FLFE Referral Partner Program

June 5, 2018

This webinar contains outdated information about the Referral Partner Program. For the latest information, please click here: Referral Partner Program. 

This webinar contains outdated information about the Referral Partner Program. For the latest information, please click here: Referral Partner Program. 

(0:00) Jeffrey – Hello, I’m Jeffrey Stegman.

Clayten – And I’m Clayten Stedmann.

Jeffrey – Welcome to our FLFE webinar. Tonight, we’re talking about the FLFE Referral Partner Program.  And this is the first in a series of webinars on the relationship between business and spirituality. In our view and practice, the two are not separate, business is an expression of Divinity into the world, through the people in the business as well as the products and services of the business.  We’re introducing the FLFE Referral Partner Program for several reasons. Do you want to go through this Clayten?

Clayten – Sure. Thanks, Jeff. The first reason is to share and provide a closer look at the creation of FLFE by explaining how and why we oriented this program in this way. And secondly, to welcome you to consider joining us in the Referral Partner Program to share in our mission: to help raise the level of consciousness of the planet by supporting the optimal conditions for the evolution of consciousness in an economic society.  And third, to explain whether or not doing business with us in this way can support you become more financially free.

Jeffrey – The Referral Partner Program (RPP) that we’ve developed for FLFE is relatively simple. It’s a single level referral model so we’ll talk about more about that in a minute. People that have tried FLFE and have subscribed can apply to this program and once they are approved, begin referring FLFE to friends and family. I’ll talk a little more about why we’ve set it up this way, but it pays a 20% ongoing commission for active referrals. Should people continue to subscribe it can create a residual income. We have we have referral partners that have done quite well over time. So why did we choose this particular model?

I’ll start and then you can carry it through Clayten. But you know, FLFE is a nonlinear as you subscribers know, an unusual service. The Free Trial has been a way for people to try the service and benefit from it for two weeks. But to become aware of the service in the first place, and to try it, try the Free Trial, is helpful to have a trusted friend or a thought leader, someone that you trust who has experienced it and can talk about their experience and recommend it from that from that point. The other the other aspect of this is to help people on the spiritual path become more financially free. Do you want to talk about that a little more Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, so in any business,  I’ll call this “business 101”, we look at our business model and decide how we’re going to market our service or product. And we wrote down all of the different options that we saw were available. And then as we do, we calibrate and pray. And so, we chose a model, as Jeff said, of selling the product or service. Our service reflected the nature of the nonlinear or unusual nature of it. So, we had an option of going with conventional advertising or perhaps a referral partner type program. So, we decided to start with a referral program, and we’ll keep re-evaluating it as we go on. We chose a single level approach over a multi level approach because even though the multi level model does have integrity, it can be difficult energetically to avoid going over the line and overly monetizing personal relationships. (5:00) So, we’re going to talk about what that looks like from our experience or our perspective, and then we can open that up for questions later because some our audience may be business owners and are thinking about going into business. Of want to understand or explore, at least explore different business models with us. And some of these principles are transferable to any exploration of life, really, we believe. So, I’ll talk about this first part, Jeff, and then I’ll pass it back to you.

So, when we’re creating any business model there is always something to consider when we’re creating any relationship, it’s really something to consider. We’re going to call it Shadow Work, and there’s conscious and unconscious shadow and there came to be an unconscious shadow in any type of distribution model. And so, we’re going to talk about how we manage that and what that means to us. So, one of the principles we see as being important as we integrate business and spirituality more is to discuss the idea of shadow or what some people may call negativity, the process of exploring shadow or exploring influences that can express under certain conditions will be expanded upon here shortly. If we explore the challenges of business model in advance, it’s less likely to surprise us as to the possibilities that can happen on the positive and the restraining side, so we try not to use the word negativity because it’s a very subjective word. We’re going to talk about that in slightly different language. We’re going to talk about conscious and unconscious influences. And we’re going to share a story about perceptions of negativity, which is a quite well-known story. You’ve probably heard it before. Shadow moves from an increase likely of it being conscious, rather than unconscious with anticipation and planning,  it’s less likely to catch us off guard and we want to create the best conditions to evolve in so that’s why we have explored this in this way, and we will  continue on with it so that our referral partners and customers can understand the thinking that we went through to create this program. I’m just looking at whether it’s a time to tell that story, Jeff.

