; we need optimal hydration. And so we’re finding we don’t need as much in terms of consciousness to get the same gains, and we don’t need as much of the high consciousness energy because it’s qualitatively a richer environment.

Jeffrey – I would add to that as well that we’re changing 560 to 550 for new people. So this would be the free trial. And for new subscribers, the setting won’t change until you change it on the Control Panel. And we found in particular in the beginning, there’s a lot of work being done in the body. Many changes that happen; that 25 to 30 points in consciousness in the first 90 days, there’s lot going on. And by giving new people a lower starting point, and they can choose to move it up and down. And we always encourage everyone to experiment and try different levels. And, for our longer year subscribers 570 may be great. And it’s good to check our hydration, and use whatever tools to do that, and track the water intake.

On the hydration page, on the website, we have a hydration calculator that will help find how many ounces to drink. And then keep track and if anyone has trouble getting there, consider turning it down. So it’s really all about the joy zone, recognize how do we feel? And you know, we want to stay in the joy zone. So sometimes if we’re a little bit dehydrated, it’s not quite the joy zone. It’s something to experiment with.

Clayten – Max has let me know that we do have a poll available at the bottom of the screen. Max says if we want to activate that we can do so. And there it is. Yes, if you help us with this data, it will help us orient the webinars towards the people that that are attending. So if we might have specialty ones for free trials for now; all that helps us, thank you.

So we’re happy to take your questions in the Q&A. And anyone can raise their hand if they like,  and join us. We’ve got one hand up right now.

Aristay –  Hi, Jeff. Thanks so much. I’ve been a subscriber I think a little over two months now. And I was just curious about something you said. You said if the average increase in level of consciousness is 25 to 30 points, does it go up anymore after the 90 days? Have you seen that?

Clatyen – Well, there is no guarantee.

Aristay – Has anyone experienced that?

Clatyen – Oh, yes, lots of people do. We’ve had people go up 130 or 140 points in a year.

Aristay – Oh, wow.

Clayten – And that’s an extraordinary life change which can be a bit disorienting. We can’t control that. And we celebrate that change in people’s lives. And it may be an unprecedented time of growth

for you. We may have had an extraordinary change like that people who report the birth of a child as one of the most powerful experiences in their life. There are different events that can trigger extraordinary positive changes so there’s no limit on how high we can go, of course.

Jeffrey – But it’s a great question. We’ve been focused on the first 90 days. It would be another webinar for us to look further out because we have subscribers that have been with us for six years.  We would have to gather the data to present for long term subscribers.

Aristay – Got it. Thank you so much.

Jeffrey – Thanks for coming on with us. Any other questions or comments?

Aristay – I will say the one thing I think I’ve noticed is, I have a couple of, I would call them meditation or manifestation practices that are that are separate. And I do think that the manifestation, practice that I have has more juice to it, or I can’t quite describe it. But when I do it, I feel something more. I don’t know, like there’s more energy involved. So I don’t know if it’s real, obviously, because it’s a subjective experience. But I’m happy about it. I think that’s what’s happening. But it’s very hard to tell because it’s subjective.

Clayten – Well, it’s not the same person doing the manifestation process that was doing it two months ago.

Aristay – And then I will say I’m dating somebody that has had a much more positive, like, they weren’t terrible, but they’re sort of general baseline level of positivity is consistent and higher. And we spend a lot of time in my house because of COVID, and because it’s winter, and all kinds of other constraints. But, you know, I do wonder if that’s an effect, I think it is, because my experience was kind of three good weeks, and then there was a lull and it wasn’t horrible. It was just like, oh, that’s what that is again, and it doesn’t seem like we have that. It’s not terrible. It’s just something you notice, you know, where people kind of have ups and downs and that’s another thing I think is related to having the service in place. I think I’ve read comments when I before I subscribed to service about, you know, changing behavior of kids and things like that. But obviously, this is a 62 year old and I’m 57 so we’re not kids.

