Liver-Kidney-Gall Bladder Optimization

Liver-Kidney-Gall Bladder Optimization

The Liver-Kidney-Gall Bladder program supports the body to use the energy-rich FLFE environment and the available program instructions to optimize these important filtering organs. The organs are supported to use the available energy and the innate intelligence of the body to increase the filtering capacity of the organs. We make no health claims, but we know that the health and filtering capacity of these organs greatly affects our capacity to remove the byproducts of healing and metabolic processes. Our Kinesiology testing results show an increase in the operational efficiency of the Liver and Kidneys over time.

Why should I drink extra water?

As a reminder, in the FLFE enhanced environment your body also starts to physically repair things that may have been “on-hold” for years or decades due to a lack of energetic resources. It is very helpful to drink more water than normal. Your body’s increased metabolic processes and waste removal require more water. Let everyone on a property with FLFE know that they should increase their water intake.

How does FLFE affect sleep?

There is sometimes a period of adjustment in the body, mind and spirit when one is in a high consciousness environment like those that FLFE activates. We often use the metaphor of the extra energy from FLFE being like a cheque that we would be able to write to renovate our house. The body’s innate intelligence uses the extra energy from the FLFE environment to do the interior “renovations” that it has wanted to do for perhaps years or decades in some cases. We did a lot of research on optimal sleep and included that very early on as that is something that we wanted personally. Please contact the FLFE office if you need further assistance.

Healing in a high conscious environment

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Listen to Jeff and Clayten, FLFE founders, explaining more about healing in a high conscious environment:


Being in a high consciousness field means more energy available. On average FLFE customers rise 8 points on the Hawkins Map of consciousness in 90 days. Each point upwards on the Hawkins Map means 10 times more energy is available. The body can take in that energy and uses it for healing, physical healing and emotional/ psychological healing.

FLFE can support healing our immune system, GI tract (gastrointestinal tract or digestive tract), antioxidants, detoxing of liver and gallbladder. FLFE also has an anti-stagnation program. Subtle energy flows through our bodies in the meridians and between the different energetic aspects of our human systems. When we have stagnation we feel stuck and we may have a difficult time moving forward in our lives to improve our health, relationships and other things important to us. Chinese medicine can help to clear stagnation with acupuncture. FLFE does it 24/7. For some customers, this initially feels intense as the old energy is moving out.