Consciousness Scales, Kinesiology, and 

Consciousness Research – Part 2 

April 10, 2018  

(0:00) Jeffrey – Welcome, everyone to part two of the FLFE webinar. Consciousness scales, Kinesiology and Consciousness Research. I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann.

Jeffrey – So in this session, we will discuss definitions and common themes in personal development. We’ll measure the level of consciousness of various definitions in that area and we hope you find it interesting. We will be talking about the Hawkins Map. So Clayten, do you want to give everybody a refresher on that?

Clayten – Yes, for those of you who are new to the webinar, Dr. Hawkins Map of Consciousness is the scale that we use, and that we’ll refer to it is a scale from one to infinity. The human realm is 1 to 1000. Each level of consciousness has a certain number of micro watts of electricity associated with it. And those measurements are in the back of Power versus Force just after the consciousness compensation chart at the end of the book. So, we’ll be talking about that scale this evening, and measuring the truth of different themes in the personal development or spiritual world. And we’ll go into a little more depth on the scales that we talked about last week. So, this is sort of part two of last week’s discussion, we didn’t have enough time to cover all of the topics that we want to cover.

Jeffrey -So as in other webinars, put your questions in Q&A, and sometime during the webinar we will ask for anyone that wants to ask a live question. And there’s a way that you as a participant can raise your hand. And we’ll put instructions in the Q&A box or the chat box for you, leading to that, and then we can call on you and you can be live with Jeffrey and  Clayten here.

Clayten – Yes, let’s hope the technology works. We’ll try it.

Jeffrey – Right. We’re first timers here.

Clayten – Well, I guess I can talk about the Map of Consciousness a little bit more Jeff, and then kind of bridge the conversation from last week where we talked about the Modified Map of Consciousness. So, what I didn’t mention earlier on the Hawkins Map, and I just have a copy here, I’ll show you. For those of you who are not familiar with it this is the Map we’re referring to here

And so last week, we talked about adding another distinction to the Map of Consciousness that would allow a higher or support a higher expression of truth. Because it’s such a specialized field, I sometimes forget to explain things in the level of detail that people reasonably need. And so, we had some calls this week at the office about that type of topic. Such as, could you go into more detail about what you meant when you said this? And so, last webinar, I talked about several different scales. One is a percentage scale where we could use on a scale of 1 to 100 where 100 represents the highest level of consciousness a human being can achieve. Instead of using a one to 1000 scale, like Dr. Hawkins had mentioned, we talked about the limitation of the percentage scale. And if there is no aspect of the scale, that does not include Divinity as the ultimate source of truth, that scale has a limitation and that it cannot go over 499.

I talked in the last webinar about the highest percentage scale that I had found, calibrated at 599. And what I meant by that is that when I look at the Hawkins Map of Consciousness, which I will show in just a second, 200 is integrity, 500 is love, 600 is peace and the beginning of enlightenment, it ripens at about 700. Now, if we look at the percentage scale, if we just made this from 1 to 100, and had 100 being a representation of Divinity being the highest source of consciousness. (5:00) Divinity calibrates, or God or Creator, or The One Creator calibrates at infinity on the Hawkins Map, it’s just that the scale that he typically shows is from 1 to 1000. In his book, The Eye he talks about the astral realms being below 200, the angelic realm when you’re on the other side, the astral realms the other side, the astral realm being below 200, the angelic realms starting at 500, and the Archangel starting at 50,000. So, the scale is quite a bit larger, it’s just that we typically deal in the human realm, so use the human aspect of it are part of it. So, if we use a percentage scale, because we’re used to that society going to school, we would get a grade on a 1 to 100 scale.  And oftentimes people will talk, and use a percentage scale for common language, if you include 100, being the level of consciousness that the highest human beings have achieved, and that there is a reference to that scale, having an aspect of it, where God is the ultimate source of truth, then that scale goes to 599.

That’s what I meant last webinar when I said the highest percentage scale that I’d found was at 599. What’s interesting is if we add the God view to the percentage scale, actually, if we take the Map of Conscious and calibrate this part here, I calibrate it at 599. (pointing to the whole range in the Map of Consciousness) When we add the God view, it goes up to 640, when we add the Life view it goes up to 690. When we add Emotion each level of consciousness experiences, it then goes to 720. And then if we add the Process, it goes to 840. So that gives a sense of how the Map of Consciousness was built, at least from my perspective, I didn’t build it. But when we were looking at the variables involved in assessing truth using kinesiology, our scale is one of the variables. So, the higher the consciousness of the scale, the less variance in the testing. That’s true of anything.

Jeffrey – One of the things we talked about too is how using a consciousness scale to measure something like the map or a book of some kind, we’re really measuring the expression of truth there. I thought it was interesting, you had told me at one point that if I’m measuring something, and it’s kind of normally scientifically true it would be in the 400’s on the scale. And it isn’t until we get to the 600’s and above that we’re measuring nonlinear truth or what’s behind how things work. So, then the Hawkins Map is really expressing at a very high level of truth.

Clayten – Yes, that’s a good point, Jeff. Science typically is a very linear model of consciousness, or expression of consciousness. Now, there are new models that are emerging that are scientific, and we have to define what scientific means of course . I’m just thinking Jeff of Dr. Keshe’s work. So, Dr. Keshe’s model of science, if you will, calibrates at 600. So, there are these I’m not saying they are emerging, I’m not saying they’re new, there are these newer teachings that calibrate at the edge of the nonlinear realm that are scientific in their regulatory consistent, applicable double blind, reproducible aspect. So that’s a part of science. We’re not trained as scientists, per se, but we use a scientific method. So, we can talk about it with some degree of clarity.

