Meet some of our Referral Partners

Regina Meredith is a journalist and author focused on bringing the metaphysical to the world. Her broadcasting and production career included the creation of LuminArt Productions and co-creation of the Conscious Media Network. The Conscious Media Network went on to merge with what is now Gaia TV where Regina anchors the Open Minds and Healing Matrix, producing in-depth interviews with leaders in holistic and metaphysical theories. Regina continues to independently create original content and interviews on her own website.

Lee Harris is an intuitive healer and spiritual teacher. He offers monthly Energy Updates, retreats & seminars, courses, and channeled healings. His journey began in 1998 in England where he first developed a relationship with his spirit guides. Now based in California, Lee offers training programs and his weekly Impact the World podcast.

Alyssa Malehorn is a spiritual teacher, intuitive channel, author, and awakening guide. She facilitates transformational healing and education in the energetic healing arts. Alyssa hosts the State of the Universe and is co-host of the Raw Spirituality podcast and its online community. She is the owner and founder of Haven Meditation and Healing Arts.

Madeline Gerwick is an astrologer and author with over 30 years specializing in business and economic astrology. As a speaker and consultant, Madeline provides expertise to guide businesses and individuals to prosperity by working in harmony with the universe. Her Good Timing Guides are published annually.

Mel Hostalrich is the host and executive producer of Veritas Radio. In 2008, what began as a series of synchronistic events became Veritas Radio. From Mel’s first interview with Milton Torres, a British air force pilot who was ordered to shoot down an unidentified flying object, Vertias Radio continues in its quest to bring truth to the world by asking questions such as who are we and why are we here?

Jeffrey Daugherty is a bible college graduate and spent 20 years as Christian minister. Now, his aim is to help people unindoctrinate themselves. Studying spirituality for over 40 years, he is host and creator of The Christian Whistleblower podcast. He educates and inspires by providing information for people to make their own, fact-based decisions.

Judy Anderson wants to help you jazz up your life. She hosts a global telesummit series featuring world-class thought leaders and healers. Jazz Up Your Life with Judy was borne after receiving a message in a meditation. Judy’s background in business, acting, travel, and nature was fed by a life-long underlying interest in self-growth. As well as host of the telesummit, she is also an ordained minister.