EMF Testimonial

A Customer’s EMF / 5G Experience

I wanted to update you on something that happened to me yesterday.  I was going to attend the medical freedom rally here in Oregon at the capitol building.  While walking my dog about a block from home I did notice a little nausea.  The nausea went away once back inside.  We then left and were about 2 miles from my home when I had a very big hot flash.  I was ripping off my coat and then the jacket underneath, I was yelling at my friend to shut off the heater.  “it’s not on” was her reply.  

Our trip is a 40-minute drive one way.  As we continue on because nothing is bad enough to stop…yet, I progressively get worse.  The nausea gets worse and worse and my feet begin going numb, then my hands went numb, then my legs from the knees down and then each of my arms one after the other goes numb.  All I can do is keep the window open and lay back in the seat.  My voice is a whisper now.  I can not even get up to get to my phone and my friend is getting worried.  But we do arrive.

We turned right around and left.  It was clear I wasn’t going to be able to walk.  It felt like all my blood was vibrating.  I wasn’t scared because I was too sick to be scared…but we headed back.  On the way home all the symptoms began to click off just as they had clicked on…and in reverse order!  All I could think was I gotta get inside my EMF-protected home.  Once home it was only a matter of minutes and I was almost 100%, just my stomach hurting but not nauseas anymore.

Excuse my dive down the rabbit hole here but I think the 5G juice might have been turned up on the area yesterday because there was a big rally planned.  I have ridden with my friend in her car before and not gotten sick.  The only other time that I did was to go to another rally, a few months back, and yes I was sick on the way there and on the way home and very shaky once home but I did have my emf bracelet then.  Another friend mentioned at that time they thought it was the 5G.  

Today I had to go into town again but I did wear my EMF harmonizer bracelet.  Passed one very big and very new 5G tower but didn’t feel anything.  Then my BF decides to pull over to walk the dog and he ends up parked under a 5G tower!!! I got out of the car anyway and stood under it for a minute.  Sure enough, I started to feel nauseas.  We left but I still felt sick to my stomach and my bodily contents emptied once home.  I am okay now.  I feel normal right now inside my home.

Thanks again for your service.  I thought I was being EMF protected but now I KNOW I AM,  thanks to fife.net!