Jeffrey – Yes, that’s great. I think it’s an interesting way to look at truth as an expression on this on scale. And I think it takes a little discussion to have a second explanation it was really helpful for me.

(10:00) Clayten – Yes, we are not claiming to be able to access truth or the highest degrees of truth at all time. But what was interesting is that it took me five years, I think I’ve mentioned this before, and 2.75 million calibrations to figure out the parts of the protocols that were included in the book by Dr. Hawkins, but not included in the protocols of the book. And at the end of that, I thought, Oh, great, I can test anything because I can form a really good inquiry and control the variables. And what I realized at the end of that was that one of the variables is being clear or free of judgment about a topic. And so, the level of consciousness of Dr. Hawkins, when he saw that kinesiology was a non-local phenomena was over 850 out of 1000. Interestingly enough, the level of consciousness, we would have to have to see that was  850 or higher, then it took a higher level of consciousness to bring it to the world, and then a higher level of consciousness still to hold it in integrity in the world in the way that he did.

So, for those of you who are really interested in kinesiology and put the time in will be able to figure out what’s missing in the protocols. And will find at the end of that i  we are not at peace with the topic, we will not be able to get accurate data on that topic. So, for example, I can find missing objects about 15% of the time 15 to 17%.  I did over 50 hours of theta healing with a world class theta healer on just trying to find missing objects. We cleared a bunch of karmic stuff, a bunch of influences, and I could find missing objects 25% of the time. So, until I clear whatever issues I have about finding missing objects, and what that represents, it doesn’t matter how good my inquiry is, or how accurate the question is, or how good my testing is, I’m not going to be able to find missing objects consistently. Where Jeff and I are consistent is testing properties. So those are the areas that we claim accuracy in.

Jeffrey – And in the programs as well.

Clayten –  And the programs as well measuring the truth of programs. Yes, that’s, that’s true. And there are probably some other areas where we’re quite good. But those are the two areas where we have, I guess, done enough work that we’re able to test those and get consistency.

Jeffrey – I could just talk about that a little bit about the programs. If we have an inquiry related to a program, we’re measuring the level of consciousness of it, we’re measuring the level of appropriateness of it. So, we have those definitions well written. And we’re measuring the level of consciousness of the definition, we’re measuring the level of  consciousness of the inquiry that we’re testing. And then we’re measuring whether we’re free and clear to test it, as Clayten said, whether we have something that’s restraining us from accurate testing. So, it’s part of how we develop ideas by testing what we create, and of course, we use it to measure the level of consciousness of properties.

But also, the programs or the information that’s supporting our Innate Intelligence, that’s part of the field. We’re measuring the level of consciousness of those and editing and working on them until they’re 999 or higher on the Hawkins Map. So, we’re looking for an extremely high expression of truth in the human realm for those for the programs, that are part of the FLFE wave. I just thought it was worth mentioning.

Clayten – We also recognize there’s a paradox using kinesiology to test how clear we are on the topic so we can test with kinesiology, we recognize that paradox. And we have our own ways of testing it, we have other kinesiologists that we use as a resource to test our ability to test on certain subjects. So I just wanted to say that we are aware of the paradox, and we have ways of getting outside help on areas that we’re not clear about especially if we’re not sure what our levels of accuracy are. So, we have a community of people that we draw upon, we get help.

Jeffrey – Okay. Why don’t we move into some of these topics and definitions in the world of personal development and raising our consciousness? (15:00) We have done some calibrating of different definitions and making some changes and trying to increase the level of consciousness or the expression of truth in the definition of topics. So, we have a good definition of success. Do you want to start with that one Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, we covered that one last week that was the last one that we covered.

Jeffrey – Oh we did, okay.

Clayten – And what we’re going to talk about today is how to handle challenges. And the second one was a perspective that represents a way to be at peace with issues. So, the next thing is about handling challenges in the world.

So, the first part is, we’ve heard the saying all the time, about God does not give us a challenge that we cannot overcome. We thought it was pretty evident that people have challenges all the time they cannot overcome. And so, I thought I would test this one, because it’s one of those things that gets said all the time. And I think the intention often is to encourage us to try and that’s helpful. But that statement does calibrate at 110 out of 1000. So, there are challenges for those of us who see this as a workshop here down on earth or a school. Divinity gives us those challenges, and we don’t always overcome them, perhaps it’s possible that we can overcome them at some time in the future. But we can’t test the future with kinesiology. If we make an inquiry that tries to test a future event, we will find out that inquiry is less than 200. What we can do with predicting the future is calibrate the level of consciousness of predictive models. And that’s helpful. And that can give some clues. So, God does not give us a challenge we cannot overcome that calibrates at 110. So, what are some other perspectives to take on challenges?

The inquiry here we used was, on a scale parallel to the Hawkins Map of Consciousness where 1000 represents the highest perspective to take to create a mental framework or attitude, to most likely be at peace with the challenge I’m having. We’ll talk about the statement and then talk about the consciousness. So, the higher the consciousness of the statement, the more likely are able to overcome that because we’re holding a framework that supports us to be at peace.

So, if we’re having a challenge, and say, “Please reveal to me the lesson in this Lord”, the level ofconsciousness of that at an attitudinal position is 600 out of 1000. So, I’ll talk about some higher ones and we’ll talk about some lower ones. And then we’ll look for the distinctions between the statements.

The next one we have written down here is; “Please reveal to me the lesson in this Lord, and how I might overcome it.” That calibrates it 800 out of 1000. So now, let’s do 1000 of 1000 perspective. There are sometimes many thousands of perspectives, there are many ways to say it, but this is one of them.