Clayten – The inner child is probably enjoying it though.

Jeffrey – And hydration is something to keep an eye on. And with others, people that have children or older parents living with them sometimes turn the Control Panel slider down to compensate for that. So that’s why we created the Control Panel to provide ways to experiment.

Aristay – Thanks so much. Glad I found this. I will say one last thing, I was really kind of panicked about the increase in satellites. And I don’t think I’m terribly EMF sensitive. But I do know that it has an effect on kind of life in general. So just to see the title of this webinar tonight, I was super excited that that there’s something available to potentially mitigate that. So very thankful for this service.

Jeffrey – Yes, thank you.

Clayten – Yes, it’s a significant power increase. Well, it’s 300%. Now, but it’s probably gone down almost four or 500% more power that took for the that the entire service was using. So we had the power, and we have it and we’re glad to use it.

Jeffrey – Yes, it’s something to try turning on and off the EMF Mitigation to see if you feel the difference. We had a beta group when we turned on the satellite EMF Mitigation, and people really felt a difference in the environment just between the old version and the new version. So it’s something to experiment with and see what feels different.

Aristay – I’ll do that, thank you.

Alyssa – Hey, guys, and hello, everybody. And first of all, I just want to thank you all so much for this upgrade, super exciting. And thank you all for explaining it to everyone. I just wanted actually to share with Aristay, and anyone else who’s using other types of meditations or other manifestation protocols. It can be to interesting to experiment with the Boost. Try experimenting with the home Boost and experimenting with the phone or the personal object. Because I’ve noticed it really can influence results. And in myself, it influences brainwave state quite a bit. So I move pretty easily into theta, or even gamma, or waking delta, brainwave states. And if I’m using a Boost, not only does it lessen the amount of time that it takes for me to move into that brainwave state, but I feel like it’s overall more productive, especially in either a relaxed alpha or theta brainwave state. And then I’m journaling afterwards, especially since it’s such a different process than without the Boost sometimes. So I just wanted to kind of mention that on the Control Panel.

Jeffrey – Thank you. That’s great. And it’s a great reminder that the FLFE Everywhere Boost is now at 650 on the Hawkins Map. So that’s a five minute Boost. The property boost is at 600. And there is a button on the Control Panel. You can turn it on property Boosts for half an hour, thank you, Alyssa. Many people have found that quite effective for meditations.

Alyssa – And I’ve also noticed, if dealing with something challenging, like having a tough conversation with someone or dealing with a health issue or something like that, when I do the Boost, I’ll set an intention for how I’m going to use that energy and it’s a really beautiful experience. So setting an intention for what we would like to experience supported by that level of consciousness is a neat thing.

Clayten – Yes, I appreciate what Aristay said about wondering if this experience is subjective or not. We use a lot of that kind of terminology in the company, to encourage people to own their experiences. And the Boost is another way to experiment with the perceived subjectivity of our experiences. Of course, we are turning the Boost on and it times out. But that is another way to play with it. And Alyssa has had interesting experiences with the service and has taught us a few things about how to work with it. So we are interested what she has to say. And we encourage people to be their own consciousness researchers in general. As Jeff said, turn on and off the EMF Mitigation and experiment with the Boost. We turn the service down quite a bit at the house. We’re doing an experiment here. So there are always things to learn about consciousness fields. And everyone has a Control Panel as a tool to have their own experiences.

Alyssa  – Yes, thank you all so much for everything that you do. FLFE is such a blessing.

Clatyen – There is more good stuff coming, Alyssa.

Alyssa – I can’t wait to hear. Okay, well, I’ll sign off.

Jeffrey – It’s so great to have you and all the subscribers with us. It’s such a blessing. We have such amazing people on the service. All right. Shall we answer some questions?

