KG EMF Testimonial

Relief From EMF Symptoms

K.G., FLFE Mobile Subscriber, “Hello community. I live in Las Vegas and in October my subscription ran out. I have not had FLFE for a month what a HORRIBLE feeling. I couldn’t figure out WHY I could not sleep it has never been a problem. Worse my body particularly my eyes were blurry and burning almost what I want to say was a microwave feeling. 5 G perhaps? The worst I have been feeling so hostile, combative, and enraged. I was meditating on what had changed. I called and had my FLFE reinstated on the way to work yesterday. It was like a soothing wave came over me immediately . It had been one day slept like a baby last night. My adrenals don’t feel like they are red lining and I feel calm. How much is a lifetime membership I am in! Thank you FLFE I don’t know how people are surviving out there! Feel blessed to have this technology to combat these energies. ????”