And it’s using the first part of that same inquiry, or that same statement, is; “Please reveal to me the lesson in this Lord and help me with the will to overcome it.” And that’s 1000 out of 1000. So that invokes Divine Will running on personal will.  And that’s the distinction there. So, in the first one, we’re asking that the lesson be revealed. The second one is asking for the lesson to be revealed and how we can overcome it. And then we’re asking that the lesson be revealed, and that we’re helped with the spiritual will to overcome it.

And that’s a common theme. We have a lot of people asking us how high the 12-step program calibrates, it’s really quite high. In fact, I think 3, 7 and 11; those steps are over 900 and the program calibrates about 540 overall. (20:00) So, because the 12- step program is so popular in the world, it’s an interesting reference point for many people. Anything else we should say about that, Jeff, we can give a couple other examples. And then we can go to questions.

Jeffrey – Yes, it is interesting about not specifically asking for help to overcome the issue, but really asking for the will to overcome it. Which is interesting because it’s giving us responsibility as a co-creator to overcome the challenge.

Clayten – Yes, the default in the first two statements was that we’re only relying on our will to overcome it. So, we could say; “Please reveal to me the lesson in this Lord and I will apply my personal will to overcome it” still calibrated 600. So, there’s kind of an unsaid thought here, that we’re running on personal will as opposed to Divine Will. Personal will and  Divine Will.

So, here’s another one; “Please reveal to me what the lesson is Lord. And I asked for your Grace Lord to help me overcome this issue.” that calibrates at 900 out of 1000. So, we’re asking for the Grace of God, which is probably a good idea. We’re not necessarily asking for help with the will to overcome it. I thought that one would have tested higher, I checked that many times. But that was an interesting distinction.

Jeffrey – It seems that, again, the expression of our action, our personal action, our personal agency is as an individual, or as co-creators is an important piece.

Clayten – That that was the distinction there, we’re not asking specifically for help. When we ask for the will to overcome it, we’re taking further responsibility as a co-creator.

So, here’s another one; “Please reveal to me the lesson in this Lord. And I ask for the good karma that I have accumulated in this lifetime and others to be spent here so this issue is overcome.” Now what we’re trying to do is cash in the chips, right? And that calibrates at 600 out of 1000. Again asking for co-creative will to come into place. I thought that was curious because I do ask for that once in a while. I don’t think it hurts to ask it. But it’s not the highest expression, using our own will and the will of the Creator, or God helps develop character. Where cashing in the chips may not develop as much character. And then we have the character to take to other challenges as well.

Jeffrey – Well, what do you say Clayten shall we move into some questions? So, all of you that would like us to answer any questions for you. If you have any questions about what we’ve just talked about, or any other subject, please go to the Q&A box down at the bottom of the screen and type those in. And then we’ll take some time to do a couple of verbal questions. And then we can get into other subjects as well.

(25:00) Clayten –  Sure, so we’re going to try to answer these live. Jan asks, “If one’s property is heavily challenged by underground streams of water and a well  in the house, what can one do to remedy?” Well, on FLFE, we have a program written to charge the level of consciousness of an incoming underground stream to the FLFE property, far enough up the string that it actually brings positive energy to the property. So, on a very gross physical level, trying to dig up the underground stream and move it around your house would help. Planting trees around the underground stream, depending on how much flow you have to suck up the water; willow trees are good for that. Cottonwoods and cedar trees as well.  I had a ley line that ran through my property once Jan. And what I did was take a bunch of crystals and found the ley line and went up the ley line, and then I took it down to my property and bent it around the house and bent it down past my property. And it changed the energy on the property significantly. So that’s a possibility with the stream, I haven’t tried that. But that thought just came to mind.

Jeffrey – So we have written quite a number of very specific programs that are, like Clayten mentioned, either charging up waters comes in, or there is quite a bit relating to water, not just underground streams there are water tables and the flow of water in a whole water system. So, as we find those, we put them on for all properties.  And it does affect any new properties to come on after that so they will come up to a level of consciousness. So there are underground features that can affect the level of consciousness of a property, and we work to find those as quickly as we can when a property pops up. It’s challenging that way.

Clayten – Yes, when we moved into this building, there had been a lot of construction around it before we moved in, because the street was repaired. So, we had somebody come in and dowse the property with me, and then we put a bunch of crystals around the property that helped balance the energies of the land. Because with all the construction and new sidewalks getting poured, new telephone poles put in, it just seemed to disturb the energy of the land, and it actually dropped in consciousness. So that might be a possibility Jan, of finding somebody who does that type of work, and can put crystals  around your underground stream, or there may be other ways that we don’t understand. My sense of it is that  I would talk to a dowser, that’s what they do. So just to give you a little more scope there.

Jeffrey – So Olga is asking – “Would you please review the technique for determining whether a supplement  is a positive one for you or not.  How do you position the supplement and the body and the movement? Thank you.” There are many ways to do that. What I tend to do is hold the bottle of supplements in my hand. If I’m in a store I may move it out to the side of me, then move it in front of the body, kind of down in front of my heart, and I’ll be just light on my feet. If it’s positive for me, I’ll move towards it. And if it’s negative for me, I’ll move away from it. Very natural movement. That’s a way to get the basics, is it positive or negative for you.

Clayten – Yes, in terms of using an inquiry, we could use, because that supplement is a type of food. So, we can hold that bottle in front of you, as Jeff has demonstrated. What I like about what Jeff did is it gives you kind of a No on the side and then the Yes, in front so that’s a good test because you have the contrast. You could hold it in your in front of your heart, your solar plexus, and state; (30:00) “The food

within the capsules in this bottle are good for my body.” You don’t want to say this substance in this bottle because the substance includes the gel. You don’t want to say that this thing I’m holding in front of my body is good food, because it involves the plastic container, or the glass container, the paper label, and the capsule and the food. So, we want to help you get your inquiry, which will provide a more accurate response, Olga. And because we take a lot of supplements, and we do a lot of testing, and we had to refine that inquiry a little bit.