Jeffrey – Well, it certainly is interesting about shadow and how it’s commonly thought of as negativity. But it’s really an unconscious driver or something that’s moving things that we don’t really understand. And yet for the referral partners system we looked at this and we looked, for instance, at multi level marketing, which becomes much more difficult when trying to recruit people to also become referrals.  That shadow of taking all of your friends and sort of trying to monetize them or sort of unconsciously doing that in every conversation that you’re in, you know, that’s what we’re bringing out here is that if we keep that in front of us and work to make it conscious. As people referring FLFE to others as referral partners, then as Clayten said, things can start to become more conscious possibly and by anticipating it and taking action to discuss it or read about it. And we can move forward in a way that takes that into account because it’s part of how we are built, and shadow is something that’s there for personal work. Many of us have done it for personal work, but it’s less often spoken about in a business and so it’s part of this a conversation or the research and development that brought us to this model as it is today, the Referral Partner model. (10:00) But some negativity is very much how we perceive something, so it’s up to you, Clayten, if you’d like to tell that story.

Clayten – Yes, why don’t we tell it? It’s a really commonly known one. Okay. So, the title of the story as I have it here is “The Peaceful Farmer.” There’s a story about a Chinese farmer who buys a horse and a short while later the horse runs away. The farmer’s neighbor’s say, ”Oh, that’s bad news” and the farmers’ response is “Good news, bad new, who can say?” Then three days later the horse returns and with it a herd of wild horses, his neighbor seeing his good fortune congratulates him on the good news. The farmer responds. “Good news, bad news who can say?”  So, the farmer gifts one of the horses to his son and his son rides it only to be thrown from its back badly breaking his leg. “That’s bad news” says the neighbor and the farmer replies, “Good news, bad news, who can say?” Some days later, the Emperor summons every able-bodied young man to fight in the war. The farmer’s son is spared. What good news says the farmers neighbor and again the farmer replies “Good news, bad news who can say?”  So, it all depends where the story ends. And that’s an example of perceiving the happenings of our day to day world and labeling them negative or positive or good news or bad news. And so that’s why we have chosen to stay away from negativity and part of this webinar we’re reading off of planned language scripts carefully so that we don’t use inappropriate language. But it doesn’t really flow as much but just bear with us as we go through this because we want to make sure we’re not slipping back into that language that is so easy to slip back into. I’ll just finish off this thought, Jeff, we designed the Free Trial to be very beneficial. It’s a gift to anyone who tries it. And the two-week time frame is deliberate. as positive changes often occur. People benefit from that and that is a gift in and of itself. So that is part of the context of exploring the Referral Partner Program with everyone. And knowing that if we share that they will get a blessing or a gift just for trying it, there’s no obligation; we don’t ask for any form of billable information such as a credit card. So, there are things like that that are also supportive of having a clean Referral Partner Program and an optimal business model that is comfortable to share.

Jeffrey – The other aspect that we want to cover with the Referral Partner Program however, we decided to get the word out about FLFE is our mission and it’s supporting the evolution of consciousness.

So however, we decide to get the word out needs to support the mission, so in the way that this Referral Partner Program supports that is to help people on a spiritual path become more financially free. So rather than spending money on marketing and advertising as people accumulate referrals, they can become more financially free. And we’ve called FLFE a freedom zone. It’s clearing restraints or creating the conditions for freedom and for the evolution of consciousness for rising in consciousness. (15:00) So, that is another major factor in the design of system that it would help people become more financially free to work with us.

So as Clayten mentioned earlier we have our research methods and many of us who have been on previous webinars have heard about those. So, we test everything, and we use conscious kinesiology to measure on the Hawkins map, the Dr. David Hawkins Map of Consciousness, we also measure on parallel scales that we mentioned in the past, and one of those is level of appropriateness. So, in a context, as we’ve discussed in some of the program sessions, everything we measure is always in a context. In the context of doing what is in the highest and best interest of all creation, because that’s one of our core values, we test the level of appropriateness of different methods of getting the word out about FLFE.

We tested traditional social medias, other forms of marketing, and at the time we were doing the testing and the conditions that we were in at that time the Referral Partner Program as we’ve created was the most appropriate way to grow FLFE to spread the word with multiple benefits happening at the same time.  Conditions change so we’re constantly looking and exploring different forms of social media, and other forms of marketing as well. But at this point, our primary is the Referral Partner Program podcasts, radio interviews, and video interviews that we’ve done, such as one with Regina Meredith. So, if you’re interested in exploring further, and checking out the referral Partner Program, details are on the website. On the Home Page of the website, there’s a Referral Partner up in the very top right-hand corner. And if you click through on that, there’s a Referral Partners signup button, and you can follow the process there and fill out the application. There’ll be more and more information as you go along. There’s an application process and a Referral Partner Manager would then get back to you about the application which could take up two weeks, depending on how busy we are with the number of applications. Or email us we have a referral Partner Manager flfe.net and you can ask any questions you have or ask for a summary or anything else you’d like to to explore. So, we’re open for exploration and invite you to consider and we’re glad to be in the relationship with the current partners that we have now.  We have some wonderfully interesting people, and we invite you to join the join the group. Anything else Clayten before we move to some questions? By the way, the Q&A button down at the bottom is the place to put questions in if you’d like to ask them.