Clayten – Here is a question, “What are your ideas about why the U.S. is higher than the world?” The U.S. is typically higher than the world on average; a lot of the first world countries are higher. So Canada, U.S., Australia, United Kingdom, which is Ireland, England, and Wales, Scotland.  Denmark, Sweden, I might have mentioned Australia, New Zealand. The first world countries are typically in the 400 level of consciousness zone. So 401 –  440. Sometimes they get a little bit higher, and that might change over time. But if we contrast that with countries in very dire circumstances, where there’s a civil war, or a lot of fighting between different tribal factions. For example, Rwanda was famous for a certain period of time while genocide was going on. So when there is a  country that’s having that experience, it’s typically down in the 50 to 80 zone, which is despair. A first world country, is typically in the four hundreds, because 400 is Reason on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, and the first world countries are governed by law and order and reason to varying degrees, but that’s the difference.

Jeffrey – So John would love to see us drill down to the state and city level. It’s a lot of work, John to do these graphs. And you know, now that we have these in a chart form, we can post some of some of it, but getting much deeper in would take a lot of time. But thank you for the question. Caitlin’s asking about how much do EMFs some smart meters and lower consciousness. It really depends Caitlin, on how many smart meters, where they’re located, how close they are to the property, there’s a lot there. We haven’t done a lot of research with controlled situations with smart meters at different distances and such. But we do know and our early work with this before we added EMF Mitigation, we were seeing properties lowered by smart meters. So with the service and EMF Mitigation, the consciousness is back up in that zone.

Clayten – And we also noticed that the level of consciousness of the average property went up four points when we released the first EMF 1.0. And they might have gone on up more, on average, considering the EMF influences on and off the property since then; we don’t have any stats on that. But the original rise was four points and that’s probably worth mentioning Jeff. So with smart meters we don’t know what percentage of that was smart meters and what the what the average was, we just hadn’t thought to check.

Jeffrey – And before we did this specific program, there was some mitigation happening. We measured it around 15%. And it wasn’t until we really dug in and did our research, discovered Shungite and its properties that we were able to do what we’re doing now. So Deborah, it’s an interesting question about EMF pulse weapons, we don’t know. And, of course, it would depend on the device. But one of the things we did see in the beginning were homes near airports where there was radar; very strong radar. And we saw some quite low readings based on that. And the EMF Mitigation on the service brought those back up into the zone that we expected. So I don’t know if that answers your question specifically. But we did see some strong EMF situations with radar where we’re able to dissipate that energy as part of the program.

Clayten – Both Fiona and Cathy are asking if they do the surveys, will they get information about how the results have changed over time? And I don’t know, Jeff, you’re more in contact with IONS, do you know the answer to that?

Jeffrey – Yes, unfortunately, it won’t be at the personal level. Because their survey tool is set up to look at groups of people. And, for instance, if  someone has a weekend seminar, they will give before and after to their participants, and they would see the results for the whole group, but not for individuals. So even though it’s the way the survey is done, it’s tied to you. So we can see the whole survey result we’ll see people on this particular trajectory. But, unfortunately, we’re not able to bring those results back to anyone individually. We can report on the general trends and what things look like for groups, but not for each person.

Clayten – Let’s talk to Martyn.

Martyn – Just a quick question. Obviously, the focus is on raising consciousness. In your experience, does it tend to lead to consciousness realizing itself IE to encourage the shift of attention away from the mind to witnessing rather than being lost in the mind? Is that the is that the goal here?

Clatyen – I had a coaching practice for 25 years Martyn, where we focused on raising consciousness. I’ll address the question to the degree I can and pass it to Jeff. The ultimate goal with FLFE is somewhat personal. But the intention that that I hold and Jeff can speak to this. It’s really to help people become freer and to increase the odds of them achieving and sustaining enlightenment. I think your statement is very accurate in that the higher levels of consciousness that we achieve, we typically become more an observer of our life, or we can take the observer position consciously. And we are more free from the preoccupation of the mind. Except if we’re doing a webinar or in front of the media, but then we can probably even transcend that. That’s what actors do, right? So, I mean, your language sounds like you’ve done some studying on this subject. The linguistic sophistication that you’re using indicates that that’s the path you’re on. So maybe Jeff can say something, and then we can talk a little bit more about it if you’d like.