Jeffrey – So Heidi’s asking – “Can you go into more detail about creative consciousness and FLFE and  how to use them together? So, I’m assuming you’re talking about being in a creative state of mind for, say, artwork, or creative writing or dancing or other creative expression. Many customers have talked to us about being in a high consciousness field tends to clear the chattering mind. We could say the ego mind and allows us to drop into who we really are or our creative being. Then the flow can happen more naturally, without our judgments and mind chatter which can slow the process down. Do you have anything to say on that Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, I just noticed we have somebody trying to talk to us. So, we’ll answer Ashley’s question next. So, the co- creative consciousness and FLFE. We talked earlier about the spiritual will Heidi, I remember reading in Dr. Hawkins work, that it’s important to call upon a spiritual will, and that human will calibrates at the level of consciousness of the person who’s trying to overcome something. And so, when we call in the spiritual will, when we ask God for help, or the Creator or Divinity for help, then we’re using our co-creative power to call upon that will. And that will calibrate at 850. So, there is a lot more power in 850 than most of us have in our own personal lives because we’re not at 850 out of 1000. So, I would say as a co-creator, I would ask for the spiritual will or the will of the Divine to help in making the changes that you want to make.

Jeffrey – I would mention the Magnetizing Process as well, which is on the website. That was a co-creative process we created that goes very well with FLFE. It’s a way to use our incredible ability to create in the high consciousness field and the support that it gives us to do that. Here is the Magnetizing Process link: So, Ashley if you are ready to talk, we’re going to bring you in live to ask a question or make a comment.

Ashley – How are you guys? Thank you so much for this show. It’s very exciting to be all over the world watching. I wanted to ask you to please repeat the prayer that was that calibrated at 1000. And then Gil wanted to ask you a FLFE and Feng Shui question.  So, if you could repeat that prayer, I just wanted to jot that down. Thank you.

Clayten – Our intention was to put these up on the website in a PDF. But it’s; “Please reveal to me the lesson in this Lord. We could say please reveal to me the lesson in this experience, Lord, and help me with the Will to overcome it.”

Ashley – Okay, great. Thank you very much Clayten. And now Gil has a question for you. Because he’s so interested in Feng Shui.

Gil – Hi, Clayten yeah, I want to know, can FLFE correct some of the issues that normally would be corrected by Feng Shui ?

Clayten – The answer is yes. And Feng Shui has its place. I’m trying to think of an example for you, Gil but I can’t think of one right off the top of my head. We have a lot of customers in Asia and, of course, in the Asian culture, they value Feng Shui more than we do in the West, because it’s been part of their teaching for thousands of years. And we’ve had people say that it felt like FLFE was energetic Feng Shui.  Now what’s interesting in North America, the average home calibrated at 420 out of 1000 the last time I checked, and the average home that had Feng Shui on it in North America, that’s the average of all the different practitioners, all the different techniques and that calibrated at 460. So functionally doesn’t make a difference. Forty points is an extraordinary difference. And FLFE Home is 560 or higher. So, if you had an FLFE home that was 560. And then did Feng Shui it’s very possible you would get a benefit; I would say very likely.

Yeah, it’s a good question Gil maybe if Jeff answers it then I can think of an example.

Ashley – That’s incredible what you said, That’s incredible, wow!

Clayten – So Feng Shui is valuable either way, it’s just that the average home goes to 460 or average property, and FLFE goes to 560 or higher.

Jeffrey – I think one way to look at it is that Fung Shui is really the movement of Chi through the property. You know, it’s like moving obstacles and getting plants in the right place so that we’re assisting the movement of Chi or Life Force Energy through the property. And FLFE brings much more Life Force Energy or Chi into the property. So, we’ve got, thousands of times more Chi there. And now Feng Shui could help it move through as well.

Ashley – As well as using the elements to direct it. So that’s very interesting.

Jeffrey –  But there’s more there to work with and with FLFE it may be coming into the property in a different way. Because we know it’s coming in a spiral into a place on the property. And I don’t know if we said this in a webinar before, but if you walk around your house, you may be able to tell a place that’s a higher consciousness spot where FLFE is entering there. So, there’s a movement then of Chi into the house and it makes sense that it would be helped even more by Feng Shui.

Ashley and Gil – Thank you so much. Thank you. That was very comprehensive. Great. Thank you.

Clayten – I can’t think of any specific answer other than we have a program to remove stagnation, which is a big issue and with Feng Shui  I can’t think of an example yet. But there is more flow. So, if there are areas that are stagnated it will tend to move just because that’s part of the programming.

(41:00) Jeffrey – So, Melody asks, – “On the subject of water, I have an ocean on two sides. And a river on the third side, is this is positive or problematic?” Well, I’d say that depends.  What we are seeing is the effective of geographic situations on consciousness. And a lot of it has to do with the flow of Chi, just like we talked about Feng Shui, assisting the flow of Chi through property. There’s Chi flowing with water, particularly water that’s moving, and it can tend to pull other Chi with it away from a property; a river can do that. Sometimes if a river takes a bend right at a property, and if the water went straight, it would go into the property So the Chi though, does go straight . So, we have this slow Chi and it’s kind of pulling energy out of the property as it goes by. So, those things do happen. So, Melody we’re putting together a very extensive process right now, Clayten and I are working on it today. But we’re testing on a regular basis when properties are reaching 560, and, whether they’re there 98% of the time. So, your situation with the ocean on two sides and the river on a third. You know, that’ll come up at some point as we do the testing will see whether it’s causing an effect that we have not already compensated for. Because we have something like 22 or 23 particular geographic situations that affect consciousness that we’ve already compensated for and most of them do involve water. Do you have anything else to add to that Clayten?