Clayten – Yes. And we are open to having people call us so there’s that option on zoom we can explore. If you’re fairly new to the service, you’re welcome to ask any question you want. We basically launched the Referral Partner Program internally.  We had a Referral Partner Program, which we had to change so we closed it for a while, and we’ve totally revamped it and upgraded it and tested it, so it is working seamlessly now. And you can ask questions about business in general, we’ve done a fair bit of research on high conscious business models and Jeff has quite a bit of experience in his own companies. Jeff has done cultural work for decades; I would say on examining what a high functioning culture would look like. And high functioning culture is a high consciousness culture. So, we can talk about that if you’re fairly new to the FLFE service you can ask any question you want about the Free Trial or how the programs work or share your experience or questions that you have about your process on the service. So, it’s open to all those. (20:00) And we wanted to take the opportunity to formally launch the Referral Partner Program to the public, if you will. And to talk a little bit about the principles involved in merging business and spirituality.

In some ways, business has gotten a kind of bad reputation over the years, and in some ways that may be an earned reputation. And we don’t believe that it needs to be that way. So, there are certainly many companies that are exploring different business models such as conscious business, there’s a book I think, by the founder of Whole Foods with that title. So, this is not a something that we’re introducing, it’s just something that we’ve been exploring for quite a while.  People look for other sources that interest us and we’ll be providing more information on that as we evolve our own business. We are now open to questions.

Anthony – It’s been my experience; we’ve been on the FLFE program for about a year and my wife is considering being a beta tester. I’m aware that I’m dreaming more and there are other things I’ve noticed.  I had cataract surgery in one eye and in the other eye before and after the healing went more quickly after. We noticed in our yard our animals are active; we have  turkeys and chipmunks, rabbits whatever our dogs are more affectionate and another thing I noticed that don’t drink a lot of wine, but I have wine with fish, and I don’t get congested from the white sauvignon blanc and I usually get a little congestion. I can fully attribute that to my experience with FLFE.

Jeffrey – That’s interesting about the dreams. Could you talk a little more about that Anthony? Do you think you’re doing some lucid dreaming?

Anthony – I seem to be interacting more in my dreams. I don’t remember all them. And but it’s something that I’ve noticed and I’m remembering more, and I do seem to have interaction with the other people in the dreams where I’m actively involved.

Jeffrey – That’s interesting. And the cataract surgery recovery too. Do you feel like the recovery time was shorter? Things were going more smoothly?

Anthony – I don’t know if you’ve had a cataract surgery but I’ve asked many people about it. And my experience was different, everyone said it’s pretty easy but to me, just the way the afterwards lights and everything first day of recovery is extraordinary.  I mean just looking at a fire or something. So, I heard before and after on both eyes and even the ophthalmologist said it seemed to be going more smoothly. It hasn’t done anything for my floaters. I have referred many people to the program and very few have tried it. The few that have usually turn it down for financial reason, not because they weren’t benefited. One person that tried it, and that person used to have a skin condition and when FLFE is on and he’s at home, the skin condition disappears and when and he goes away from his home it seems to reappear. (25:00) 

Jeffrey – Well, good. What part of the country are you in there? Which country? Are you in Connecticut?

Anthony – Yes, central Connecticut.  Anything from you Clayten?

Clayten – Yes, those are all classic effects, Anthony, thank you for sharing. I have a little dream story. There was a time in my life for years when I was in an Eastern based philosophy. And every year you’re in it, you had to make a commitment to not do certain things. And one of the commitments in the first couple of years was to not drink any alcohol and I’m not in it anymore. And I do occasionally have a little bit of wine and every once while I have more than a little bit which is not, and I do pay for.  But when I was in that philosophy and committed to not drink that, that I drank a lot. If I had a dream where I was going to take a drink, I would wake up out of the dream because I wasn’t allowed to do that. And I’d made a commitment to it. And so, I don’t know if you’ve ever had an experience like that, where you woke up in a dream, because you were starting to do something in a dream that you wouldn’t do in real life. And so when you said you were having a relationship and the dream that reminded me of that story, and basically people go up in consciousness on FLFE and the average is about in 8 hours a day over the previous 90 days, I think it’s about 11 points, I’d have to look at the stats, but that is more conscious control over our life with a higher level of consciousness and some people it expresses in the dreams more than others, but it’s really interesting to hear your stories we appreciate it.