Jeffrey – Yes, what I’ve seen in myself and others that we’ve talked to on the service is the patterns of the mind chatter, really diminishing. So depending on how we’re observing ourselves, and how tuned in we are, to what’s happening in our minds; the thoughts coming and going. And seeing those, as Clayten said, from an observer perspective, what I’ve noticed is just reduction in chatter, particularly in the Boost. When I use the Boost, or in a deeper a meditative state, it’s that it’s there, in some cases, but it’s almost like the mind chatter energy is much, much lower. And the expansiveness or the emptiness is more prevalent. And it’s part of the patterns of the mind that we tend to get stuck in, whether it’s an addiction, or it could just be scrolling through YouTube. Perhaps there’s a pattern we may find ourselves in, that I have found FLFE reduces the energy of that with my intention for it to do so. So it seems to be an increase in willpower to make changes related to the mind and related to habits and relationships, that the increase in willpower is related to the increase, or wattage or power of a higher level of consciousness in an environment that’s higher in consciousness that supports us?

Martyn – Okay, thank you. Thank you.

Jeffrey – Is there more that you’d like to talk about there?

Martyn – No, it’s a little premature, because I’m just on the free trial at the moment. And I’m only three days in. And I’m personally dealing with trauma, which means that my mind is constantly looking for answers. And I’m trying to evaluate what’s going on in the background, and whether the mind does start to relax, where the nervous system starts to reset, so that there is more peace. And therefore, shifting attention from thinking, which of course is where all the movement is. All the neural pathways, if that movement is happening, consciousness is going to follow that. And obviously, if the neurological aspect of trauma can be worked out, and therefore what you’re saying is correct, i.e., the mental chatter goes down. It’s going to be pro rata, that much easier to shift attention away from all of that movement, to recognizing oneself as consciousness and therefore becoming the witness not recognizing oneself as a witness. So the short answer is it’s too soon for me to evaluate. I’m sort of in it, and it’s challenging, but I’ll just sort through as best I can, and thanks for the background information, because that’s interesting. And the point you made about whether this is not my personal trajectory, because there is no personal “I” in this, it’s just the path that this this forum if you like is on about awakening. So anyway, I won’t go into that because I think we’ll go down a rabbit hole. Thank you both very much for your information, I appreciate it.

Jeffrey – Well, feel free to call into the office. I don’t know if you’ve experienced the office yet, but we do have extended hours for people around the world. Our hours are on the website at the bottom of the page and we’re happy to talk to everyone. We provide free trial specialists and we look forward to seeing you on another webinar sometime.

Martyn – Sure. Did you mean physically pop into your office?

Jeffrey – Well, likely you’re not in Nelson BC, Canada, but no pop in via the phone. Shall we hit a few more questions?

Clayten – William is asking, “If I put my phone in a Faraday bag at night, will this affect FLFE in any way? No, it’s not a problem, William.

Jeffrey – One of the experiments we did with IONS was in a very large Faraday bag. It was a whole room that was a double Faraday cage. And in the in the in the cage were random number generators. And the experiment was the activation of the FLFE service in the room. And the resulting change in the random number generator. So that’s on our Evidence Page and proves that FLFE works through a Faraday cage or bag and does not affect it.

Clayten – Interesting point, you talk about IONS, because that actually answers John’s question. John is asking, “Have you ever seen or used brain biofeedback to see progress?” And in the IONS study, there was an increase in the executive functions of the brain when people were in the FLFE environment. So we do have evidence of that as well, John, on the Evidence Page.

Jeffrey – So Martyn just asked about Shungite. We use the energetic essence of Shungite in the service. And that would be Shungite in major mines of Shungite around the world. I hope that answers your question.