Clayten  – Yes, we just came across a situation Melody where we found that there was a property that  wasn’t coming up to 560 and we found that there was either material buried into earth like a metal material or that there was some rebar from some concrete ore that it was sticking under the concrete or there was porous concrete, and the salt water moving through the area, because it was canal can associated with the metal caused electrostatic type of charge. That’s not exactly the right word. But the property would be 570 when the tide wasn’t moving, then when the tide started to move it would be 560, and then 555. And then it would go down to like 520 when the tide was running the fastest, and then it would come back up when the tide was up. So, we just finished a program for that to compensate for all those. (45:00) And as Jeff said, it depends, it’s interesting where we found we had to compensate almost a mile around the home, in kind of a radius at times, so those homes have a Pay it Forward(PIF)   500 program just to compensate so that one particular property could be at the level. So that’s an example of where we’ve been able to compensate for that. And that goes on all the properties in the future.

Jeffrey – Rose asks,  “When we had a FLFE on, I felt compressed, we had our phone and house on it, would that create a negative effect?” No, it doesn’t. Having both services does not have any kind of negative effect, it’s positive. There are some different programs in the field around the phone, that are that are positive, it’s actually higher, within four feet of the phone, it’s at 575. So that’s beneficial if you have your phone close to you. We recommend for people to drink plenty of water for your experience and increasing magnesium and essential fatty acids. Both of those are important for our bodies, normally, of course, but in a high consciousness field, there’s even more reason to nutrify the body so our Innate Intelligence can take advantage of those nutrients and the energy to do good things for our body. So sometimes people feel different sensations. Maybe the body asking for more fish oil I don’t know.

Clayten – Anonymous, is saying , “I’ve been subscribed to my FLFE mobile since last summer and I have lately been finding the energy to be challenging.  I find that I lose patience with myself, I’m irritated at times and overwhelmed with feelings of failure. I’ve been dealing with severe health issues, asthma since 2010, still recovering from six hospitalizations, in 2014 and 2015. It’s been a tough road and your feedback is appreciated.” It sounds like you have had a tough go of it. One of the things that you may be experiencing, and we don’t really give medical advice but there are times in life when we have what we call a healing crisis. And at that time, just before the breakthrough will be a breakdown. And again, I don’t know what your situation is. But I would consider that as a possibility. That if you have been on FLFE that long, and you’re finding just recently that what you said that you’ve been having a challenge, I would consider the breakdown/ breakthrough idea as a possibility.

I’m just not sure what else to say, Jeff.

Jeffrey – Well, again, water, make sure that you are hydrating well. I found In the last week, I had picked up a bug when I was traveling and my water, my hydration was hard to keep up and  I know that I did feel much more irritated than I was before. So, irritation can be a symptom of low hydration.

Clayten – Yes, it really is worth mentioning. I mean, I just got a little bit dehydrated over the weekend. And it’s like, wow, it really hit me. So best not to take that for granted.

Jeffrey – You know the other thing you can do is use the control panel. And you can pause it to see how it feels to you, you know see if it feels different. There are a lot of other energies happening right now. There’s  a lot of energy coming into the solar system based on the position of our solar system in relation to the galaxy. So, there are other factors happening as well. So if you pause FLFE and you’re finding that you’re still feeling these things, it could be coming from elsewhere it could be something else that affecting you. And that’s natural as well.

Clayten – Robert has his hand up.

(51:00) Robert – I’ve been telling myself all day long; don’t miss the webinar. I have a question. What is the difference between having the energy going to the cell phone versus the technology that uses your hair, or your nail clippings to direct energy to your DNA?

Jeffrey – Well, what we’re doing Robert with both property and the cell phone is we’re creating a field that we’re then in. So, we’re creating a high consciousness environment and there’s energy around us. And so, we’re creating this sort of bubble of high consciousness that we carry with us with the phone. That’s really different than something that’s working personally with you, though, it is working with you as well, because you’re in the environment, our Innate Intelligence is supported. And then we have our own programs that are assisting the Innate Intelligence to do healing. So, you know, that’s the difference, we create environments, we create high consciousness fields or environments. And there are other services out there that work with an individual in a different way, though, it may be similar in that it is a nonlinear effect.

Robert – Because I was thinking, boy, if is directed towards your DNA, that means it’s coming to the core of me. And then from there, it goes out instead of going to the phone. Right?

Clayten – Yes, it’s an interesting topic, when we we’re doing our research, Robert, on how to commercialize the service, we were given permission to do that. We tested if it was the highest and best interest of all creation for us to put the service on individuals. And one of the common things is that I think they’re using a principle called a unique identifier. Because every person’s DNA is unique identifier, we’re using a unique identifier of a cell phone or a property. But when we tested for our service, and I don’t know what it is for theirs, it wasn’t in the highest and best interest of all creation for us to put people on as individuals. We can put objects or properties on to surround people with the energy. That was one of the distinctions that we have gone back and forth and kept testing, if it’s in the highest and best interest of all to do it any other way we have gotten No’s so far.

Robert – Well, from where you were when you started with your research, there, now I’m pretty sure that you guys have evolved the way you’re using your energy. You think that’s in the in the works, or not?”