Anthony – Well, I am dreaming more and sleeping longer and it’s funny because the dogs may wake me up and then I return right to the dream and I’m amazed. I have two golden retrievers that are very active I’m not a hunter or anything, but they are hunting based or agility based, and they are affected in some positive ways. People who visit here also say that.

Clayten – One of the few complaints if you want to call it that, we’ve had about the service is that when people have FLFE, on the friends come over and they don’t want to leave so they end up eating all the groceries and so the grocery bill goes up.

Anthony – Well  we’re happy to have our friends and share the experience and we usually don’t tell them until after the fact.

Jeffrey – Great. Anthony, do you have any other questions for us? Anything you’d like to ask us about the service?

Anthony – Well, how would I be more persuasive to trying to have people trying? Because most people when I’ve explained it to them, they are interested, but they don’t seem to try it. Or if they do try, they don’t continue. I just thought of one person I know.

Jeffrey –  Yes, it’s bridging that gap between our nonlinear service and people’s normal experiences. I do often talk about acupressure and Chinese medicine and the flow of energy through the body and how Western science has accepted that as beneficial, but they don’t know how it works. And you know these subtle energies that are part of FLFE and in fact the flow of energy in the body is increased and blockages cleared, that’s part of the FLFE service. You know, it’s something that people can tune into and maybe get their mind around a little bit that there are subtle energies that Western science can’t explain It does work so that’s a bridge I’ve used at times.

Anthony – Well I think the chi flowing through the chakras is certainly something to talk about, but I live in a pretty basic community. I’m saying we’ve been trying to practice good nutrition and my wife is considering going totally vegan. At this point, I don’t know if it’s possible. (30:00) We eat organically and seasonally and try to grow our own, but I don’t really know how to open people’s minds that aren’t already open.

Jeffrey –  Yes, I mean stories seem to be the other way that I can talk about  my own personal experiences of things that have happened and changes that I’ve seen through a story. Some of the stories we here at the office as people write in almost every week, are really amazing. In fact, the testimonial page does have quite a few of those so looking through those you might get some ideas or point people in that direction too, particularly with kids.  We had one where a woman’s brother was in a terrible automobile accident and he was in bed for almost a year and didn’t seem to be declining and they couldn’t get him out or  get him up and she put FLFE on and within a couple of days she came home, and he was outside in his wheelchair.  He had gotten himself out of bed and put himself in his wheelchair and wheeled himself outside and she was just flabbergasted. That increased energy available helped break that log jam. He had depression and lethargy and extra energy got him moving you know. So, there are stories like that on the testimonial page.

Anthony – I try deal with health issues with people and I know my neighbor from Portugal did not enjoy socializing – too many people on the street and then one day I was saying watch out for the tick population and seems to get worse every year, and then he says, Oh, I’m on an antibiotic. And so, I say, oh, you’re on a medication, we have to stay out of the sun. So, then he started opening up to me more, but I don’t know if that was FLFE, it probably was.

Jeffrey – We appreciate your spreading the word, it can be difficult to talk about and stories do seem to be a great way to share.

Anthony – It is a good way, and my wife will say we need to try turning it off. No, I’ll never turn it off.

Jeffrey – Yes, that’s the other thing I’ve done Anthony. I’ve had FLFE parties where people come over and we just turn it on and off while they’re there, and they feel it, we just get quiet, close our eyes together, and then turn it off, turn it on, turn it off, turn it on. And in those kinds of environments where we’re sensitive, and quiet, people are noticing the energy, and then it’s in an environment where people can ask questions.

Anthony – So, do you have any adverse effects from people because we put this on my cell phone on vacation for two weeks? And there were six people and one of the six seem to be a little bit on a phase with everybody.

Jeffrey – Out of phase? How do you mean?

Anthony – Well, I mean, it was a national environment in Martha’s Vineyard in a remote area. He was looking for a mall or something like that, a sitting environment. Frenzied as opposed to peaceful.

