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Testimonial: Fitness Instructor

Chris R., FLFE Everywhere, Object Subscriber, “I wanted to do the mobile because I am an outdoor fitness instructor and I wanted to bring it to my clients during our sessions.  It has been great, and I can definitely see a noticeable difference in my clients now too.  They just seem to have a great time in our workouts. Since starting with FLFE Mobile I have been receiving more ideas and inspirations to help build my personal fitness business. Also, I work pretty hard in my day but through FLFE I don’t hit that mental crash at the end of my day anymore.  The energy to stay focused on talking to clients, writing emails, or getting my tedious tasks done is there even after a long day of work.  My last experience has been in my new relationship.  We just have a blast together.  Never have I been in a relationship where we complement each other so much. FLFE Mobile has been a blessing for me.”