Clayten – We’ve done thousands of upgrades since we started the service and there are more. There are more all the time. We just talked about the geopathic stress mitigation. Well actually I don’t know if we can call it geopathic stress, we have the saltwater and the metal, it probably could be depending on what definition we have. But we just did that a couple days ago. So, we’ve done thousands of upgrades and there are more to come. There are some really exciting ones to come. It’s just part of the nature of the business. There are more and more ways to create a better environment that we’re aware of. (55:00) And we’re working on. And there’s some that, you know, we haven’t even discovered yet.

Robert – Well keep me posted on all the changes that you’re coming up with because it is interesting. Since I came in kind of late, is this going to be in the archives?

Jeffrey – Yes, it sure will.

Robert – Thank you. Okay.

Jeffrey – So let’s take a few questions,  Michelle is saying, I’m a newly trained flight attendant and have FLFE on my cell phone. When my cell phone is on airplane mode, does it still come through? And if so, can it help elevate the whole small plane?” And that’s, that’s a yes and yes, Michelle, the cell phone is identified by its unique identifier, which is its phone number in the country in which it’s registered. So, it’s the object itself, it’s not dependent on power to the cell phone or an app or anything like that. So, whether it’s on or off does not matter, it’s still creating the field around it a high consciousness zone a love zone, you could say.  I find it very helpful on airplanes and seems to make for a more positive environment. And people are resting, and maybe the children aren’t yelling as loudly next to me, so I have noticed the difference when I have my phone with me, and I’m traveling. So that’s a beautiful thing for you to be a flight attendant and take that that blessing really for everyone on the plane with you.

Clayten – I thought I’d mention a little health tip, Michelle, that we discovered when we were researching the mobile service so that it could work on planes because planes can travel 600 miles an hour. We had to make sure that the wave could be associated at that that speed safely. And we found out that most people that work on planes tend to have lower antioxidant levels than people who are not working on planes. And so, you might want to drink Chaga tea, to help boost your antioxidants. It’s just a little health tip for people who spend a lot of time on planes because we’re inside of a very kind of condensed high EMF zone.

Jeffrey – Lawrence from Toronto is asking, “Could you please give me a general overview of the effects of FLFE on the body perhaps in relation to contemporary pathology, such as bone density or cancer, thanks so much.” Lawrence, we don’t have medical studies and certainly not giving medical advice. What we do know is that in a high consciousness field, whether it’s a house that’s Feng Shui’d, or a sacred spot, or an FLFE field, there’s more energy available to the body and the body’s Innate Intelligence. In relation to contemporary diseases and pathology, the Innate knows what’s best for the body. And with the resources and perhaps the dietary and lifestyle factors, as well as personal will, having sufficient energy for the body to use for healing, is the benefit. More on that Clayten?

Clayten – I don’t think I could add anything to that Jeff, you said it well.

Jeffrey – Hello Melody.

(1:00:42) Melody –  I wanted to tell you what happened to me at Easter when I  encountered FLFE after having encountered it via Regina Meredith sometime back and completely forgotten about it, because you know how busy life is and I have a question related to that experience. If you’ll bear with me for a minute or two, I’ll give you the context of what happened. I was on Facebook at my mother’s house. And I’m currently doing the Free Trial on my own where I live right now. But I was at my mother’s house over Easter. And I was on Facebook and I’m on the Gaia group on Facebook. And so, someone on Gaia had posted something about FLFE and it didn’t ring any bells. And as I sort of scanned down the comments, someone else had said oh yes,  they call it fluffy. And I thought, Oh, yes, I remember. I remember, I don’t know where I’ve heard that. But I have definitely heard of this. And somebody else had posted a link to your website. So, without any conscious knowing of, and by the way, I’m sitting on my bed at my mom’s place in the back room. I’ve been painting walls all day, and I’m just exhausted, right? So, I’m propped up on the old squeaky bed in my mother’s bedroom. And I clicked on your website, and your website came up. And this, and I will call it Chi Force, this force blew me off the bed. I fell off the bed, I have never experienced anything like it.  And, I have to say there was certainly nothing negative about it, I caught my balance. I didn’t get hurt or  anything. But you know, I’ve never experienced anything, and I’ve been online for 20 years or more. I’ve never had a force of energy come off a website when a page opened.  And I had no expectations about your website. And so, and I just want to also say that my mom is going through a very big grieving process at the moment. So, she’s going blind. And so, there’s obviously a lot of very heavy energy at her place. I don’t know if it was something about a contrast of energy. But could it be in some way that the energy of FLFE is coming through your website? That sounds crazy. But really like literally I was sitting up and I went back at least 18 inches and I fell off the bed.

Jeffrey – Your whole body just moved?  Wow, that’s wild. Well, it’s interesting. I mean, we do measure the level of consciousness of the website, I mean, of the content. So, the images that we pick, and the language is very specific. We’re using kinesiology to measure those, and we are keeping them high 600 plus. So, there is that field created by the content there. So that’s what it really is.

Melody –  That field was super, super powerful. And it was it was a very sacred feeling energy for sure, but it physically moved my body. And I’m only just you know, I’ve been through most of all, but one of the of the items in the archives of your website, which must be the last webinar that you had so I’m catching up. And I haven’t yet read Dr. David Hawkins book and I’m about to read that next week.  So, I know nothing about kinesiology. (1:05:00) So, from what I’m gathering from you, I’m pretty sure my father used to do this, my father used to sort of do the hand drop thing for a true response which I presume is the same thing. And so, with no previous idea about kinesiology, this body movement is actually what I  experienced. That’s exactly what I would expect to experience is that right?