Jeffrey – Well, I mean drinking water is certainly important in the Field and more energy is available to the body so having a higher level of hydration is important. And so sometimes people can become a little uncomfortable if they’re not as hydrated as they could be.

Anthony – I know you’ve mentioned that in the past and part of the problem is my wife doesn’t drink and I hardly drink anything. Like I said these people were drinking all the time.

Jeffrey – Right. It can be hard on the body.

Anthony – I think women shouldn’t drink it all because it goes straight to estradiol and that’s cancer. (35:00) 

Jeffrey – We’re certainly not an expert in that field. But there’s quite a bit of research, you know that a little bit of alcohol in the wine, especially the reverse drawn and other things in the wine can be helpful. Helpful, maybe great. Yeah. Thank you. Anthony. Alright, well, we’ll move on to a few questions. Thanks again for calling.

Clayten – Let’s talk with Reba.

Reba –  I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to figure the iPad thing out. Thank you for taking my call. I’m going to have a question on magnesium, but I just wanted to briefly mention some things. It’s my first time calling so my questions have probably been covered.  When I first got on FLFE  didn’t notice a tremendous difference because I’ve been working on ascension and DNA remapping and all that stuff for about the last two years and karmic entanglement. You know, fixing all that stuff in and out, but I’m here in the Rocky Mountains in Idaho. We’re at 6000 feet and we have pristine water, so I’ve always drank a lot of water. And so, when I first got on FLFE, like I say, I didn’t notice a huge difference because I’m so extremely healthy.

But I hadn’t put on my phone but decided to for the reason of it making the phones energy a little more benevolent. I have a non-verbal 14-year-old grandson. I don’t like to use the word autistic because that doesn’t describe anything. And he’s been having difficulties at this age in school. And so, my daughter took him out of school for the rest of the year because he was becoming too angry about so many different things. He was trying to tell everybody, hey, I’m done here with this. So, I’ve had him for the last couple of weeks. And I noticed that he was absolutely peaceful here. We live about 100 miles from where he lives. I brought him up into the mountains and he just he drank an enormous amount of water. His mom was absolutely amazed at how much water he drank, and he was so peaceful. And I just really enjoyed that. It’s the longest he’s ever stayed with us without saying “go home now”.

I attribute it to the FLFE that’s on my phone. And the reason I have it on my phone is because I’m home most all the time. I seclude myself from society pretty much. And so, having it on the phone it covers everywhere that I need, including my husband and my household in my garden. I’ve noticed my garden is doing amazing this year, and we’re at 6000 feet so it would be easy to notice a difference in gardens. So anyway, I go on and on. I had a question on magnesium. I know you’ve covered the subject a lot, but I get so overloaded with information that I would just rather hear from you right now, briefly as briefly as possible. Um, how, how does a person really tell if they need magnesium?

Clayten – When we’re testing if something is beneficial to our body, we will be used kinesiology. So, for example, I have some Chinese herbs I’m taking here which tastes absolutely horrible. And so, what you do is you would hold the substance in front of your body if it’s magnesium, and you ask the Innate Intelligence in our body to move towards the substance if it’s beneficial or away from it if it’s non-beneficial.

Reba – In a sitting position? Or standing?

Clayten – Usually standings better because our body’s a little more aligned so that’s the basic kinesiology test assuming you’re a good tester, which I’m testing that you are. (40:00) If you have gone to the Facebook page, there are a many resources  about magnesium and on our website as well. Just to reiterate, the purpose of magnesium for many people, we found that the critical factor in their lives, or the critical factors where it can put the least amount of effort in and receive the most amount of gain and raising their consciousness, which sounds like you’re pretty focused on, the critical factor is health. So, we have this created this assessment where there are 10 areas in their life and one of them is health and there are  subcategories in health and for many people, it’s the nervous system being able to contain the increased energy that comes with rising a consciousness; that is their biggest issue. And if you look into the nerve, does that make sense?

Reba – Yes, it does.

Clayten – I’ve been doing tests on you since you’ve been talking and that seems to be your case. And the myelin sheath is the critical factor in the nervous system. So, look for the critical factor and the critical factor is the myelin sheath. What helps it strengthen its capacity to hold more light or hold more consciousness. It’s a combination of essential fatty acids and magnesium that feeds the myelin sheath and its primarily omega three central fatty acids. And if a vegan, we can take that in a flaxseed or algae oil form or if not a vegan, then krill oil or salmon oil are used, the fish oils. And so that’s the context of why magnesium is more important in a high consciousness field, even though It’s one of the biggest supplements required in our society in general, because of the deterioration of soil and the growing conditions of food. You’re growing your own garden and you’re eating organic and you’re probably okay. But in a high consciousness field, our body will want more nutrients, for the nervous system. Even if our nervous system is optimized, it does typically require more support  in terms of the percentages. It’s typically 4 -1 EFAs to magnesium.  So typically, what we would recommend is to start with 4000 milligrams of EFAs a day and about 1000 milligrams of magnesium and keep increasing that ratio until your bowels get loose which tells you that the magnesium your body can only handle that much magnesium and that’s why it’s important.

