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    Explore various aspects of the effects of a high-conscousness field on biological life and subtle energy fields in the environment.

Evidence, Discernment & Personal Experience

The FLFE field is a subtle energy phenomenon. It is focused life-force energy, which is the same type of energy that is recognized by Chinese medicine as the energy that runs through the meridians in our bodies. Modern science has acknowledged that acupuncture in Chinese medicine is a valid healing modality.

Western science is discovering ways to “see” this and other forms of subtle energy. To that end, FLFE has participated in several independent 3rd-party scientific studies and experiments to show the effects of FLFE on the environment and the body, as well as information from real people who use FLFE and see the differences in their daily experiences and overall well-being.

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Study of FLFE Environment Using Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV)

Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) devices are extremely sensitive to subtle energy changes, like those activated by FLFE. K. Melissa Waterman is an advanced practitioner of GDV and has done extensive work over several years measuring the energy in a space at Dr. Joe Dispenza’s events. The results of this study show increased energy in an FLFE environment and an increase in the coherence of the energy present, which means less chaotic energy in an environment with EMFs present. View the full study, here.

FLFE Customer Survey on FLFE EMF Mitigation

FLFE subscribers share their experiences before and after the addition of FLFE’s EMF Mitigation to the standard FLFE service. The results of the survey indicated that people experienced better sleep, had more personal energy (less fatigue) and a decreased feeling of stress, as well as other benefits. (click for full study):

IONS Study Of the Effect of the FLFE Environment On Random Number Generators

The Institute of Noetic Sciences conducted a study observing the effects of a remotely activated FLFE environment in an electromagnetically shielded (faraday cage) room with four quantum random number generators (QNG). The results of this study indicates that the output of the QNGs unexpectedly responded to something during the 3.25 hours of the FLFE experiment. One way to interpret the observed deviations is in the form of “entropic ripples” in spacetime. Several control tests did confirm that the deviations observed during the experiment were beyond chance expectation.” Visit our IONS page tosee the study.


IONS FLFE Brain Wave and Heart Rate Variability Study

The Institute of Noetic Sciences conducted a study in their Petaluma, California facility observing the effects of a remotely activated FLFE environment for 30 minutes with 13 people. This report presents a snapshot of the participants who received 30 minutes of FLFE exposure and how that may or may not have impacted brain waves, heart waves, and cognitive function. IONS also collected information about the participant’s sense of interconnectedness, extended human capacities, and well-being. Significant differences were found between before and after the FLFE exposure mainly in the alpha frequency band (8-13 Hz) in all baseline conditions (in almost all electrodes). Furthermore, significant differences were also found during the simple arithmetic task and while listening to classical music in the beta (13-30 Hz) and gamma (30-100 Hz) frequency bands, in similar scalp areas. Read the full study on our IONS page.

5G Home Router EMF Mitigation Test

The addition of the active (powered on and connected to devices used for standard internet activities) 5G router into the environment without FLFE+EMF Mitigation lowered the level of consciousness of the home from 408 to 399. When FLFE+EMF Mitigation was added to the 5G environment, the level of consciousness actually went up higher than the baseline with no 5G, from 570 to 574, for the entire property. This is due to the harmonization of the 5G energy so that it is positive and adds life-force energy to the environment. There was also seen an increase in the coherence of the energy present, which means less chaotic energy.

See the full study.

FLFE Plant Growth Experiment I

Experimental set-up:

Two identical hydroponic growth systems, Experiment A and Experiment B. Continuous water supply to peat plugs that hold the seeds. 4 plugs per growth system. Each plug has a center hole for seed placement.

Food 3.0 Upgrade: Before & After Customer Survey

In this study FLFE subscribers received an upgrade, Energized Food 3.0 and were asked to observe digestion, energy levels, satiety, and overall mood after experiencing the upgraded service for 1 week.

The participants rated the statements below as: Never, Rarely, Occasionally, Frequently or Very Frequently. Below, we show changes from “Never/Rarely” to “Frequently/Very Frequently”.  See the full survey here.

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