Clayten – Typically, we move towards something that’s positive. And when we are in shock, it can just kind of jolt us. But I would assume what your father did and a lot of people, when they talk about the hand drop when you had your arm out, you push down on it, that’s typically what people think of as the hand drop. It’s as Jeff  said there is a high level of consciousness on the website, and we have energies on the website to help people just by looking at it. So, it’s a blessing for just being on the website to some degree.

Melody – Thank you very much for what you’re doing. I really appreciate it. And I will be subscribing at the end of my two weeks and I will be using the Pay it Forward for my mother because I think it’s going to be wonderful.

Jeffrey – Yes, that’s a great use of Pay it Forward. You know, It’s a 500 level of consciousness. And it can be on anywhere, for anyone. And I’ve done that with my parents as well. It’s a great use for it. But just to answer your question a little bit more. So, kinesiology in general, is based on the principle that our bodies are smarter than our minds, our bodies are connected to All That Is.  You could say like a core of Divinity is one way to look at it. And so, our bodies can tell the truth. I mean, we’re walking, living truth meters. So, in the presence of a truthful statement, our body is strong, and that’s where the arm drop comes in. So, the arm is out, and it’s strong in the presence of truth. And then if a false statement is made, its weaker. And that’s really what kinesiology is measuring that difference in the body in the presence of truth or falsehood. And that’s what Dr. Hawkins discovered and it’s nonlinear and  it’s also nonlocal; it’s anywhere in the world. So, you’re making a statement, it could be about someone on the other side of the planet or a property on the other side of the planet and the statement is either true or not true. We measure on a scale might say on a scale of 1 to one to 1000, according to the Hawkins Map of Consciousness the level of consciousness of the property over the previous 30 days always over a length of time. It’s 200 or more strong, 300 or more strong and 400 or more strong, 500 more weak, so then you test 410 or more strong 420, or more strong 430 or more weak. And then you can refine it 421 strong 422 weak, so you can dial it down to the number that way. And that’s how it works. Is that helpful?

Melody – That is so helpful. It’s a big learning curve. But it’s a joyful learning curve. So, thank you so much for everything you’re doing both of you.

Jeffrey – Thank you. Thank you for joining us with the Free Trial, we love to have you on this journey with us. We have Serena with a question now.

Clayten – Serena  is saying, “I moved to a new location from Texas to Central Oregon. Since I have had FLFE on my mobile phone does my new location come up on your system?  I’ve had a lot of challenges since moving here 13 months ago.  I do have springs on my property in my previous location after getting FLFE, everything seemed to go so smoothly in comparison.” So, Serena, you have FLFE on your mobile phone. The mobile phone service doesn’t have the property clearing programs on it. (1:10:00) Because if you had the property clearing programs on a mobile object, it would be clearing the land everywhere you went if you were driving or if you are in a high speed train, it would take thousands of and sometimes tens of thousands of times more energy to clear the land as we’re moving because it’s that initial surge that takes a lot of power. So, you may want to do the Free Trial on your new property with the home service and see how that goes. But I’m assuming that I don’t know if you had the Free Trial. I don’t know if you had a home service before. But if you do have geopathic stress on your property, then you won’t have the same experience that you would have if you were in a location that didn’t have geopathic stress zones

Jeffrey – With the phone only. So, Serena if you’ve already done a Free Trial of the property talk to the office and ask them to grant you another Free Trial on the property. So you can try it out and see how it feels in your new place. Property versus phone, you might then you can make the choice and decide which one you want to do.

Clayten – Gerald, and Laura are asking – “We have out the front door a sea wall and a 12-foot tide. Are we now on the new program that deals with tides?” Yes, everybody is on the new program that deals with tides in the way that we understand them, Gerald, we put that on three or four days ago.

So, you’re on that program now. There may be more tide issues that we haven’t discovered yet or haven’t figured out. At least there are no tide issues that we are aware of that we haven’t figured out. But we’ll keep looking, Gerald. I mean, there’s the odd property now that isn’t it at 560. But it’s getting rarer and rarer as we as we figure these out.

Jeffrey – Yes, I would ask Gerald and Laura, how does it feel? You know, do you notice any difference there?  Tami’s commenting for Melody– “I found Jeff  and Clayten through Gaia and Regina Meredith as well. Is more energy coming through? I think so. Melody, I felt strong love energy coming through the webinar which inspires me to keep my energy high. I am so very grateful.”

Jeffrey –  We’re grateful for you, Tammy and for everyone on this journey with us. Thank you.

Clayten – We have Anne, she finally got through to us.  She’s frustrated with trying to get to talk to us. I understand technology is like that. She says we look good. That’s interesting, she says  that we’re getting younger. And I know, Jeff looks younger. Every time I see him, I wonder what are you doing? I see him la couple of times a week. So Okay, so she says she’s a Tibetan Black Hat 25 year Feng Shui practitioner. Anne says, “I would like to comment on the earlier in the webinar messages about Feng Shui. That FLFE seems to be a complimentary practice with Fung Shui. Keep in mind, your enemy of helpful Fung Shui is clutter. Each room each entry, i.e. front door driveway, as there are several overlays to a property has a mouth of Chi acceptance and a backdoor of Chi leaving. They’re all just processing energy here. Make sure you have no clutter and are mindful of the spiral circle, a helpful way to accept and process the exit energy in your space. That’s a great comment Anne. We didn’t mention clutter. And it’s worth saying I mean; clutter is typically confusing almost physically. And I’m pretty good at clutter. And when I clean it up, I noticed the change in the energy. And it actually measures different in the in the in the room. So, it’s a really good point.

Jeffrey – It’s great to have that really specific information about Feng Shui. It fits in very well. I think she’s right; it is very complimentary; FLFE and Feng Shui.