Reba – Yes,  I completely understand what happens when we’ve had enough magnesium. Sorry to interrupt.

Clayten – It’s okay. There’s a lot to talk about and I’m trying to get it down. There’s quite a bit on the Facebook page and on the website, we’ve done thousands of dosage experiments with this because we’ve done consciousness research for decades now in different ways, like many people, including you have, and so you have to make sure it’s a good magnesium. You can try a health food store where most of us get our magnesium and then test different magnesium tablets by holding it in front of you and seeing which one pulls you forward the farthest. We can start to scale it where we have a scale of one to 10 where 10 is the most appropriate magnesium for my body on average over the previous week. Then  test each one and see if you can get a number of this one, for example, tests five or higher, no, four or higher. So somewhere between four and five, then you might try to find one that tests higher than that. We can scale that all kinds of ways. But that gives you an idea of how to scale the level of appropriateness of anything really for our body. And then eventually, once your body has absorbed enough EFAs and magnesium to optimize the nervous system, then we found we can cut back to 10 units of EFAs to one unit of magnesium as the body doesn’t seem to need as much but, in the beginning, it needs about four to one. And so, it’s just really something where you have to experiment with and try to find ways of testing that are comfortable as a general principle four to one 4000 milligrams of essential fatty acids with maybe 80% of that being omega threes and 1000 milligrams of magnesium for 90 days, then you can cut back to 10 to 1. (45:00) 

Reba – That’s very helpful. I appreciate all that information very helpful. It’s always so much nicer to hear it said than trying to, because I’m such an information junkie, I just shut down reading all of it. It’s much better to hear it.

Jeffrey – So another point is to take the essential fatty acids and magnesium together or within a half an hour.  That synergistic effect of those two together is very helpful to build up our nerves. And what we found is over time, the capacity of the nerves to carry that energy increases. When we first discovered this and brought it forward to the community, people were having experiences where they tried it and they really upped their magnesium and their essential fatty acids mega threes they started to have experiences. They had surges in consciousness because the body was really ready to take that next step because they’d done a lot of other work, but the nervous system was that critical factor. So, I think if you try it and find your limit in magnesium and then back off and have four times the essential fatty acids, so you’ll see what happens and we’d love to hear back from you.

Reba – Oh I knew there was a reason that I stepped out of the closet to talk to you guys this is this is the bridge that I needed. I don’t want to take up a lot of more of your time because there’re other folks that want to talk to you. I would like to encourage anyone out there with learning disabled or autistic spectrum or whatever people want to label these beautiful children or adults or humans? I would encourage them to get FLFE to help ease their own frustrations and anxieties and the things that they can’t tell us about themselves.

Jeffrey – We’ve heard that from a number of people now. We have anecdotal stories on that subject. And it’s certainly an area of interest for us. Thank you for that. Thank you for raising your hand and speaking with us.

Reba – Thank you, you’re lovely people. You have a beautiful evening.

Clayten – Yes, we’ve had a lot of people give us feedback as well about plants. They mentioned that their gardens are particularly vibrant, and we do have a soil program and a plant program amongst many, many others. So, it’s not surprising that it’s working. It surprises me, I’ll speak for myself. It surprises me that it works as well as it does and we’re so busy in it that we forget sometimes. But we’ve seen before and after pictures of neighborhoods where they were in a subdivision, everybody had a certain type of tree in their backyard, we should probably find that one and see if we can post it on the website. It’s just amazing where all these little trees are kind of growing up and this one’s vibrant and beautiful and, and radiant and all these other scraggly anemic trees that’s just so amazing.