Clayten – Diane asks, “I have some EMF mitigation devices around my condo, green wave filters, total shield, before FLFE. And they are still in place with this confuse any data collected?”. We typically don’t collect data on an individual property, Diane, other than testing all the properties once a week to make sure they’re at level, which is a good way to say it. “At that level of 560 or higher 98% of the time” if the slider is at that level. So we typically wouldn’t notice any data change in individual properties and the nature of the FLFE field is very similar to the activated field occurring in the human brain when we’re praying. So if someone comes into mind and then all of a sudden they call us, that’s an example of the human brain’s capacity to create a field somewhere else in the world. So I feel like the FLFE is very similar to that. And so, there’s no contradiction with the FLFE field and any other field that we are aware of.

Jeffrey – So Jamie, yes, if you have an FLFE object, if you’re on the Everywhere service, it will compensate for your phone in your pocket. So there’s a five foot zone around the object or around the phone, if you have the phone on FLFE Everywhere, where everything is mitigated to the maximum level that we do with the service. And then there are zones outside of that distance. Because these things are moving towards us, EMF sources, moving into the environment, the energetic essence of Shungite and the level of consciousness changes are going up away from the object and that would include the phone if it’s close by. Do you have any recommendations?

Clayten – Well, we recommend any of Dr. David Hawkins work, conventional spiritual teachers, Eckhart Tolle comes to mind; he’s in the five hundreds. Michael Beckwith is coming to mind. He’s pretty high, Joe Dispenza is integrous. And in Dr. Hawkins book, Truth versus Falsehood, he has a list of traditional spiritual teachers and traditional spiritual studies, and there’s good information, there’s a lifetime worth of information there to study.

Jeffrey – So Sabina, you had the service at 560, and then turned it up to 570. And then experienced a headache? That could be related to hydration so it’s something to play with. Try dialing it back as, as we said, in the Tools section, there’s a Hydration Page. And there are recommendations based on our weight as to how much water to drink. So perhaps track what you’re actually drinking and find out where you stand. So it’s the only thing I can think of Clayten unless you have another thought.

Clayten – Yes, it’s interesting, when our bodies are healing from something, they tend to need more water than other times. I’ve noticed that recently; I had a little something going on. And I just noticed I needed a lot more water, I think it was related to traveling. And driving in a snowstorm for seven hours straight, took a lot out of me. And the next day, fortunately, I had the day off. And I was really, really thirsty. And so for whatever reason, the additional stressed body wants water to heal.

Jeffrey – So this next one, from Anaya is about muscle testing. So muscle testing is a very important part of what we do. Kinesiology testing is another name for muscle testing. And it’s an important part of FLFE and how we operate the business. And Clayten has spent years back engineering muscle testing for accuracy. And we have a team now that does the testing and checks each other. So we’re all checking each other. And we’re interested in doing more research. We have someone interested in working with us and that may occur in the future. So, if there’s more you’d like to say there, Clayten, you’re definitely the expert in that area.

Clayten – Well, there’s a certain amount of subjectivity. When we’re gathering data, depending on

the purpose of the data, we can use batch testing, where we do 30 calibrations amongst the four people in our testing team in the morning. So we have if each person testing, and they’re all coming up with a similar number within say, a five point integer or ten point integer, which is plus or minus five point variants. If we gather enough data over enough time, the statistical significance of that is one of the ways to manage our subjectivity. And we could talk about this for literally a week because there are so many things involved in managing the kinesiology process. One is that we have to test the level of consciousness or the variable considered over a period of time. If we test it in the moment, some things change really quickly. So if we’re doing a bunch of testing within an hour, and we notice there’s a fairly large variance in our results, the conditions in an environment might have changed in that hour. So we’d have to go back and test over a period of 24 hours or a week to have a more stable number over time. So there’s a lot to do kinesiology really well.