Clayten  Yes, we have a lot of respect for Feng Shui and it’s an ancient science, and it’s integrous, at least all the ones that I’ve experienced, every home that I’ve lived in, for the last 12 years, I’ve had Feng Shui’d. (1:15:00) And I’ve also found that certain designers, when they come into a home and help you design things are doing a type of Feng Shui. They may not call it that, but they are bouncing colors and moving furniture around so, it feels good. I think a lot of designers are actually Feng Shui practitioners just maybe not that sophisticated, or they don’t use that language. But we had some work done in the office here. And it definitely flows better. So I would say that was a type of Feng Shui .

Jeffrey – Don’s asking, “Does having many PIF’s – that’s Pay it Forward for those that are new, where we everyone that subscribes gets to Pay it Forward or put a 500 level FLFE kind of perpetual subscription anywhere in the world. So, Don’s asking would  multiple PIFS’s on a property have an additive effect? For instance, the White House?” And no, it really would not Don.

So, Pay it Forward creates the 500 field, there aren’t clearing or other programs there.  So just a bit more on PIF’s or Pay it Forward, we are planning to do another one soon. Or it’s our intention to give them more than once. So, when you sign up you get one but to also then we can give you additional ones. So, we’ll give you a little warning or timeframe when we’re doing that so that you can do some planning. And you could coordinate with others on that as well whether it’s on the Facebook page, if you’re willing to get on Facebook. And we are looking at doing some other ways of us being able to all talk and coordinate together other than Facebook. So, we’re working on that.

But for instance, there’s a group that are talking about putting PIFs on the headwaters of major rivers and streams, major water sources so that you’ve got 500 field on a spring or a headwater of a river that would then sort of infuse that water with high consciousness. Beautiful idea. And that’s one where people could coordinate together and choose who’s going to do what headwater. It might be a way to support a lot of the water around the world to flow through a high consciousness field,  it’s beautiful idea.

Clayten – So Anne is making another comment. She is saying that basically to check into a body of work by Ron Amitron. She explains his theory is that the DNA holds the electronic imprint or message of the DNA of our ancestors and that it stores the emotional traumas. And that the cure is to clear by associating an energy with the DNA, then if it’s positive, it could clear that trauma from the ancestry. So, I have studied that idea and it can be integrous. When we change ourselves, we do change our ancestry to a degree, it’s a big topic, I don’t think we have time to go into it here. And I don’t feel like I’m qualified to really comment on it, I’d have to dig more into it.

So, we also believe that the DNA of people does change with FLFE, we don’t have the evidence to back that. So I’m not going to make a claim about it. But when we have a high consciousness field and our health improves, it changes our DNA. So, I wouldn’t say FLFE changes DNA, but a high consciousness field changes DNA. (1:20:00) So that’s another topic, we have to do a lot of research on that to say much more about it.

Jeffrey –  But I think what Anne says at the end there is that FLFE a complimentary  practice. And I would agree in any practice that we’re undertaking to heal emotional traumas to clear things out of our system, having a high consciousness field to support us to be in a higher state to do that. There’s more energy available there. And plus, our Anti-stagnation Program to keep the energy flowing to help us move things through our bodies. And so, again, it’s personal will and calling on Divine Will or assistance in will is another way to move that through. We’re all going doing our work in different ways. And it works best for us, or that supports us to heal and to release those traumas. And as you know, whether this lifetime or ancestors or previous lifetimes, whatever you believe it’s great work, thank you Anne for that.

Clayten –  Anne also mentioned that she’s having some progress with other parts of her life. She’s very  kind to be sharing that with us. Thank you, Anne.

Jeffrey – Michelle says, “I just wanted to let you know that through body testing, my property gets to 550, no higher, but never lower than 500. I recently got the mobile and it helps with my sleep. I haven’t turned off my home two years but did so the other day to see how it feels with the mobile. My sleeping dog woke up immediately and, from across the room, came and licked my hand which is something that he does. Then he sat and stared at me until I turned it back on, licked my hand again, and went back to lay down. Thank you so much for making my home habitable.

Thank you, Michelle, and it’s interesting about your testing there. So why don’t we take a note of her name so we can test the property.

Clayten – Yes, I’ve got it written down.  One of the things to include your inquiry, Michelle is the level of consciousness on average over a period of time, but you said you have tested at different times. Anyway, we’ll look into it.

Jeffrey – Well, I think we’ve come to the end of the evening and of this webinar. We  appreciate all of your questions and contributions. And we’ll see if we can’t come up with some tips on how to join us live. It does sound like perhaps having the most recent version of Zoom is a good plan. Anything you would like to say to wrap up Clayten?

Clayten – We look forward to these webinars. There is a little bit of trepidation usually before them, because of the technology part and wanting to be able to answer all your questions. It’s great to hear from you all, it’s a pleasure to have this conversation with you. And it’s an inspiration to hear all the good comments. We get phone calls every day. And there are postings on our Facebook page every day that just are delightful. I mean, Jeff and I have been doing this for years and years. And to me, it seems like all of a sudden, all these nice things are being said, and we’re just doing the same thing we’ve always done. It feels like a blessing to me to get all your feedback for how you feel you’re being helped by the service. And so, thank you for the feedback. Thank you for trying the service and we’re committed to have all the properties up at 560 or higher all the time. (1:25:00) We keep digging out little bits and pieces of any consciousness reducing influences. So, know that we’re not going to give up until we have every property 560 it’s just kind of a become a bit of a personal challenge to us.

And we look forward to talking to you in a couple of weeks.

Jeffrey – And with that we’re out. Thank you so much.