FLFE EMF Mitigation Experiment II -5G Home Router

May 2019 5G Home Router Experiment in a FLFE Environment

In this particular experiment, we looked at the effects on the environment of a powerful 5G home router with and without FLFE/EMF Mitigation.

This experiment uses two modalities of evidence, Gas Discharge Visualization and Consciousness Kinesiology to assess the health of the environment. Another important form of evidence is how you feel in the environment. We encourage you to experiment yourself by going to your Customer Portal and turning the EMF Mitigation on and off and seeing how you feel.

See the Gas Discharge Visualization Summary

See the Level Of Consciousness Summary

The model and specifications of the router are below.


Linksys Max-Stream AC5400 MU-MIMO Tri-Band WiFi Router for Home5.3 Gbps (5 GHz / 1000 Mbps) + (5 GHz / 2166 Mbps) + (2.4 GHz / 2166 Mbps)                                                         

Types of Measurements Used For The Study

Two measurement modalities were used for the testing: Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) to measure the variability of the energy, which in this context we call “Entropy” and Consciousness Kinesiology (listen to an explanation HERE) to measure the level of consciousness.

While most conventional EMF readers measure magnetic and electrical fields present in an area, as of June, 2019 they are not designed to measure the consciousness-lowering effect that some EMFs may have. Therefore, our measurement of consciousness-lowering EMFs is not using traditional EMF meters to read the magnetic and electrical fields present. These devices have, so far, not shown a difference in the readings with the FLFE EMF Mitigation program on and off. They are not reading the subtle changes in the EMFs that we call “harmonization” that transform a consciousness-lowering EMF into a positive consciousness-raising energy. GDV devices are part of a new generation of instruments that can measure subtle energies.

The Results

Gas Discharge Visualization Testing

If you haven’t seen EMF Experiment I, click HERE to see the experiment set-up. The Sputnik Antenna was connected to a titanium test object. The object was placed on the lens of the camera. Images of the test object were captured for 3 hours every 10 seconds at specific intervals.  All 1000 images for each test period were analyzed by the proprietary GDV software, SciLab. Entropy and Total Intensity were measured.

Entropy – Merriam Webster Dictionary’s describes Entropy as a process of degradation; running down; a trend to disorder; chaos, disorganization, randomness. When referring to entropy in scientific terms it refers to the “noise” and static present. It is a quality of energy that is not useful or beneficial.

Important: Entropy is a measurement of the stability or variability of the energy that is present in the space rather than the quantity of energy. If entropy is high, it shows chaos. Low entropy shows low chaos or high coherence.

Using the SciLab analysis program with the GDV device, the Entropy data (which is shown in the chart below) is a calculation of the energy measured in the space by the GDV device.

The following description pertains to the image below, which shows Entropy. The lower the bar is on the graph the healthier or less chaotic the energy of the space is.

  • The Baseline (Red Bar) taken without FLFE/EMF mitigation or the 5G router was chaotic and has a large area of disorganized energy.
  • The Blue bar represents the energy in the test environment with FLFE/EMF mitigation turned ON. It is less chaotic and substantially more organized.
  •  The Green Bar represents the Energy of the test space with the 5G router turned ON and FLFE/EMF mitigation turned OFF. The Entropy is very high and disorganized.
  • The Brown Bar represents the energy in the test environment after FLFE/EMF mitigation is turned ON while the 5G router is also ON.  It is the lowest bar on the graph and shows the most coherent energy and the least amount of “noise” present.

Total Intensity –If the Total Intensity increases, meaning the bars move higher on the chart, this shows an energetic influence was added to the testing site. In the image below we see that the first two bars, red; Baseline (No FLFE/EMF mitigation) and blue, (FLFE/EMF mitigation ON) shows an increase in the intensity of the glow.  The second 2 bars represent the 5G router with no FLFE/EMF mitigation (green) and the 5G router with the FLFE/EMF mitigation (light brown) turned ON.   The results in this test show that the very high energy of the 5G Router was reduced to a healthier level.

GDV Summary:

The GDV machine used in this experiment is a sensitive instrument for measuring the energy of an environment. Looking first at the measurement of Entropy (i.e., the variability and/or chaos of the energy), the addition of the 5G router greatly increased the Entropy or the chaotic energy in the environment. In both the Baseline (without 5G router) and when the 5G router was active, the Entropy in the testing space was reduced substantially when FLFE/EMF Mitigation was administered to the environment. The Total Intensity data showed a reduction in the total energy when FLFE/EMF Mitigation was added to the active 5G router. This supports the reduction in Entropy, the reduction of energy swings to a more coherent, less chaotic smaller range of energy variability. The data shows a significant improvement in the quality of the energy in the testing space.

Level of Consciousness Testing

Clayten Stedmann and Jeffrey Stegman measured the level of consciousness (LOC) of the experimental location using Kinesiology during the various phases of testing:

Level of Consciousness of entire property with: Baseline with FLFE + EMF OFF -May 10, 2019 8:16am through 11:20am EDST LOC 408
Level of Consciousness of entire property with: FLFE + EMF ON May 10, 2019 5:37pm through 8:41 pm EDST LOC 570
Level of Consciousness of entire property with: 5G Router ON, FLFE + EMF OFF May 11, 2019 5:54pm through 8:58pm EDST LOC 399
Level of Consciousness of entire property with: 5G Router ON, FLFE + EMF ON May 11, 2019 2:56pm through 5:52pm EDST LOC 574
The typical variability of our Consciousness Kinesiology testing in this context is +/- 2 points LOC +/- 2 pts

LOC Testing Summary:

The addition of the active (powered on and connected to devices used for standard internet activities) 5G router into the environment without FLFE+EMF Mitigation lowered the level of consciousness from 408 to 399. When FLFE+EMF Mitigation is added to the 5G environment, the level of consciousness actually goes up higher than the baseline with no 5G, from 570 to 574, for the entire property. This is due to the harmonization of the 5G energy so that it is positive and adds life-force energy to the environment. A closer look at the area close to the active router with FLFE and EMF Mitigation ON shows a more detailed result:

The 5G Router itself: The level of consciousness (LOC) of the router was between 600 and 605.

In a radius around the 5G Router:

  • Within a 1-foot radius of the 5G Router: the LOC of the area went up 30 points.
  • Within a 10-foot radius of the 5G Router: the LOC of the area went up 10 points.
  • Within a 20-foot radius of the 5G Router:the LOC of the area went up 5 points.
  • Within a 50-foot radius of the 5G Router: and for the home, the LOC of the entire property went up 4 points.

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