We just crossed the 10 million calibration mark as a team, Jeff, the four of us. Yeah. So I’m at 7.5. you are around 1.5.  So, we’ve done lots of testing. And a big part of it is just forming the inquiry. Learning to ask the perfect question is a science and an art. And I don’t know many people who have figured that out. So we certainly respect that many people do not have a good experience with kinesiology, I didn’t for the first six months, it was crazy making. I just didn’t think it worked. And a lot of people in my circle of influence also couldn’t get it to work. And it’s only through persistence and a certain amount of grace of God, I believe, that we’ve been able to get the level of accuracy consistently in certain areas. And there are some areas where we can’t get accurate data. Sometimes because we have a charge on an issue personally. There are some questions or some topics, I’ve never been able to find a way to ask the right question to get the answers we’re looking for. Because we don’t have the subject matter expertise to figure out how to make the inquiry. So it’s a great question. And there is so much to it.

Jeffrey – Yes, thanks, Clayten. It’s been quite an interesting learning experience for me over the years, becoming better at it. And, and it’s just practice; it’s a lot of lot of trying and testing and hydration is an important part of it. So, we have two hydration questions around pets. Pets seem to self-regulate, as Patricia said; her dog is Levi is drinking six times the water he usually does. So we find that pets tend to self-regulate hydration. And in a high consciousness environment, there’s so much more energy available for the pets. And they are positively using that energy for their own health and well-being.  Yes, we generally have a lot of interesting stories about pets and horses in particular, that are very sensitive to energy. We have some friends who ride horses a lot, and their friends who ride with them find their horses are calmer when they’re with them because they have FLFE Everywhere on their phones. So it’s another way to get around any bias that we may have by wanting the service to work.

So, I think we’re getting to the point, Clayten, if we answer one or two more; we’ve been chatting for about an hour and 15 minutes so we could wrap it up here.

Clayten – Sure, your call, Jeff. I’ll pick up pick up this call from Elaine, she’s made an interesting point.

“Since the majority of people already have many 1000s of units of EMF toxicity in their bodies does FLFE eliminate these or merely stop more from being absorbed?” Well, the way we measure EMF influences is through kinesiology. And we also use the GDV camera because it’s sensitive enough to pick up the field that FLFE is. So if we use a Tripod Field meter or most other standard EMF meters, we won’t know.

At least we haven’t noticed a difference when we’ve turned FLFE on or off. So I don’t know the answer to this question. I don’t know if FLFE eliminates EMF toxicity from the body. And I don’t know if it eliminates 100% of it from being absorbed. We typically focus on the idea of harmonization Elaine, so we tried to turn the consciousness lowering, which is how we measure EMF influence, we measure in a lowering the consciousness lowering context. So I don’t know if it 100% stops EMFs from being absorbed, but it’s certainly in a very high 90 percentile. And I’m not sure if it eliminates EMF toxicity from the body, I’ll have to look into that. It’s very interesting. Have you if you studied that at all, Jeff? Have we talked about it?

Jeffrey – Yes, we have talked about it with some EMF researchers. In fact, we have two different groups of people that do research with EMF sensitives. And one of those groups, we’re going forward with some research; we’re in the gathering of tools phase for that. And this is looking at people that are very EMF sensitive, where it’s affected the quality of their life negatively. And you use the word toxicity. So, we have our own results from beta testing of the EMF Mitigation, where we had some EMF sensitives in  our population who stepped up and wanted to be part of the beta test. And we saw some quite striking results with that group, with sleep, headaches, tension, and anxiety greatly reduced. But this study that we’re embarking on will look at a larger population and be turning on and off the service to see the results.  And another potential research episode, we don’t have anything scheduled for this would be bloodwork because these researchers are very interested to know, what are the biological markers that cause this EMF toxicity? Or this reaction? And how does that show up in our blood?

Then, in an environment that’s mitigated in some way with FLFE, or some other way, what changes, what’s different? This is really a kind of an early area of research, where people are really looking like what’s happening, why are people having these experiences with EMF, what’s happening biologically in their bodies? So we’ll see where that goes. But it’s a great question, thank you for bringing it out.