Jeffrey – Well, we have a few questions Alicia Hearst is asking, “If you’re not social media savvy. Should you wait to apply for the Referral Partner Program until you are?” Well certainly Alicia, it’s not a requirement that you are, and social media doesn’t have to be the way  to let people know about FLFE.  People have mailing lists, like I mentioned, FLFE parties have worked well since people can turn it on and off and talk about their own experience of it. We’ve done that with food and just had a little party out of it. And it’s been effective so there are many ways to reach out to people with the gift of the Free Trial and to know that over those two weeks, a many good things happen for people and it’s just a gift in itself. (50:00) So, coming from that point of view and with your friends, have a little party and have people over and try turning it on and off. And people start to quiet and close their eyes and see if they can tell when it’s on and when it’s off.  So, my answer to that would be we don’t have to be social media savvy there are many ways to share and so whatever anyone feels is best for them and there’s certainly no clock ticking.

So anonymous is asking, “If people created websites dedicated to informing people about FLFE are we able to get referrals from this?”  Well one of the things that we want to be clear about is that we don’t want people confused about what’s the official FLFE website and other ones that might have information. So other RP’s tend to have banners on their websites and personal stories of their own experience where they’re sharing what’s happened for them. Or some of the testimonials on our website can be shared but as far as the artwork and those pieces of the website that might look like another website, we certainly don’t want people to be confused about that. Yes so, I think that what’s been helpful is people talking about their personal experiences interviewing us. Certainly, Regina Meredith has been doing that and there are many others now that are interviewing us and then they have the interview on the website and then people can click through and sign up for the Free Trial that way so we’re always open to that. People who have audiences and would like to interview us and ask us any questions are welcome to reach out to us.

Clayten – Well, we’re really big on checking in with Divinity about what to do, we pray a lot, and we test a lot, and everyone has the same relationship with measuring our connection with Divinity.  But the first thing we try to do is pray, we have our own way of creating a higher consciousness field and and then measuring that field in different ways, you don’t have to measure all that. We all have our own way of knowing when we’re in more truth or in less truth so I would say pray about what you think is your way to share the service. And If you have any questions from that you can email the referral Partner Manager and get some help there.  But when in doubt we always go to God, we encourage everyone to do that themselves.

Jeffrey – Just to let you know, in the upcoming webinars, will be talking more about spirituality and business, going through some of the processes that we’re using, as Clayten said, attune to what’s in the highest and best interest of all creation and to Divinity in all its forms and how to bring that into the business through everyone in the business? That’s one of the things that we will be talking about in the next several webinars. Well we’re reaching the end of our webinar know it looks like we have a chat that showed up here let’s just before we sign off; we’ll chat with Alecia.

Alecia – One successful Referral Partner created business cards, with the RP link on it and she hands them out after they’ve been to her home and have experienced the energy in her home. Then they can go to that link put it into the web browser and the referral is done. So that’s one thing that someone has used as a referral partner

Clayten – It looks like Anthony would like to ask something else. So, we’ll finish up with Anthony one more time it looks like he does have a question.

Anthony – Hi, Reba was talking about magnesium and I think the most absorbable form is the malate and it’s probably  also a way to counteract some of the effects of the nano metal  particles being distributed in geoengineering that we may refer to as chem trails. Does FLFE to any extent, mitigate some of those?

Clayten – I’ll start with the thought about magnesium. The most absorbable form of magnesium we found so far is magnesium threonate. So, we have all these programs on the body, and we try to support the body’s Innate Intelligence to detoxify according to its own wisdom and part of that wisdom is to deal with heavy metals and remove them from the body. So really our focus is to energize the body in such a way that it’s Innate Intelligence is more present. And the way that we would do that in the case of any metal would be to send repetitive positive thoughts like there’s a recent speaker on this topic named Dr Joe Dispenza who was in an accident and damaged his spinal cord quite severely. You may have heard about him and we have somebody working in the office whose brother lived with Dr Joe while he was recovering so we know that he’s the real deal from personal experience and he would talk to his body and so that’s similar to what FLFE does.  We write these programs where we have a context and then we have thoughts in the context that are repeated, that are loving high consciousness, high calibrated thoughts. So, it supports the body’s Innate Intelligence to remove heavy metals.

So, there’s something in the body called the clathrate, which our bodies produce. And if this were a heavy metal, the clathrate would go around it and hold it and take it out of the body. And so, we would support the body’s clathrate production by finding out where that’s produced in the body which is in the in the bone marrow and then repeating a positive thoughts for the technology of increasing the body’s capacity or optimizing the body’s capacity to enhance the body’s capacity to use it’s own intelligence. It would only increase it if it’s suboptimal. (1:00:00) And sometimes we may be not taking care of our bodies that much or other environmental conditions or other conditions affect us. So, our bodies are performing sub optimally so that would be a case where we increase. I think that’s probably the best way I could explain it maybe Jeff will have something else to say about that. We’ve talked about that in a lot of webinars Anthony, so it may be repeated but for those who are perhaps here the first time the technology is very much like having a large number of monks praying for you. Say if we had five monks and they were praying for our gallbladders and then we had five praying for our livers and five praying for our kidneys and five praying our body to remove heavy metals or optimize your body to remove heavy metals, that would be a way of as a metaphor to talk about FLFE.