Clayten – Just our last one, I’ll answer. I’m just seeing Luke story. Luke is asking about Byron Katie, many people are asking about different teachers. Byron Katie was in the mid five hundreds last time I checked Luke, which is high.

Jeffrey – Luke has another question about EMF harmonizing devices in the home. Are they redundant and useless if that fluffiest turned on this question?

Jeffrey – What we find is FLFE plays well with everything that is additive, or there is not a negative result with other things that are on. I have found with my pendant that I had purchased for EMFs, and I didn’t feel like I needed it anymore. And what we  recommend is that we try it with our own bodies. With the Control Panel, EMF Mitigation can be turned on and off. So we highly recommend that anyone has some devices, try turning off EMF Mitigation with FLFE off. Then bring those devices into your presence. See how you feel, move them away from your presence, see how you feel, turn FLFE Mitigation back on, see how you feel. That kind of experimenting is really the best way at this point, to see what’s happening. If we had a $5,000 GDV camera, we might be able to do some experiments that would show us something. And if we could measure the level of consciousness, we might be able to see differences as well. But I would say, from my personal experience, in what we’re seeing that it wouldn’t be necessary to have those things if the FLFE EMF Mitigation was on.

Clayten – We tend not to talk in absolutes, we’re pretty conservative about how we say things. And one of the things I like about working with Jeff is we’ve known each other long enough that we tend to talk for ourselves, we allow ourselves our own individuality to the degree we have it, which is refreshing. And  we both work in the business and sometimes we’re deeply investigating an EMF research project now with a pretty sophisticated group. And so because that’s Jeff’s world, sometimes I’ll ask him stuff that I might not have heard over the last couple days, or we’ve been talking about things other than that for the last few days. So if anyone hears us asking each other on the webinar, it doesn’t mean, we don’t talk. There are new developments all the time, and we’re learning. And we’re in the middle of quite a lot of research right now. So if I had a different type of electromagnetic frequency device, and it showed a positive influence on my Trifield meter, I’d probably keep it around. We measure the consciousness lowering influence of EMFs, that’s our specialty; consciousness. And we believe that certainly FLFE harmonizes a high 90 percentile of a EMFs. And because we’re pretty conservative, we’re looking for multiple layers of evidence. Right now we have kinesiology, we have the gas discharge visualization camera, we’re going to do a major study with EMF sensitives, that’s a double blind longitudinal study.  It’s the highest standard in science and going to get some blood work done with those people if we can, we’re just exploring if we can do that. So we just tend not to talk in absolutes, we want to empower everyone to be consciousness researchers, and have sovereignty in our lives. And we appreciate everyone listening to our opinions and asking good questions. And I’m glad not to talk in absolutes, because we don’t always know. And we do encourage everyone to take responsibility for ourselves.

I’ll talk for a few more seconds, give you a moment to gather your thoughts. Thank you all for coming on to the webinar. And we appreciate your questions. And it’s always fun talking to people.  We love talking to our subscribers; we could do this all day long. So I just want to thank you for attending, and we appreciate those who filled out the polls, that helps us helps us give better service.

Jeffrey – Thanks Clayten, and in a different time, hopefully in the not too distant future we’d love to be traveling and meeting with our subscribers. We had a trip to Los Angeles and a trip to Denver, where we met subscribers, and that’s always great to do. We couldn’t do this without you. We have a lot of love for our subscribers and people that are on this journey with us. Feel free to call into the office sometime. We really enjoy those calls coming in. And we’ve got a great group of people on the phones and we are all on this journey together. And this research is exciting because we can participate in that. And there are many more things to come on the research side and on the improvement of the environment. So that’s just how we’re wired. We just keep making improvements to it and changes and it’s because it’s our family. You know, it really feels like family. And so I appreciate everyone being with us here on this webinar and on this journey.

Good Night.