Jeffrey – Yes, and the energizing effect of the high consciousness field, as Clayten said, we’re energizing the body and the Innate Intelligence now has more to work with. I mean, there’s more energy to do what needs to be done and in the case of removing toxic materials from the body, it takes energy to produce clathrates, it takes energy to produce mucus to coat materials, it takes energy to move it through the body. And so being in a high consciousness field assists that way and there’s more energy available for those processes that the Innate Intelligence wants to do. You know it’s there; they’re sort of lined up and ready to go, waiting for the conditions in the body to be more optimal for doing those repairs and cleaning and cleansing that the body wants to do.

Anthony – So you’re optimizing your body in a protected way.

Jeffrey – Well in all ways. When there’s more energy available and the positive support that the Innate Intelligence has and the optimal functioning of all organs there’s the protective part of it is, I guess sort of a by-product but it’s really an optimization in all systems through the energy and the Innate Intelligence being empowered to do its job.

Anthony – I think I see. And I’m just wondering if its protective EMFs as well as geoengineering?

Jeffrey – Well the EMFs are another subject and so we’re in the midst of a big EMF project right now and it all depends on how you define EMFs right? There’s a lot of breadth in the electromagnetic spectrum and then there are other things that we found that influence the level of consciousness of a property. Geopathic stress, flowing water, earth lines, power lines, things like that, but in general terms and it’s about a 15% mitigation with standard FLFE and we’d have to really drill down, like what kind of EMFs? And that’s what we’re in the process of doing for each type of EMF, what is the mitigation currently, and then we were beta testing an EMF program that will assist even more. And then, again, testing all those different types of EMFs and seeing what the mitigation factors are so quite a big project which is taking quite a bit of time. And it’s important to dive deeply into this one since it’s a big concern for many people and there are all the benefits of modern technology bringing electromagnetic frequencies with them.

Anthony – And we can access the website your web site without being on Facebook?

(1:05:00) Jeffrey – Without being on Facebook? Oh yes, of course. It’s flfe.net for the direct link.  I mean, we’re currently on Facebook with a private group that people can request to join. We don’t use it for promotion. It’s just a place for people to coordinate and talk and share their experiences and help each other and for us to answer questions. Still, we’re developing a platform that we, in the future, can bring in house and have the same sort of environment but be free of social media, other people’s business and have it be more under our umbrella. So that’s really where we’re heading at the moment.

Anthony – Great, thank you guys.

Clayten – Well, it looks like we should close it up Jeff. It’s that time of night why don’t I start the closing and let you finish it I’ve been thinking about what to close with a little bit ahead of time so give me a moment if that’s okay?

Jeffrey – Great.

Clayten – I was thinking or praying about how to close tonight and I thought I’d share with you an experience I had this weekend. Jeff and I have both been to Amma The Hugging Saint. It was an extraordinary experience, she’s a very powerful being and even though it’s not RPP related I just felt like I wanted to share the positivity of that experience for me. And to encourage anybody that hasn’t been to her and received the Darshan or blessing or a hug to try it. I think it would help you, it certainly helped me so that’s what I wanted to close with, and I’ll turn it back over to you Jeff.

Jeffrey – Yes, thank you Clayten. It’s really interesting this community that’s growing, people that are on the service that write us and call us at the office, and the many people that have interviewed us on their radio shows or podcasts or video interviews. And all the referral partners that have joined us in the past that we’re building this community of people that are as we heard tonight, working on our personal development and on our paths of Ascension. It’s very heartwarming for me. It’s very expanding for me to be part of this larger community and to have everyone with us on this journey and to be connected with more and more people who are on a path. And it’s the antidote for the news and I don’t watch the news much, but it’s the antidote, this story that we hear about negative things happening in the world to really look at the positive work being done by a many people. When we look at the level of consciousness of the planet, it’s climbing at an unprecedented rate of growth. And each point upwards is 10 times the amount of positive energy so there is a lot of good happening now and I’m really glad to be on this journey with you. Thank you for joining us on the webinar. But thank you for joining us in so many other ways; being a customer and writing us, calling us, being referral partner all of it just really expands my heart. Thank you.